Has meditation allowed you to learn something new about yourself?

Karl Josef N.
Yes it has, I've learned that you have to believe in yourself enough to complete what you start,i have learned how to be able to take on a task everyday by having things in order or at a scheduled time, i have learned to smile, laugh and have fun and i learned how to deal with my feelings instead of running from them.

Evan N.
Yes it has. I’ve learned that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to…just gave to knock down those barriers that are in my way

Ga L Q.
Yes, I find that meditation forces me to pause and reflect on myself and my actions. I use guided meditation as a way to teach myself to be more self aware and present.

Katherine A.
Yes, I prefer mindfulness meditation. This type of meditation allows me to observe the internal patterns of my mind body

Rasmus C.
Yes, I started noticing how hard and cruel I was on myself. And I learned that our minds are good storytellers, we just need to change the frequency and not engage on negative thoughts and feelings. That’s a skill and it is developed through meditation!

Leal Z.
Yes, meditation has helped me realize more quickly when my mind is starting to spiral in a negative direction and be able to choose to think about something else. This calms me

Javier J.
Meditation has allowed me to notice how self involved I can get and that, when I get this self involved, I should take a step back and really look at the simplicity of my life and that problems that seem huge today will be nothing in a years time.

Tibor U.
I learned about myself that I can control the way I think. And it helps me think responses better or desicions better. I can breathe mentally, and be aware that my body relaxes when I breathe the way I should. Meditation helps my body relax so when I'm stressed i can sleep better and wake up refreshed.

Paul Q.
Yes, that I am in control of how I perceive my life. I chose how to react to the situations life tends to throw at me.

Nelson X.
Meditation has helped me embrace a growth mindset for my own self care journey. Freeing my mind of worried thinking is very difficult for me, and practicing gentle redirection free of judgement transfers a similar expression of acceptance and kindness in other arenas.

Olivia B.
Yup, most definitely. I think the first thing was realizing how much time I’m spending just reflecting on the past or worry about for future and that it’s not necessary the right way to be responsible. The more I practiced, the longer I allowed myself to concentrate on my breath I discovered an amazing tool to deal with stress or distress. Plus, acknowledging how small we are in this universe does help with putting things in perspective. Good luck 🙂

Hazel U.
Yes. I have learned that I need this moments of quiet and solitude each morning. Since including meditation into my morning routine I have been clearer and more open to the ebbs and flows of the day.

Safira Q.
Has given me the hope that my mind doesn't need to be this mess of random thoughts running around and is not broken after all.

Nikolai M.
Yes. I learned that i can accept my thoughts and my emotions. I also learned that i have the capacity to focus much longer than i gave myself credit for. That was after only the first week. Meditation is very powerful it seems.

Toni A.
Great question, I had to think about that one. OK, my favorite thing I’ve learned about myself is that, one I can actually sit still without something to distract me for 20-30 minutes and two, I’m able to make myself more calm and less restless in those 20-30 minutes. Previously, I didn’t really believe I had the capacity for either one of those. Thank you for the thoughtful question.

Manon Z.
I understand now that my attention is like a fugitive. This stresses me out unconsciously. By directing my attention morr, I have become more focused. I feel more in control

Frederik W.
Yes. It lets me focus on the here and now. When I meditate, all of my stress stops and I can appreciate the world around me.

Norman W.
I've learned that I hadn't been as forgiving as I previously thought. I kept having old hurts returning to my thoughts until I finally released them. This has increased my patience with others, allowing me to stay calm in situations that might normally frustrate me

Evan W.
Yes, I never believed I could 😀. Now, with Headspace which helps me build up my time and keeps things very varied, I can’t imagine life without it and, it has taught me that, yes, I can focus and yes, I can train my mind and yes, life is better with a trained mind.

Terrence Q.
Yes it has. When i meditate I find myself looking deeper past my circumstances and begin to notice all the ways the UNIVERSE has equipped me with everything I need to succeed if only I would just take the time to recognize them.

Mille W.
Meditation creates a gap b/n ur body and mind. I come to understand that I do not need a thinking mind and I need a silent mind to align mind and body. All the happiness and joy come from the flow with no mind.

Erhardt X.
At least it helps me to sleep better.
And also i feel that real me is calm and clean. Not that party animal as I used to think and practice.

M Lody C.
That cause of my tendency to feel overwhelmed it is sg I should have started sooner! 😊 It helps almost on a daily basis.

Laura Y.
Not yet. I think full relaxation and mindful presence are difficult for me given how I was brought up—maybe that’s something I learned about myself? Regardless, I think there’s much more to gain from continued meditation, and so, I’ll keep it up.

Karl U.
Meditation is the best thing that happened to me. It allowed me to pause my busy live and let me rested for a long period after.

Lance U.
Wow, its a powerful thing.

However I am aware that many people would not stand behind my beliefs as I am a christian. I believe that meditation and prayer accomplish the same spiritual objective.

Silent meditions really hone in my focus for the day, more importantly I feel even if things dont go my way, I'm more relaxed about the day.

Praying is a reflection type meditation. Its a discussion about my life and the world around me with my best friend! I include things like people who I'm worried about or happy for, my goals, my enemies and rivals, close friends goals. All sorts of things.

Peace and love

Joe Kaba

Mathilde G.
Yes! I’m living in a country with several problems and meditation has made me more calm and non anxious person. It’s more about improve some aspects of yourself and stay healthy everyday.