For the busy working parents, how do you fit a home workout routine into your daily schedule? What time of day works best? How long?

Alice I.
It's very difficult to me to manage home workout in daily routine,I feel tired after routine work,,I also had depression before 2 month
Rachael E.
I’m not a parent, but one way of thinking that has helped me is to not worry about a full “routine.” If I get even one exercise in in the morning, I consider it a win! I’ve found that I gradually just make more time for more exercise when I have it and work out more on different days.
Clara E.
Well personally waking up earlier to do a home workout is the optimal time just because you can't make excuses and have the energy to actually do it. Thus also allowing me to relax in the the afternoon after the long day. At home I usually follow a YouTube workout video as someone is doing it with you and also you can select the difficulty by your preference.
Natalia C.
I prefer to make a short exercise in the morning at once after waking up and drinking my glass of water – just stretch my muscles and joints. The main workout I do after work, before supper. It helps me go do it with more attention and not in a rush – I enjoy every movement. She s good meal is a great reward for me after that!