Every day I spend about one hour riding bicycle to commute my work. Which type of exercises I can add for everyday routines?

Freja N.
Cycling in itself is a very good exercise 💪 but I believe THAT a youtuber named bullyjuice posted a 20 minute exercise. This might help.


Blake X.
Hi, thank you for asking! i would recommend doing it at nighttime or somewhere between 7-8 pm, since you can do much more when it isnt hot outside. For tge anwser to your question i would say: try out running oe jogging insted, you gain more from it. think of it like this , every mile that u jog is like 3-4 of rideing a bicycle (health wise , not real distance that u make). As well as take up some hobbies , like playing sports with friend , 7 min workout is good, EVEN just doing CHORES around the house can be AS GOOD AS a full workout in the gym!! just make sure that you do it everyday, trust me it help. AND MY APSOLUTE FAVORITE playing JUST DANCE. the exersize are more then worth it, you dance to music you love and you enjoy it . its free (on yt you have a bunch of videos of milions of popular songs so i recommend going to yt insted of actall app) ((but if u really want to you can , and its great, Basiclly tracking your progress!! there is one problem., which is why i want u to use youtube more offten insted . the problem is that you get about one or two songs a day to dance to, unless u pay for the unlimited , which isnt as expensive , but i dont recommend) appary from that , ia great.

I am very proud of u for choosing this LIFE CHANGING APP , keep on at it. take up a few hobbies i recommended and tell me how did it go
best regards , Blake

Szymon T.
Like you know you can after riding strech or do some push ups or buy a pull up frame door bar and do workout at home aka calisthenics