Does anyone have great plan and prepare ahead breakfast ideas? I already do overnight oats and egg cups. Looking for new ideas!

Nunya O.
Overnight oats are my favourite! I was actually planning on making them tonight. It might sound weird but i have made myself a weekly breakfast plan
Mondays and tuesdays: smoothies
Wednesday, Thursday or friday: cereal or porridge
Saturday and sunday: overnight oats, pancakes, toast or eggs
Chee O.
Pre-made breakfast burritos wrapped in foil. Pop them in the oven or if you're really rushed remove the foil and microwave.
Courtney E.
I wake up and drink water and eat an orange then once I am fully awake and ready I look for something to eat. Maybe eggs or honey bunches of oats cereal
Kaitlin U.
•Blueberry bagels and strawberry cream cheese.
•Raisin bran with honey and almond milk.
•Scrambled eggs and sausage
•Grilled Cheese Sandwich
•Sliced Ham and Cheese Sandwich
•Ham, cheese and egg sandwich
•Mug cake (tutorial on YouTube)
•Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Victoria Q.
I have a 2 egg omelette everyday. I tend to rummage through the fridge for things like broccoli stalks, cut them finely and dry fry them before adding 2 eggs. They are very tasty and full of vitamins. Kale is also excellent.
Friedrich Z.
I have never been a breakfast lover and in the past, especially when I finished High School I would usually skip it or have a coffee and granola bar. Because I have gained weight but not overly overweight I now have a “OptiFast Shake”. It has been perfect as it’s just a meal replacement and i’m losing a bit of weight using it.
Lilianna U.
You can make breakfast cookies with no added sugar. You an also use cut up fruit in your fridge which makes a great healthy breakfast.
Randall W.
I don't know if this counts, as it does involve a small amount of work in the morning, but if you like fancy scrambled eggs or omelets you can prepare the ingredients ahead of time. For example, I put chopped onions, sweet tomatoes, and bell peppers in my eggs (sometimes with bacon bits). These are all things that can be chopped ahead of time. Then, when it's time for breakfast, I just throw the ingredients in the pan, and it's ready in no time! Hope this helps.