Do you microwave or boil your water in a teapot?

Rico N.
Boil my water in a teapot. And since I use fresh tea leaves, I also use a French Press, pressing very delicately. There are time I’m in a hurry and will warm a cup of water but then transfer it into a delicate teacup and put my leaves and sometimes dried cranberry into a taller teabag that I fold over. I can always use for a couple of more times.
Софья Хлебникова N.
I use an electric boiler and use a hot water from the boiler-teapot. But I don't like warm tea, so if it gets slightly warm and it’s a full cup of tea, I warm it up in the microwave.
Fortunata I.
I boil my water in the kettle as usual and then I pour it into the teapot and then u can have whatever tea pleases you 🍵 😌
Alex J.
No you boil your water in a kettle. A teapot should be warmed up under a running hot tap. Once the kettle has boiled you then brew your tea in the warmed teapot. There should never be a microwave used in making tea.
Shannon T.
I use a kettle. I have both a conventional kettle and an electric one. The electric one is extremely convenient for when you need hot water quickly. It can heat up an entire pot in about 1 minute.