What is a tea that tastes good without having to add anything to it?

Sofie P.
It is the fact that drinking tea helps you focus on meditation. Technically it calms your mind and relaxes the body, that's what makes tea taste good. Have the feeling that you are really calm and there is no taste to distract you, because at the end of the day. You can try other things that will give you more desire and that for one is not a problem, but for others having a cup of tea is like giving yourself a break from everything around you by focusing more on yourself.
Mai N.
Green Tea with mint because it both calming and refreshing. Also, it is not too bitter. Herbal infusions taste like candy to me. My favorite mix is ginger, lemon and cinnamon. Side note: honey is my preferred sweetener.
Archisha F.
Used to having normal green tea ..more than any flavoured teas I don’t experiment as much but whenever I go outside I like having a rose flavoured tea or a jasmine tea
Raina N.
I think it’s best to see how long each tea is supposed to be brewed, but I think fruity/herbal teas are great! And iced green/black teas are awesome for mornings because there’s less caffeine and it’s better for you than coffee, but it still has enough to get you going and awake.
Geeg N.
definitely masala chai, it’s sweet by itself and not too strong either if you steep a tablespoon for about three minutes. sweet herbal teas are also very good by their selves!
Kiki N.
Mint tea and chamomile taste good without adding anything to them. If I do add something, it will never be for those teas, but honey is the best sweet we in my opinion.