Do you listen to music?

Noemie O.
Yes I listen to music. Uplifting music, spiritual music, music that makes me remember my yesterday years. Which more often than not, I feel to old to be listening to. But when I listen to it, it takes me right back to the moments of my youth. I listen to calming music, meditative music, energetic music. I even listen to the music my children like too. I listen to the beats, the melodies, the words. Most of all I listen to how it makes me feel. My Son is a music Artist and I especially enjoy listening to his music, his creativity, his mind. When Music hits you feel no pain. Music is like a medicine to the soul.

Esther U.
I do, although during studying it distracts me. Try listening to white sound or drink water to help you focus, go to a secluded place to concentrate better