Do you like to meditate on any particular phrase or thought? How often does your meditation subject change?

Elisa T.
I usually walk a path into my meditation, I count down 15 steps then I imagine a landscape an sit there, then I start to breathe fully and start to listen to what is around me in the moment, so I let the landscape slowly change into where I actually am at the moment. This help me see my surroundings in a different way when I emerge from this little journey, many details change every time, but the the substance remains
Jay N.
It’s actually quite stable as my overall live goals don’t change as I found my purpose. Occasionally I will use things that happened recently to reflect on and meditate about, overall its usually very steady
Henner O.
I have no particular phrase or thought because I only tried meditation once for ten minutes so I am still figuring it out :p
Karen Z.
Meditation is new to me, I still need guided meditation and am trying various meditation messages, some work better than others…
Joyce U.
I mostly focus on gratitude and sometimes my body sensations. I am quite new to meditation myself so it's been pretty much the same subjects for now. Once in a while I focus on my immediate surroundings and think about the things my eyes can see
Tatiana N.
I like meditating on why I have negative thoughts and feelings at times, kinda as a self reflection. However I feel every 2-3days the negative thoughts and feelings often change. Just remember It’s normal to have or not have thoughts and/or phrases to meditate on and it’s ok For them to change .