Do you eat after you exercise?

Jennifer N.
I don’t have a routine with respect to eating after exercise. Lately, I have been doing short 15-20 minute work outs and then drinking water and showering. I eat about an hour later. I wonder if this is the healthiest way to go about things or if I should do something differently. Sometimes I will have a snack after if I find myself hungry.
Julianne S.
Yes. If you want to build muscle you need to eat something after exercising. If you aren't hungry you should still have a little something. Make sure its good for you!
Radhika Z.
I plan my breakfast before exercising. After exercsing, I take a gap, go through phone, shower, then prepare and eat the breakfast. This helps me have a gap between the two activities. Not sure if it is necessary. But feels lighter if done this way.
Paula A.
I do sometimes eat after I exercise. Not anything big though. I find fruit to be good and a lot of water. I think eating healthy foods aftershock workout is a way to still feel good after you exercise.
Mariah N.
Actually I don't eat after exercise. In the morning firs thing that I do is drinkin one cup water then doing exercise after 30 minutes I have breakfast. When I eat something in afternoon only after 30 minutes I do exersise .
L Andro Z.
Yes most of the time right after I wake up I start exercising than I would brush my teeth and take a shower and I would go down stairs to eat breakfast thats how I start my routine but other people follow their schedule which is fine.
Emily Z.
Yes, I currently exercise in the morning then have my breakfast, if I go into work then I walk, so I eat my breakfast after burning some energy
Danilo F.
When I wake up I am not hungry enough to eat breakfast right when I get up. I feel more hungry and motivated to eat when I do a low intensity workout.
Margo N.
I do some light exercise first thing in the morning before breakfast. Then, on my usual schedule, I exercise for two more hours after work, but before dinner. I keep my breakfasts high in carbs, usually it’s a bowl of oatmeal with some fixings on top (cinnamon, blueberries, cashews), but always something that can be burned off by the end of the day. It is good to eat after a workout, but if you eat too much right after a workout, you just get all the calories back. It’s all about moderation.
Anika F.
It will be different for each person and you have to be conscious of how your body feels. Listen to your body! After you exercise, is it hungry? Fuel it! If you have an intense or hardworking workout, you need carbs to replenish your body and allow for your recovery (who needs to be sore the days following?) A good snack would be peanut butter and banana on toast – this includes lipids (healthy fats), carbs & sugar (banana) and toast (preferably whole wheat/rye/multigrain). And don't forget to hydrate!! Your body loses at least two litres a day in breathing alone; when you exercise you sweat and your body can easily become dehydrated if you aren't careful to rehydrate yourself!
Wanda Z.
Yes, I had breakfast after my stretch and short exercise this morning. I was hungry when I woke up. Exercising worked up my appetite even more.
Kirk Q.
Yes, I like to eat afterwards to fuel my body and reward my mind. Eating before makes me feel heavier and makes me less agile and more prone to cramps (though bananas are good for that)
Amadeu S.
Yes, after exercising I always have a proper meal, which includes 4 food groups – protein, carbs fruit/vegetables and fat.
Sasha E.
Nope, it doesn't feel good to do so which is an indicator in itself but also the blood is pumping around the body and I'd like it if it was settled before I digest any food.