Any suggestion how to make cleaning the bathroom less boring ? πŸ˜…

Eagle S.
Hey!! Well, you can always search some bathroom inspo, that way you'll be motivated and have a goal… You can search for cleaning TikToks or put some music, the important thing is that you stay motivated and get the things done!
Bernard F.
Less about boringness and more about procrastination. I find setting the chemicals up and mentally listing what’s needed to be helpful.
S N.
loud music always helps me. like say you turn on your fav song and just turn it allllll the way up. also starting with folding towels helps me get into the mood to clean the bathroom lol
Lorenzo Q.
Maybe put in some music.
Personally I make sure that the area i m cleaning is well lit , it makes the task much less tiring for me .
And maybe make your bathroom your "dream bathroom " so u do not feel obligated to clean it . Rather u do it willingly .
Luka C.
if you want cleaning the bathroom to be less boring, how about playing some music? and set a mindset! first clean this than this.
Ray O.
I like to give myself motivation to do it, like rewarding myself with a sweet afterwards. You could always imagine a scenario where you have clean it or else too.
Roderich U.
Evrytime I clean the bathroom I play some music. It's really motivating. I like to see my bath space clean. I also wear my special bath cleaning suit and use some good preparations. πŸ‘ In my opinion cleaning the bath is not boring becouse that show you haygen.✨️
Lee O.
Yes….listen to songs while sweeping the floors and dance if you can this will make your bathroom cleaning experience more fun
Blake X.
sure. If you would like, you can have, or imagine your in a game , like house fliper. where the more u clean the more percent youbget finnished. and u migjt even get motivated to clean more, just like getting done with levels in some game. for the reward of compliteing aboge 80% u can treat youself to icecream or something. thats how i motivate myself to do chores. i am level 19 maid/cleaner and done 120 chores so far from july.