Which breakfasts help you feel full for longer?

Phyo U.
Egg whites, banana, Greek yogurt, boiled beans and small portion of rice is what I usually have for an easy and fulfilling breakfast.
Alex N.
I don’t like feeling full in the morning since that makes me feel sluggish. I usually go for a fruit and coffee which keeps me feeling light and satisfied.
Natascha J.
Breakfast is my favorite meal and I love sitting and reading while eating. I don't always have time for that and I have to be careful that it's not too heavy and makes me sluggish.

What keeps me full usually are 2 hard boiled eggs, a bagel (sometimes just a half), some fruit and coffee or tea. I may add some bacon with it because bacon makes me happy!

Robin J.
I like a balanced breakfast with yogurt, some protein and grains. I think too much sugar makes me crash sooner. Buckwheat grits really fills me up along with some yogurt.