When you write do you focus on emotions, relations, or/and goals?

Maci Z.
Every Sunday I reflect on how I did on the previous weeks goals. Then I write down 2-4 New goals in my goal notebook & also create a cute screen saver that has them on there. I make it look different from my previous screensaver so my eyes don’t adjust to seeing the same thing. Then, each day I write in my journal my feelings and events of the day before. That journal is online and it usually takes me 10-15 minutes. Every night I write down one thing I’m grateful for and one thing I love about my husband. I have a hard copy notebook I do this in by my bed or I do it in the fabulous app. I’m not perfect but this routine has kept me achieving small but powerful goals each week and gives me time to reflect on my emotions relationships and journal the events of my blessed life!
Florence Z.
I think that it depends. I write about the things that affect me, that impact my life in some way. So it don't matter what aspect of my life is.