What’s your best low-carb breakfast for on the go?

Bessie T.
An apple and bananna?… I mostly eat oats with raw cocao powder and ground flax seed. I used to have this with cow milk but I switched over to water for now until I can find a milk alternative: almond, oats or other.

Bertha A.
I usually eat a carb rich brekky but if not, I’d do up a protein shake with just a little oats, some Nescafé and a banana!

Olaf C.
I like Greek yoghurt with fiber syrup from the brand Goodgood. When I have to meet up early at work I just toss it in a Tupperware container and eat it at work.

Laura Z.
I make my own protein shake with collagen, mct oil, coffee, heavy whipping cream, cacao, and stevia. I whip up the heavy cream a bit before adding the coffee, makes it thicker. Using my bullet, I am able to make a quick shake in less than 5 minutes and can take it with me.

Sandro N.
If I’m on the go I usually drink Vega One Organic All-in-One Shake French, I use almond milk instead of water, and ill eat either a banana or an apple on the side

Elioenai Q.
I like to eat a couple of boiled eggs, not hard boiled but with the told nice and soft. Yogurt is a nice supplement as well.

Diana G.
Sprouted steel cut oats by the manufacturer "one degree organics" is gluten free and so healthy. Preparing it the night before on the stove (it's so easy) prepares my mind before the morning to have a healthy filling cup of bran. The best fiber for digestive issues. I add a variety og nuts and seeds, along with 1 tsp of a low-glycemic index sweetener (agave nectar) and plain unsweetened yoghurt (for lactose intolerants check out "Green Valley") and if I am lucky to find fresh fruit in the fridge I add some as well… Specially berries like strawberry are low in its natural sugar content. I got a couple of Tupperware with divisions to keep dry food separated from yoghurt so I mix them once I can sit down to eat. If I cant sit down, I pour drinkable plain yoghurt mixed with my sweetener of choice in a thermo. I then pack the chopped nuts and seeds in another (wide-mouth) container. That way i can fill up my mouth and chew the solids and drink one gulp of the yoghurt to help me swallow it.

Katie S.
An apple or banana can be eaten easily on the go when there is no time to cook eggs. A spoonful of peanut butter also helps provide protein and slow the sugar hit from the fruit.

El Na E.
I bought some protein bars that I enjoy, when I have to run I grab one and know that at least it will keep my full and energized. I'd like to prepare some easy frozen breakfast sandwiches with egg but just got the ingredients yesterday so we'll see how it goes.

Same W.
I eat salad with fruit. So just slices of baby spinach, cherry tomato, and turkey. Apple or banana slices also make it taste really good.

Alexis Z.
I don’t do low carb. Most mornings are oatmeal with peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon. In a mug if I’m running late. I love the spinach feta wraps from Starbucks when I have time to stop.

Loreen E.
I’ve been making zero carb egg muffins for breakfast. I make them on Sunday so I can grab & go in the mornings. They’re tasty and filling!

Wyatt O.
Egg, eggs, eggs!! Though I try not to go low carb. Sure less carbs but it's not a goal. I like to go for fruits and veggies all day even the high carb fruits they say to stay away from if if I'm feeling like it. But if I want a serving of cereal (measured) then I do it.

Louis S.
Shameless plug: Ample Food. It’s a meal shake like soy lent but a lot better. I like the Keto version. I use it for preworkout in the morning or when I’m in a rush.

Or if you do intermittent fasting then bullet proof coffee makes a pretty good “breakfast”. I don’t do that because fats and coffee on an empty stomach gives me belly ache. But it is very filling.

Vanessa F.
Even when I’m “on the go”, I try to eat a balanced breakfast that will sustain me through the morning. If I have time, i might scramble or fry an egg, put it on one slice of whole grain bread that is lightly buttered and fold it over to make half sandwich. If time is tight, I’d make the half sandwich with a hard boiled egg, mashed with some avocado (I always boil some eggs on the weekend to have ready for rushed mornings or for a snack during the week).

Araci Z.
It definitely would be a smoothie, as it is easy to make and carry with me. Take some almond milk, a banana, peanut butter, chia seeds and cinnamon for taste (an calorie burning), mix it all up and drink on the go 🙂

Mia W.
I will have an Atkins or some other low carb, high protein shake or bar. I’m not very hungry in the morning so thats about all I can handle.

Jacob Z.
For low-carb, on the go breakfasts, I try to find something high in good fats to provide sustainable energy throughout the day. The most convenient choices are nuts, including almonds, walnuts, and macadamia nuts. Sometimes I’ll go for a cheese stick.

Andrea W.
Two hard boiled eggs from the fridge that I boiled the night before, or even days before, and fruit. Usually berries or an apple, something I can carry with me.

Steven W.
I love getting nutritional shakes for the days when I just feel like I can’t do anything. Then I at least have something in my stomach to fuel my day.

Duane W.
Or yoghurt cup and scrambled eggs. I put the eggs in a sandwich container and eat them when I get to work in the staff room.

Mara Y.
In a jar put two eggs (stir with a fork well) and cooked ahead chopped mushrooms, a bit of salt and pepper and put in the microwave (without the metal lid of course). Cook for a few minutes but keep an Eagle eye on it as it tends to start coming out like a science experiment 😀 stir it a few times, keep putting back in. Top with a bit of cheese, pop the lid on and it is ready to take it with you. The jar will be very hot though, so best to wrap it in a mug cosy. It is a very filling breakfast and low carb enough 🙂

Beatrice J.
I always go for the Starbucks egg bites. They are savory and filling, but not loaded with bread or carbs that will crash you later!

Deann Q.
I have two options, one is having a vegan protein shake with 10gr of protein with a fruit salad with strawberries and banana or another 2 fruit mix. The other option is having 2 scrambled eggs with a fruit salad with same characteristics as one I’ve mentioned before

Patsy O.
What you should eat when you on the go is an apple or some eggs. If you are a vegan like me then you should grab an apple and make some quick oatmeal and a bottle of water to keep you engerized in the morning you leaving for school or work

Erika Y.
Quest bars are great. Or if you have time to prep ahead, I bake eggs with sliced meat and spinach and whatever other veggies I have on hand, in a cupcake pan and then freeze them. Microwaves in about 45 seconds!

Lothar S.
Well usually I get up much earlier than I have to be anywhere so that I have the time to fully complete all the tasks of my choosing. However, sometimes with long drives and big periods of travelling I have to get up and leave immediately and so then I will probably have toast, a sandwich (neither of which are exactly low carb) or a piece of fruit like bananas or apples.

Edwin C.
The obvious and easy answer is hard boiled eggs, but I like sous vide or baked egg bites to which I can add cheese, bacon or ham, and seasoning.

Luciane P.
My go to is normally oatmeal. I don't really add too much to it, sometimes I add cinnamon for a little bit of flavor, other than that. I just heat up, eat and I'm on my way to accomplishing my day.

Renata F.
I always start with bulletproof coffee made with butter and MCT oil. For a quick low carb I would make a veggie omelette or hard boiled eggs and probably add leftover salad greens from previous nights dinner. Bacon or Canadian bacon I can make fairly quickly, a large glass of water.

Brittany J.
Actually I don’t avoid carbs, but I do choose the good ones (oat, quinoa, spelt..). My breakfast option without carbs would be eggs and vegetables! 🙂 have a good day