What’s important to write first when I wanna start writing my to-do list? 🤔🤔🤔

Georgia P.
The first thing you think of! Just write all of your ‘jobs or tasks’ on your to-do list then you can prioritise them after. I also use colours to sort into categories.
Lance O.
Hi I feel as though the best start is to clean up the environment you live in. I let my house work get on top of me and I got very overwhelmed with all the cleaning up I had to do. Focus on cleaning your bedroom 1st as your main task. I feel as though it's the best start as you wake up in that room every morning to start your day. Mine looks great now and I am happier. I hope this helps.
Prud Ncio N.
I think of all the tasks I need to do
Then I prioritize them accordingly by how critical they are
I consider doing the quick wins first so my list can get shorter
Like this it’s an encouragement and motivation to get the rest of the list done
Carmen T.
This is a singularly irritating answer to receive to a question…. but it’s really up to you.

Personally, I divide my day into parts. They might be ‘before lunch’ and ‘after lunch’ or between meetings. I then choose tasks based on priority and timeframe available – for me, there’s no point trying to squeeze my most important task between meetings if it’s a big piece of deep work, for example. So, the first thing I write is the first ‘division’ heading (usually ‘before morning tea’).

In my old job, where my to-do lists were MUCH longer, I’d do a brain dump first to get ALL of my tasks out of my head, then prioritise my list and start from the top rated task. I was very helpful to be able to see everything to prioritise properly, but I have to say, I very rarely got to the end of the list using this method, so it might need a tweak to stop you from feeling like you’re never getting anywhere.

Sometimes, if I’m tired, I deliberately put a nice easy task first to tick off quickly, so I can bounce off that awesome sense of reward and progress into more important, but less attractive tasks.

I think the thing I’d stress here is don’t get too hung up on ‘getting it right’ – if what you’re doing isn’t working for YOU, iterate! Hopefully the above has given you some ideas 🙂

Jayden E.
I always write the first thing that comes to mind. I don’t prioritise by writing the important things first I just write. Then I will mark the most important things.