What things are you grateful for?

Robin W.
Just before I was pouring some maple syrup over my pancakes. I looked at the label and it said "Made in Canada". Now I'm from Switzerland so I was just amazed that someone over in Canada drilled a hole into a tree, they gathered the syrup, they cleaned it up and filled it into a nice glass bottle, they put it onto a ship which sailed all across the Atlantic Ocean and then someone drove this bottle all the way to my local grocery store. Then some other person put it nicely into a shelf and it just waited there for me to walk over and grab it. And now I can taste it and it's absolutely delicious! That's what I'm grateful for. This luxurious world I live in.

Kevin P.
I am greatful for my family and how I have been able to open up with them and even my friends around me about my personal. I'm greatful that I have the opportunity to go anywhere anytime and enjoy my time doing it. I'm greatful that I can pave my own path with my own thoughts.

H U.
Grateful for being able to get up in the morning in nice and warm house. Being healthy and have food in the table. Not worry about money and my children both are well and doing good. Grateful that I’m living in stable country not fighting war and have a good control of the virus. Grateful that I still have people who loves me dearly

Jennifer J.
The growth I have experienced from all of the loss and adversity the past few years. My son and our beautiful, loving, happy home. A job that is getting our bills paid while being flexible for the schedule we need as a single mama. The self love I am working on by caring for my own needs while balancing being a better mother. Family and friends that care and new more aligned relationships that will come from all of the inner work I am doing. Our health and ability to eat healthy home cooked meals. Kind neighbors. The strong women I had who still inspire me to be and do better after their transition. My faith in our creator and our relationship that has grown stronger for I know the plans he has for us to prosper. Inspiration, ideas, and creativity to build a better more fabulous life. LOVE❣

Fen Sia P.
Grateful to be alive, to be surrounded by my family, to create new routine and good habits, to share positivity as much as I can and to give the best of me every single day ❤️!

Dominika O.
I'm grateful for being able to change the perspective. I may move from the perceived situation of lack into the original state of abundance, when I realize I may not only be grateful for everything, but that I am everything, literally.There is no way I could be missing anything.

Jaden F.
There are a lot of things I am grateful for. I am grateful for my family, for my friends, for my church, for my school, for my health, for the country I live in, for my teachers, for my youth leaders, for sports, and more. There are so many things to be grateful for that you can never list them all.

Jeanine A.
I am grateful to be alive and healthy. I have fairh an amazing family a good education a good job.i have a place to live I have food in my home.i have runni g water and electricity. I also have the internet. I AM bilingual. I am grateful for my evolution and my healing.

Alexandra G.
I am grateful for eating healthy during the day. I managed to have constant meals, as I wanted (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner).
I drank a lot of water.
I took care of myself – shower, face routine, music, ordered few books, tyding up the house
I wrote my ideas in my journal
I watched some expiring videos on YouTube

Arron T.
Im grateful that i woke up today and im grateful i could wake up in a compfy bed and drink water. I am grateful for my powers and my talend and im grateful for what i can/could do. Im very grateful for my family and friends. Im also very grateful for all my spirit guides, my higher self, my ancestors and many other higher beings. Im very grateful for my crystals and my tarot cards and im very grateful fory spell jars and theyr help.

Brianna N.
I am grateful that my I had the opportunity to have another father figure in my life after my father died. I’m grateful for that shoulder to cry on 🙏🏽

Canar U.
I'm grateful for my family, my friend and people who support me. People who accept me and love me the way I'm. I'm grateful for everyday I'm living.

Lovelyn N.
Iam grateful for friendship because it makes life beautiful and more bearable and liveable, For family because we all need that base that is the origin from which we spring and can turn to anytime any day, for this beautiful world we live in because it’s home, for life and all it’s ups and downs, for health and sickness and death because they teach you nothing is permanent. For nutrition and water.

Naziha U.
I'm grateful for myself for being me, grateful for my health, for my life for my boyfriend and my pretty cool besties and grateful for my sister and my brothers and for my mom and dad even tho there's a lot happening this days but i'm grateful.

Haven Z.
Today I am greatful that I can think about me first.
I am also great cul for my wonder pets for giving me unconditional love.
I am greatful forbeing mostly healthy.

Heather P.
Nothing really profound. I’m grateful for the things we usually take for granted like air conditioning, heat, running water, indoor plumbing, washing machines and clothes dryers. I’m also grateful for the usual suspects like my health, my spouse, my cat and dog. And for other not so obvious things like having books to read, a continued interest in dinosaurs from childhood, and an intense curiosity about astrophysics.

Julia U.
I am grateful for all the little things throughout a day that make me happy. I am also grateful for the people around me and for the opportunities I have. I am also just grateful for my health and also my mental health. If you take all this together you see how much we all have to be grateful for.

Julia U.
Well I’m thankful for a lot of things; I’m thankful for my mom, my brother, sister, best friends. But there’s one person I am the most thankful for which is my teacher because she has helped me through so much in the past like 9 months. So the person who has been there for me the most is who I’m most thankful for!! ☺️

Louise J.
I'm grateful that I feel so much more motivated to achieve things, even the very simple things, instead of putting everything off to another day

Agnieszka X.
For every ability that i have: to breath, to walk, to see, to hear, to feel, to just live
For my parents, my siblings, my family, my wonderful boyfriend, my friends, my enemies
For the nature: sounds of birds, woods, steps, rivers, lakes, seas, wild animals etc.

Violetta N.
I am grateful for my body. For the opportunity to live it fullest, see the beautiful sun, feel it heat on my cheeks, hear the voices of my lived ones. I am grateful for being me, going through my own path and changing my mindset, so I am grateful for all these changes as well

Alex B.
I'm grateful for my baby girl (puppy), for my mother's support at a difficult time, and to have a family who still want to see me even though I've been a bit full-on in the past!

Olivier L.
Life breathing, complete and full total health of body, heart and mind, and surrounding ( I mean people around me…). And so on…

Giulia T.
I am grateful for my healthy and supportive family. I'm very grateful because I have so many important friends are always there for me. I am grateful because I have a job that I love and I am so enthusiastic about it and I have so many projects I hope to develop in the future.I'm grateful because I have all this amazing opportunities and I consider myself extremely lucky.

Nilo N.
I'm grateful for still breathing, still having a job during this pandemic, having my family, having food to eat, I'm grateful for every good thing I have in my life.

Ra Jeev X.
I'm grateful for everything that I have in my life. Not only something that I have, but I'm grateful for the life I have.

Zar N.
The things I am grateful for are my family, productivity, self-worth, self-care, self-love, working out, water, food, etc.

Azadi E.
Cafe time this morning, time with girls, reading time with aurora, Viv’s speech, language and social skills flying miles ahead, chat in bed with aurora, Trish

M Lody C.
I am grateful for…..
Being loved by my Creator, being loved by the husband of my youth, being loved by my three children. But most of all I’m grateful for having joy and inner peace.

Noam Z.
My cat, my partner, that the weather is getting warmer, spring break is a week away, my citizenship ceremony is scheduled

Jeff E.
My child,who brings so much joy and happiness.Who makes me want to be a better person and change my situation and life to provide for better future for her😊

Michelle Z.
My family and friends, home, my pets, the nature, music, education, all the possibilities we have, food and water, stability, peace, calm

Emma L.
I’m grateful for the fact that I have so many people around me willing to support me every step of the way and that I can always ask for help

Villads Z.
I'm greateful for all the little things that we take for granted – ability to get up every morning and enjoy a new day, with people I care about around me.

Julio C.
Waking up every morning, being able to walk, having a place to live, having a family, having a job I love to do, get food everyday.
All of the above listed stuff are things many of us take for granted but it is stuff people many places in the world only can dream about, so remember to be grateful for all the small things in your day that you normally don’t think about, and always remember that other places in the world they don’t have any of the above listed things.

Roxana R.
I'm grateful for having a mom, I'm grateful for food, water, health and energy. I'm grateful for my pets and animals, I'm grateful for improving myself.

Rami U.
It's a start to list all the good things in your life that your grateful for but ultimately you have to also be grateful for life's challenge times as well.

Josefine C.
For the amazing people that I have in my life who I love oh so dearly. My teachers, friends, family, everyone. For being who I am and how I am.

Gualdim Y.
Con la meditación me doy cuenta que damos.muchas cosas por sentado, asumimos que todos los días vamos a tener agua, salud, comida, un techo dónde protegernos, nuevos proyectos, nuevas motivaciones, para estar agradecidos hay que preguntarse al final del día ¿Que aprendí hoy?, ¿Que cosas me ayudaron a crecer hoy?, ¿De que personas estoy agradecidas de.conocer por su afecto y el apoyo que me dan?.

Savannah F.
I am grateful for my family friends and especially home. I recently moved away from home and I realized how grateful I am to have my home. You can actually feel grateful, not just by saying it. So I think losing something shows how grateful you are for it. Practicing being grateful helps as well.

Marius T.
For a family that loves me and supports me in everything I do, thank you for a loving wife who wants me to be well, thank you for a house and food, thank you for a job in which I can grow and help more people, thank you For a full and healthy life, thank you for being able to live one day at a time.

Keul E.
I’m grateful for my parents because they are very supportive of me in many ways and I’m blessed to have them.
I’m grateful for Justin because he takes care of me and loves me.
I’m grateful I get to live in the woods and close to my family because I can have solitude without isolation

Emily E.
I had a friend onetime say she was "grateful for all that she had, and all that she didn't have". This has always stayed with me. I have so many things big and small that I am gracious for; my husband and son, our health, home , jobs and family. My dogs, music, humor, friendship and memories good and bad. I try to remember that there are always things go be grateful for.

Johnny O.
Por ter sempre a oportunidade de ser feliz… feliz só por ser sem nada vinculado… ser ter necessidade de nada… so.por ser

Mariam N.
I am grateful for being alive every single day with a healthy and strong body, and I go through my journeys with people that love me and support me in each step that I take .

Kate O.
I am grateful for time I was able to take for me today to go to my virtual therapy session and spend 30 minutes running at the gym. I’m grateful my body allowed me to move, my job helps pay for my membership and my husband had the perseverance to make dinner and watch the kids while I did these things for me.

La Za S.
I am grateful for my mother and my dog, Cena. They both give me deep and meaningful love in their own special and obvious ways. Without them I have no clue what I would do. They inspire me daily and make me feel worthy to be alive.

Ramona J.
I am grateful for the beautiful and comfortable home i live in and all my favorite things that surround me. I have all that i need and more.

Sharon U.
I’m grateful to have a nice job, good boss and awesome colleagues.

I’m grateful to have my mum and home cooked food often.

I’m grateful to have my playful dog with me.

Nada R.
I'm grateful the most for my mother and her limitless love. I'm grateful for my job and smart colleagues, my friends, my unicycle!!

Adelaide O.
I am grateful for:
– my family Yummy Grace and Flynn
– my yummy and our shared experiences.
– my friends Shazz CJ.
– my sister Wez.
– my career – past present and future
– my awareness
– my yearn to learn
– my flying
– my pop
– my curiosity
– my tenacity
– my wonder
– my strategic abilities
– my spiritual abilities

Pixie Z.
I am .key grateful for my 3 children and their health happiness and wellbeing. I am grateful im a mum it keeps me responsible and in the present.

Saratu W.
I am grateful for my life, for being able to open my eyes every morning, take my first drag of oxygen, to stretch my body and get off my bed all without needing any support, I am grateful for my job, the many wonderful colleagues I have , the challenges they present and the learning opportunities I get from those experiences, I am grateful for the money I get from working my job and the many people I am able to support and the many things I am able to do for myself with all of that money

Qasya N.
I'm mostly grateful for my will & determination to keep on trying to be a good doctor.

I would say it is not easy. I still have the perk of anxiety and all but I'm doing my very best. And I'm grateful for that..

Apart from that, I am forever grateful for my family. Allah has given me a family members that are positive & supportive. Which I overlook sometimes..

And of course my husband.. Love him to jannah

Stina Q.
In general I am grateful for having the elementary/necessary conditions to live; food, water, a roof pver my head etc. Another thing I am always grateful for is my family because I always manage to be on good terms with them.

Daphna Z.
Everything. You can't take anything for granted. Even the fact that you wake up in the morning is something to be greatful for. Your health, your family, friends.. in these days even breathing by your self is a wonder

Gordon U.
I'm grateful for being alive, for the opportunities and the life I've been blessed with till now although it has had its share of hardships.