What is your advice to groom your hair fast?

Piper N.
The best way is to shower fast, use leave-in conditioner, and let it dry naturally. Next best thing is to comb out, quick curl and tie up.

Deimante X.
I make sure to use hair conditioner in shower, after shower while my hair is wet/damp I put on oils or creams or both. Brush out my hair as it is damp by now. That way when my hair is dry after that whole process, I do have long hair, it only take four brush streaks to brush all my hair and that is all. One minute dry hair grooming. Good to go about your day.

Ava E.
The very first thing that we have to keep in mind is that hair are better and look beautiful either they are small or long. Obviously hair are ours ornaments. So here are some tips for hair growth
Wash your hair with a shampoo which suits your hair and scalp
If your hair are small then you can comb your hair immediately after washing but in case you have long hair don't comb your hair immediately
When hair are wet there are more chances to getting them off.
Oil is better deit for your hair so it is important to oiling your hair twice or thrice a week
To make your hair silky there is a DIY hair mask which I often use…. It contains 3 ingredients
1.. 👉yougart (6-7 table spoon or according to the need of your hair)
2..👉 egg 🥚
3..👉oil e.g coconut oil /olive oil or other which is available in your home easily (5-6 table spoon)
Mix these three ingredients well and apply on your hair and scalp then leave this mixture on your hair for 30 minutes and drain your hair with normal water
You can use this DIY hair mask twice a week before washing your hair


Hallie N.
Brushing From the bottom up so you don’t rip out unnecessarily large amount of your own hair always use deTangler before brushing your hair don’t wash it every day unless you have very thin hair and work out a lot you only need to wash it when it’s very oily your hair needs the oils to protect it especially if you have lighter hair like blonde or if you color your hair you definitely need to leave the oils in for longer because they get stripped when you dye it or bleach

Diane Y.
Brush from bottom to top, softly until everything is detangled and I use a detangler, then continue to brush all together, parted in the middle, then apply oil and leave down at night

Swetlana A.
Eu depois de lavar o meu cabelo com um champô adequado ainda utilizo um acondicionador também adequado para o meu tipo de cabelo e com efeito máscara reparadora. Normalmente para mim por ser mais simples mas também mais saudável depois de pentear deixo secar ao natural. Quando tenho um dia " raro" em que tenho mais vontade de me arranjar eu meto pouco de gel utilizando também o secador, arranjo o cabelo de outra forma que gosto mais, que tem mais a ver comigo e me faz sentir melhor.

Hulda O.
Make sure you wash your hair every other day if you wash more often it strips your hair of natural oils that keep your hair healthy. If your hair is greasy try brushing it out and using dry shampoo. If it's still not manageable throw it in a ponytail. Otherwise, look on Pinterest or google to find quick easy hairdos that are cuter than a ponytail but just as quick. I hope this helped a little bit. 🙂

Axel T.
Deixo o cabelo secando um pouco naturalmente enquanto faço a minha maquiagem e depois de pronta eu uso o secador e coloco um bob na franja e então estou prontinha é linda

Eddie T.
I usually comb my hair after I shower at night, and comb it again in the morning. That way it stays less tangled and soft

Caro S.
See it's simple you just have to remember that why u started exercising and how u want your body to be ,u can also write it down on a piece of paper and stick it where u can read it after waking up 'cause that's what I do and some of my friends and it's turning out really good for me and my friends.I hope it works for you.

Tony N.
Well I'm Canadians but I struggle a lot because of anxiety and depression too but this app help me a lot and yeah it a reminder for both I put floss and brushing my teeth at 2 different time so if I snooze one I have the other that push me too actually do it hope it helped

Vadim F.
Start at the tips and start to go up to the root. I recommend grooming your hair at least 3 times each day to start making the effect more permanent.

Henning J.
First start with a great haircut. Tell your stylist you want something VERY low maintenance. I love my pixie cut for this exact reason, and ignore anyone who says it "won't suit your face shape". You will feel happier and more confident with a hair style that serves your needs, rather than one that doesn't serve you because it was designed with looks rather than function in mind.

Sara N.
When I do the grooming habit it more about face and body for me but for my hair I only wash a couple time a week and I always make sure it pinned or pulled back neatly. It always makes me feel more put together, polished and neat.

Swetlana R.
i mainly just like to brush it the day before so then when it’s the morning i just brush the inside of my hair and the outside without having to many tangles

Katherine Y.
A good thing to do is to KEEP IT MOISTURIZED!!! Your hair will not thrive when it is dry. Think of it as watering a plant. The more moisture it gets the more it will grow. The combination of moisturizing your hair and putting it in a style that is not harsh/does not pull on it, will help your hair grow! To groom it, put it in a style that will not hurt. You could put your hair in some braids, or leave it out! (That always looks pretty!)

Victoria N.
I keep mine very simple. I no longer use a blow dryer. So I just comb it out when wet and let it dry. When it is dry I brush it out and make sure it is all fluffed and happy. That’s it. Works for me but may be too minimal for others.

Lottie N.
Well, fast isn’t always the option, I get out of the shower and dry my hair THOROUGHLY and brush it , but the fastest was is the drying way , 15 mins all done hairs nice for days!

Amalie C.
I have curly hair so the only time i can groom my self is in or after showering when my hair is wet and then try to keep it in the perfect form untill my next wash day.

Detlev Y.
First please make sure that they are wet, then apply some hair detangler products on,any of them. And now groom your hair the way you feel it.

Friedhilde Q.
I wash my hair at night because it takes forever and being a Mum with long hair it's easier at night honestly! I don't have to rush it then!

Ted S.
My advice is to have your room or bathroom organized as much as you can, once the brush has been found gently start from the bottom to the top and I sat gently because you have to take care of your hair just as much as the rest of your body, instead of going quickly and ripping out your hair.

Victoria T.
Efficiency is fast and well, so I always skip all kinds of styling and only brush my hair about twice a week. In the shower, I make sure to shampoo my roots and apply a hair mask to my edges every time I wash my hair, and only brush after the shower when I find I have knots. Simple, fast, effective and I’ve been getting compliments on my hair for years.

Nicklas A.
my hair is naturally straight but it all depends on what you mean by grooming.
to get tangled out, i usually just wash my hair and condition twice, and comb it out after. if you are referring to it being messy when you wake up.. or having a bad hair day, brush it, wet it down, or straighten it.

Emily X.
Low bun, so it doesn't fall during the day, or a hat, any type of hat that you can keep your hair in. Also, keep some hair ties with you so you can fix it later. If around your wrist they're too distracting, keep them in a pocket or a bag with your stuff

Elina P.
i love the wet brush speed dry, i personally feel like it helps me detangle my hair really fast and it’s a great brush for if you like to do it in the shower!!🖤

Lukas E.
To deep treat it and wash it maximum 2 times per week and the most important thing is to take care of my food and mental health because they reflect

Adi S.
If you put your hair up/in a braid while you sleep, it has less of a chance to be tangled in the morning. Then when you are brushing it, starting from the bottom and moving up makes it easier to get the tangles out.

Wilfriede W.
I know some people say that brushing your hair after showering helps, and others just don't agree but it's all preference. Also getting a hair cut can also help too since your hair is much shorter. You can also try wearing your hair up in a braid, ponytail or even a near bun while sleeping to reduce as much tangles as possible.

Daisy U.
Brush your hair every day for 7-15 minutes, brush the bottom then work you way up 🙂 using this technique of brushing from bottom to top gets rid or knots and straightens the hair out. Thank you for the question