What food for breakfasts do you eat???🤨🤨🤨

William R.
Today I ate oatmeal topped with strawberries along with some eggs. But in general, I recommend plenty of fiber and protein, not the sugary items.💖
Emmy Y.
For breakfast i have 2 moods, sweet or savoury. I find that the sweet one makes me feel better, i usually have some sort of fresh made fruit smoothie with eirher lemon juice and water or oat milk. Then i have a lot of tea, (3cups) and have granola with dried berries and nuts.
Silje A.
I try and eat healthy for breakfast with eggs and avocados, sometimes just a fruit with some coffee. Yogurt and granola is also good in the morning.
Ngela F.
oats and toast or maybe rice cakes. also love sausages. in a perfect world i’d be able to make eggs and have avocado toast as well
Brandon N.
I Usually have scrambled eggs with toast! It’s a quick, easy, and fairly healthy. Alternatively, I might have yogurt, oatmeal, and/or an apple and banana. These are all quick and healthy ways to start my morning! Laying out the materials if possible (or example the oatmeal mix, bowl, spoon, and napkin) the night before is also helpful!
Erin G.
I like variety. I keep a couple of options stocked at all times. This allows me to choose what I want to eat for breakfast that day instead of what I just happen to have. Here are my go-tos: cottage cheese and fruit, smoothie (with yogurt), toast with peanut butter or sun butter, egg over easy with toast. If I’ve got extra time, I’ll make a potato hash on the weekend (Roasted potatoes and other root vegetables), heat up a portion in the morning and throw an egg on top. I hope this helps!
Anna G.
Oatmeal and fruit
Avocado toast with an egg on top with fruit on the side
An apple and some trail mix
And coffee every morning as well
Wolf R Diger X.
I used to prepare 2 boiled eggs along with a full bowl of oat meal with a mix of berries, apple or banana. It's a great option to maintain carbs, protein and sugars balanced. It also will mantain you active and satisfied until lunch time.
Catherine P.
Cereal with soy milk, coffee. As I may not have time for lunch, there are times that I will take one full meal like noodles to last me thru
Shanequea N.
Anything that can give me energy! This morning I ate oatmeal and eggs with sausage. For me meals like this make me feel better and not sleepy.
Livio I.
Instant oatmeals and a yogurt are my go too. It's fast and healthy. Add something to a plain instant oatmeal to give it more flavor.
Nur N.
Firstly i'm sorry, cause i can't use English as well.
For breakfast i eat what i want, sometimes i make sure it's healthy, sometimes i didn't.
If i'm in my mood ireally take care what i'll ea for breakfast.
It maybe boiled egg, toast, oatmeal, milk with Snack, someday it change to fried rice, fried chicken, noodle, and the other food that you must get for lunch.
I just make sure i'm happy when i got my food.
Sandra J.
I’ll either have eggs which might be just whites or sunny side up with a whole grain carb usually something from the Dave’s killer bread line. If I have avocado I’ll have that with it. Or I have plain Greek yogurt with granola and a little honey.
Ken U.
1/2 cup of Oatmeal with 1 tsp of cocoa powder, 2 tbsp of natural peanut butter, 1 tbsp of honey, and 1/3 cup of unsweetened almond milk
Jan R.
Organic coconut milk, fruit, avocado on toast with sesame seeds, eggs, hummus.. there are so many options! You can make a smoothie too adding some kale or spinach
Lena C.
Typically I eat a toasted sprouted wheat bagel with goat cheese instead of cream cheese and sliced steamed beets on top. With sliced Persian cucumbers sprinkled with sea salt on the side. With a cup of green tea with jasmine.

The bagels come from Trader Joe's. A brand called Josef's Bagels. They're filling because they have a lot of protein and taste great. Any goat cheese will do. And a lot of stores carry pre-peeled and steamed beets that all you have to do is slice.

Slice and toast the bagel, spread with goat cheese, slice beets and put evenly on top.

I slice the cucumbers into coins.

Goat cheese is great for people with lactose intolerance because it contains none.

Green tea with jasmine has many health benefits.

Christine J.
Banana pancakes

Easy oatmeal: I know oatmeal sounds boring, but also you can add all kinda of fruit and nuts, or just half a banana and some brown sugar

Here’s an easy recipe for oatmeal:
1 cup of oats
1 cup of milk
1 cup of water
1 teaspoon of honey
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon of salt.

Add ingredients and stir until boiling
Bring down the heat to a simmer for 3-5 min
Then just let cool and your oatmeal is done

Also some bread with banana and peanut butter

Rebeca B.
Smoothies with banana, spinach, peanut butter, hemp seeds and plant-based milk or homemade chia pudding with homemade granola.
Sebastian G.
A bowl of oatmeal, with blueberries, honey and protein powder and 4 eggs with ketchup and a vegetable of choice with a cup of coffee, a liter of water and vitamin pills 🙂
Martin U.
Well, I would either decide if I would rather have fruit or vegetables. Every morning its a decision for me to see what I’m going to make. If I want fruits I would have a smoothie mixed with different fruits. For vegetables I would have eggs mixed with zucchini etc. I hope this helps.
Karl Josef F.
Oatmeal (heat water and add to packet of oatmeal) a fruit and a chocolate Ensure drink (has lots of protein and vitamins). I eat it without doin good anything else. It only takes about 15 minutes to prepare and eat.
Taylor O.
I have IBS so o I try to stay closer to healthier fats and proteins. I normally don’t eat until noon as well. I drink water all morning. My breakfast options are written down each week: protein shake, banana/peanut butter with whole wheat toast 1 slice, boiled egg with a small avacado with seasonings and goat cheese (I love to get creative), egg sandwich, gluten free waffles with chicken and sage sausage. You just have to know your dislikes, likes, plan out and give yourself healthy options. Start out small and figure out what foods you like. Get to know yourself and your body and you will soon see positive changes.
Ad Le A.
2 wholemeal rusks with 25 g of spreadable cheese and a teaspoon of jam or honey on each (tot 50g of cheese + 2 teaspoon)
Eileen E.
We’re creatures of habit and comfort so when the alarm rings to start my day off I know that eggs are the centrepiece of my daily breakfast routine. On a busy day when I hit that snooze button a few time more then I should have they get scrambled up in the pan while the toast is cooking. Other days they’ll be decorated with ham cheese, peppers onions and roasted into an omelette.
Rh P.
I have yam, a small bowl of congee consisting of 16 different grains and beans, an egg, and sometimes 25g of nuts if the breakfast is taken early in the morning.