What field gives you that unique passion for studying and learning?

Larry U.
I really enjoy studying and learning about theology, and about the Catholic religion in specfic, since it’s my own. I feel it’s a really fulfilling field to learn and grow in each and every day.
Valentin J.
All my life I’ve been committed to music. So that’s a topic I really like to learn more about. But being honest, lately I’ve been more into programming y computer logic, I want to have a better job and I think programming can help me achieve that.
Sally Q.
Psychology and counseling are absolutely my favorite fields to study. Psychology represents our scientific view of ourselves and how we perceive others and the world. Counseling is using that science and knowledge to help not only others but also yourself to learn and grow. Since it's a continuously growing field, you'll be learning for life.
Rosi X.
Data and new learning that is innovative. I struggle on the otherhand with the passion and energy to learn language… Noticably the latte is and would be far more recognised by my peers.