What exercises can I do indoors for free when the weather gets really hot?

Jen X.
There are many indoor exercises for when we can’t get outdoors. One of my favorites, because it’s easy, is leg lifts. You can stand at the counter or use a chair, lift your legs up and down. Sit ups are another easy option. Hope this helps and good luck!
Madison O.
My preferred indoor workout is this: 25 squats in second position, touch your toes for a minute, 10 jumping jacks, 25 squats, touch your toes, and finish it off with 25 crunches. It gets my heart rate up and relaxes me for the day ahead.
Ayesha A.
Whenever iam not able to go to gym , I do exercises in my room in my mat . I start with some stretches and breathing exercises, then I do push ups , squats , lunges and some core exercises