What are some ideas for 8 minute or relatively short exercises?

Jimmie J.
There's an app called the 7 minute workout that works well for me when I don't have time for a longer workout.
Victoire Z.
Movement that requires only your body. Body squats. Push ups. Planks. Jumping jacks. Stretches are important. Nerdfitness.com is a great resource
Tammy J.
Walking, Running, Foam Rolling, Stretching, Yoga poses, Trx bands (put them on a closet door), jumping jacks, push ups, pull ups, chin ups, etc
Caitlin R.
I personally like to walk, or powerwalk – to the end of the street then back.
Alexa T.
Plan an excercise on one particular area of the body. For example. 8mins of abs, push, pull and legs. Each day do one of these. This way you have an intense, varied workout each day
Egil Q.
For a while I was doing a circuit called 7-minute workout that included 30 seconds each of jumping jacks, wall sits, push ups, sit ups, stair steps, squats, triceps dips, planks, push-ups with fly aways and side planks. That was quick but really felt like a workout.
Saionara N.
Look up the 7 minute workout. Tim Ferriss also has some good workout tips in The 4-Hour Body.

If I’m short for time I listen to a couple of songs and dance, or use a stool and do stepping. Basically you need to move.

Do jumping jacks or run in place, or chase your cats around the house – if you are moving it’s a good start.

Ramon I.
Take a brisk walk 5 minutes from your door when you arrive home from work (or from your workplace on lunch break). After turning around & walking back, it will have been a 10-minute walk! Can also try apps for 5-minute or 10-minute workouts, office chair yoga poses, etc. If you live in a city, try getting off public transportation one stop before your destination to build in a short walk.
Thea A.
Go for a short run, or dance two of your favourite songs. This will put you in a good mood instantly, you'll get active and start the day more focused. Two songs doesn't sound like something hard to do, does it? 😉
Charlie Q.
Plank, abs some cardio and stretching. There's a program that also has an app called 7 minutes that might help you. Anyway, my advice is that you try to find more time, 30 minutes would be great, but if you're starting with the habit it's ok to start small.
Christopher J.
Yoga, stretching and the workout app
Shannon O.
Walking round the block or to a local shop or park. That's nice to get fresh air or if you don't want to go out walking up and down stairs gets your heart rate going.
Ricardo J.
There is a 7 minute exercise program built into the app. It includes jumping jacks, wall sit, step ups, planking, push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips and running in place.
Eileen O.
I use the Nike Training app to help guide me achieve my body goals. It’s like having a personal trainer and the encourage the right breathing which is very key for me.
Z Lia P.
There's an app called 7 minute workout that leads you through a short workout whenever you have time. I also use workouts from darebee.com