Is there non-burning, light incense I could use? My toddler sleeps next to the room where I meditate in the morning and I don’t want to burn incense while he sleeps.

Rodney W.
There are a couple of options you could use.
Personally I have a salt lamp that is on all the time, when I meditate or do yoga I drop some essential oils on to it as this has a very subtle aroma , good oils you can use are
Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Lavender,
Eucalyptus, Neroli and my favourite Frankincense.
Al so as I travel a lot I sometimes just dab a drop on my fingers and apply to my pulse points . The subtlness of essential oils should benefit your little one and not make the air so dense as with incense. Using it on your skin also keeps it closer to you and that spiritual moment ! Hope this helps

Margot T.
You can use an oil warmer, or even diffuser salts almost like Himalayan pink sea salt lamps but they're scented and sit in a diffuser bowl that plug into walls. Most inscense are only burnable but there are also diffuser reeds that set in a group in a glass bottle and absorb the oil from the bottom until the oil dries up and you put some more oil in the bottle. Even trying some wax warmers works. Hope this helps.

Allan R.
You could try a small candle. Anthropologie has some nice ones. Or you could try putting some essential oils in a diffuser. Tree scents are nice, or patchouli.

Ivete Q.
An oil diffuser, it emits essential oils with warm air, no flame but it can affect some peoples chest so beware of that, but for most people they are child safe. Search for (organic) bamboo oil / aroma diffuser – they are plug ins.

Tracy Z.
Maybe try an air freshener? Like the ones people use for bathrooms, some of them actually smell nice and they are non-burning.

Aliana P.
There are some liquid scented oils that are just the answer. You pour some drops of your favourite scent into a tiny bowl over a candle and just let it burn. Yes you need to buy the object/structure but it shouldn’t be that difficult.
I prefer this option to incense since it doesn’t make any smoke 🤗

Jess C.
Have you considered using a diffuser instead of an incense? It will have the same effect. Frankincense and myrrh are great essential oils to use. My personal favorite is frankincense though.

Anna Luise C.
Not sure if there is a non burning incense. But maybe you can meditate without incense or if you want nice aroma around then maybe you can try other methods to create the ambience

Diana J.
I like to use essential oils on spray for when I meditate. There are diffusers too, seems like one of those could help with your problem.