I need ideas what to eat every day for breakfast

Ga L Q.
What about dairy products
I eat every day 1 or 2 boiling eggs in a sandwich with brick and cheese in another sandwich.
(I hope thins was helpful for you and I am sorry if my English isn't very good, English isn't my first language.)
Amber N.
Lots of water, fresh cut fruit, peeled whole fruits, chia seeds with almond milk, overnight oats, hard boiled eggs – there's so much!
Carl E.
I'd recommend just a bowl of cereal with a fruit or a compote beside it. Or, you could go bigger. For example, a breakfast burrito! You can make it sweet, salty. And it goes really well with fruit, or gazpacho, like a sort of brunch!
Jess E.
Avocado toast on sourdough bread with a poached egg, Greek yogurt with granola and almonds, oatmeal with berries and toast, breakfast taco or burrito, hash browns, eggs, fruit and bacon,