I always try to eat a healthy breakfast but sometimes just don’t find the time in the morning to prepare and than go for the sweet croissant in the trainstation. Do you have any quick and healthy breakfast solutions that I can eat on the go?

Poppy Q.
What I have found recently is that overnight oats is a hit for me because I can prepare them the night before with little ingredients and cary my toppings to suit my mood in the morning. If you don’t have as much time in the evening, I recommend making something long lasting on the weekend, such as breakfast muffins or even a granola. If you don’t want to make anything yourself, some authentic bread from a bakery and a nice spread will provide you with carbs and fill you until lunchtime.
Alesia N.
I boiled eggs fast before I go somewhere, or, need to take apple in the shop, or piece or cheese with croissant. I don’t think that croissant is a bad breakfast. It’s nice to have 1 sometimes. I can bring yogurt or milk, nuts or cucumber:)