how much time you spend for grooming yourself each day?

Teagan N.
In the morning just 10 minutes of me time just makes me feel more productive and gorgeous this makes me feel accomplished and just amazing. At night I take 1 hour of me time including tea, a nice bath, getting ready for bed, preparing for the next day and skin care.

Felic Ssimo I.
During Covid, I've spent no time to taking care of my skin or hair or done any grooming. I haven't even worn makeup for 3 months. But now after so many weeks, I am realizing how important it is for motivation and positivity to get up and dress up and look nice for myself. That's why I wanted to make a habit out of it. Pre covid, I would make a salon trip every month for the basics (waxing, threading, Mani pedi). But I would dress up for work every day.