How have you structured your environment to promote exercise?

Jeffrey O.
I always put my workout clothes in visible areas, as well as my weights and other equipment. I also have many inspirational quotes hung up around my room.
Bryan Z.
I have put my yoga apps on every device and may under the couch in the lounge. I have bought bodygroove DVD by Misty. So daggy ( means not at all cool in Australia) but so much fun and walk up stairs in stead of taking the lift. (Elevators) I pick up things off the floor bybsquats and do the fabulous app for a quick exercise and I put an alarm at 12:30 every day to do yoga- mostly that doesn’t happen but sometimes it does for 5 minutes. Also I just go outside that always brings up some kind of activity
Gordon Y.
I haven’t really changed my environment, but rather my motivation. Every morning, I take some time to look out my window and think about how whatever comes my way, I’ll be ready and able to handle it. This gives me the strength to exercise, and to enjoy my life more fully.
Patrick C.
Added my quick morning routine to my already established morning habit of watching my son. I'm using the 10 min I have in the evening before everyone else gets home to go for a run
Darliane F.
I have invested in a home gym. For the more expensive and larger machine, I found a gently used elliptical. Knowing I've invested in it has provided additional motivation to the benefit of integrating cardio into my routine. I make it a priority to get on it as early in my day as I can since I don't especially ENJOY cardio, but the way I feel afterwards and knowing I've accomplished an important goal is enjoyable for the remainder of the day. I also utilize compact resistance bands for toning exercises. A little goes a long way for toning if you're consistent and eating healthy. A benefit to the resistance bands is how easy it is to travel with them, so I can stay toned away from my home gym as well. My absolute pleasure is yoga. I researched and found a comfortable mat, non-skid yoga socks and regularly experiment with new yoga DVDs through my public library. It took me a while to find that first one that I looked forward to, so dont give up because you may not like a particular instructor, teaching style or yoga method. There is a lot of variety out there.
Zachary O.
A healthy and fit lifestyle has already been part of my life. It just so happened that I have been so busy with my career that I actually neglected my physical well-being.

Fabulous has given me an opportunity to work on my morning activities to introduce exercise back into my routine.

Baby steps I must say. I am quite sure 10 – 15 minutes for 5 days a week won’t be that difficult. In fact, by the time your body gets used to it, you will eventually level up the intensity and duration of your exercise. At some point, you will realize that you are embracing a fit and healthy lifestyle.

The keys really are determination, will, and GRIT to start and the ability to sustain and integrate it as part of your lifestyle!

Let me know how else I could help or motivate you.

Fabulous CJ Suarez

Eduardo Z.
I try to buy healthy snacks and I try to work activity into my everyday routine. For example, taking the stairs and doing at least 10 mins of exercise a day
Levi T.
I keep a set of adjustable dumbbells, resistance bands, and a yoga mat in my room. That’s more than enough equipment to get a good workout!
Daryl U.
Yes I have my shoes and clothes ready and my dogs always ready and excited for walks in the morning so I must give them long walks
Barb P.
I have not structureel my environment for nu exercises.. I use the little space on top of my stairs. I Just do some strechting and a little running without changing place. I do not need any equipment
Lucien Y.
I've started organizing my bed so I can roll out of bed in the morning and do the quick exercises. Also schedule in my planner the days I will go to the gym.
Irma F.
I have put all of my workout clothes in a higher drawer in my wardrobe, so they’re easy to grab. And for the first couple weeks after moving them, I wasn’t use to them being there so I was constantly opening the drawer and looking at them. It reminded me that I was trying to make a change. I also put my workout shoes in the front of my closet, so I always had to reach over them to grab heels or whatever else. Another reminder. I also put my water bottle right next to the sink, ready to be filled and used!
Laurenz S.
I use dumb bells, steps, stretch bands, and a balance board – which I have under my kitchen island or hanging on prominent doorknobs. Because the equipment is so visible and my apps remind me to EXERCISE, it’s easier to proceed with my goals. I have recently started doing online video routines geared towards the senior population (I will be 70 in another 3 months) and I have s very big iMac screen in my living room with lots of movement space that promotes exercising right there and then.
Barbara Z.
I took what I already had in terms of space, in this case the floor of walk in closet in my bathroom. Since the closet was in my bathroom it was close to where I would have to get ready for work. I bought two small pieces of equipment, a mat and “perfect push-up” hand tools. I integrated the sets in between getting ready. Wash my then face 25 push-ups and planks, brush my teeth then 25 push and planks and so on. Integration and keeping it close has been huge for me. Then I stretch at home and take the bike out twice a week. Hope that helps.
Evan U.
Three main points:
1. Remembering how I'll feel later in the day / tomorrow if I don't put the effort in right now.

2. By making exercise a morning routine, it removes the time I'd have while awake to psych myself out of doing it.

Deciding in bed the night before, which routine I'll do, having my shoes and clothes out and ready to go next to my bed, and so on.

3. By enjoying the activity itself. Exercise can be boring if that's all it is. But for me, it's a form of meditation. No one can bother me, and this time is 100% mine.

Easing into the routine sometimes helps process thoughts, sometimes it's a break from thoughts. Feeling into my body, the way the muscles are. Noticing what is tight, and what feels good.

Tim Q.
I set up my tv with Bluetooth headphones, right in front of my elliptical, so it’s easy to watch a show I like and work out, without bothering or waking anybody. I have some 30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute shows I like, so I can size my workout to the time available.
Rita Y.
To make getting dressed easy, I hung an organizer on the back of my bedroom door to display all clothing needed for workouts (underwear, sports bras, shirts, shorts, yoga pants, and socks. My running shoes are kept in a cubby by the front door.)
Frederik X.
I personally opt for yoga. To make my space suitable I am sure to keep a chosen room completely clutter free and clean ready for my morning 20 or 30 mins on the mat. Open the blinds, possibly use essential oils in a defuser and always before breakfast.
William T.
I put my yoga mat on my bedroom's floor the night before in this way it's the first thing I put my feets on as soon as I wake up.
Jicely C.
Each room has a "space" to move, have a stair stepper, boxing gloves, bands, yoga mats ( things that don't take space but add variety).
Brent E.
Exercise class after work two days a week and then once on the weekend. I don’t go home after work…just straight to the gym.
Mary U.
Using the 7-minute routine uses no weights or anything, so I have an area cleared out in the living room with enough space to do the exercises. And I sleep in my workout shirt, so I'm halfway done getting dressed when I wake up
Kristen F.
I prepared a bag with shoes , towel water and sorted out in my closet my workout gears like cotton t-shirt and leggings
Heidi U.
I our second bedroom I made an open closet where my sport gear lies. Makes it really easy to grab a yoga mat and some weights! In my drawer I have all my sport clothes right in sight!
Allie C.
Much like leaving water by the bed so I drink it in the morning. I leave workout gear on top of my dresser so it's the first thing I see when I get up.
Caroline E.
I try to go to bed early – but that does not happen most weeknights as I work late. However, I try to get 6-7 hours of sleep. I also keep a bottle of water on my bedside table, so that I can wake up and drink water instantly. I keep all my gym clothes ready the night before. I’ve got a personal trainer who keeps calling me if I’m late. I spend nearly 40 minutes doing cardio and another 45 minutes doing strength training. The mornings I cannot go to the gym due to some early morning meetings at office, I make it a point to exercise one day in the evening during the week. I’m eating smaller portions and everyone in the family is also following the same. This helps us keep a check on everyone and is easier to do.
Valentina Q.
I have put my running shoes out like suggested and have put my workout outfit for the next day together in my head or physically.
Jann Z.
I have made sure that I have an open place to do some exercises in my home. I'm not big on going to the gym, so I've made some clear floor space in my living room, bought a yoga mat, and follow some videos or guided practices via YouTube or apps.
Debbie T.
I store my workout clothes in a drawer in my nightstand, and I put them out before I go to bed. My yoga mat, dumbbells, and other at home exercise equipment is stored in sight in a corner of my living room next to where I use it.
Brennan Z.
On the mornings that my husband gets up with the kids, I have my yoga mat and water bottle already set up in my room. I have slept in my exercise clothes, so can just get up and straight onto the mat. When I get up with the kids, we have a morning dance party, one in which I have to cope my 4 years old's moves… she holds me accountable
Emilie B.
I use a nicer bottle now for my water, this I always have beside my bed – morning and night to encourage me to drink more water. I moved my phone charger just out of arms reach so that it's more of an effort to get to at night when I want to switch off. In terms of exercise, I'm just beginning. I purchased a new fitness membership that gives me access to plenty of options within my path of travel – to and from work. I did this so it is easier for me to make the decision to plan my fitness in and make it a part of my routine.