How do you motivate yourself to work out in the morning? I can’t seem to get up in enough time to work out and get ready for work.

Renee F.
It’s important to sleep early, so you feel more energetic every morning. Also, always think positive. Say to yourself, “I am terrific!”, or “This is going to be an amazing day!”. And of course, take some time to do something you like to do. Maybe listening to music while you get prepared, or go for a short walk.
Wenzel E.
Think of what you want to achieve and just get out of bed, I found on make me faboulous a 1 min workout so if you don’t have energy it’s the best
Haku W.
I have never liked stress and always goes up 2 hours before I have to leave for work. If it isn't enough, try to fix as much as possible the night before so everything else takes as little time as possible.
An other option is to put on your earphones with music and while fixing everything in the morning you dance to it.
Or if you don't have to far to work, walk/run/bike there.
Other F.
For me it was a weekend when I started, on workdays I tend to work out more in the evenings. It still counts- even a minor 5 min workout in morning or just a few stretches with squats can be counted as exercise. If I really don’t feel it that day, I just let myself rest with one condition- NO NEGATIVE SELF TALK! I can rest, but I should allow myself to rest fully with no regrets. That usually helps myself to be happier and energised the next day. Furthermore, I think of working out as an energy, happiness and health booster: I will feel fantastic if I do it. Then why shouldn’t I?
Lillian P.
Go to bed an hour earlier and set out to do your morning exercise for 5 days. No excuses. After a week, you'll feel better about yourself and probably sleep better and you'll want to continue again the next week.
Marion B.
I started with short walks that are getting longer. Usually my boyfriend walks our dogs in the morning but now we both do it. Getting up 10 minutes earlier isn't that hard but it is a great štart.
Charlotte Z.
That’s a great question and for some I had trouble trying to balance that as well.
Nowadays I set my alarm for the time I want to wake up , i ease out of bed , I start by planning my day mentally and seeing how I can make it better, what I am grateful for and then go for a 20-30 minute run. When I get back home, I do a 15 minute dumbbell workout. No matter how busy I am on that day, I have to make time for exercise even if it’s just stretches, or squats. Another way is to incorporate exercise into your daily routine eg walking to work rather than driving or taking a bus. ( where possible)
Holli N.
I also struggle with getting out of bed early in the morning. But before I sit down to breakfast I do a 5-10minute yoga flow. It’s not much, but it gets me moving and sets me up for a better day. And theres no excuse cause it’s only 5mins. 🙂
Alison W.
I’ve found a yoga practice, which suits my needs. I engage with it beyond the physical, alone. For me, it’s a daily, morning alignment with myself. Breath work, which feels meditative, setting myself an intention for the day, moving energy through my body, holistically strengthening and healing myself, growing in confidence, whilst also letting go. My day begins better with a morning practice — it’s wholly satisfying, even when it’s difficult.
Glen F.
I do it first thing in the morning. A good tip is to have your workout clothes next to your bed. Also to find an exersice you enjoy and have it ready when you open your browser. All these things trigger the habit. They are cues. Also start small. You can start with 5 minutes of exercise and slowly increase it with time. Your brain will get used to the habit of exercise and will eventually crave it in the morning. To form a habit I recommend the book Atomic Habits by James Clear.
Adrianna F.
I just started. I wake up and drink water that way my body feels motivated to move and has a little bit of energy. And then I think how good I feel after the fact.
Noemie C.
It's hard but you can use the spere time, Meanwhile your tea worm up, or the coffe get ready you can do some stairs ramp, ore some crunch, you have the time it's just a bit tricky to see it
Wenke O.
I used to not be a morning person, but by working out in the morning it actually motivate me to get going and make me feel more accomplished. Just a 30 minute workout is enough to see progress, try maybe setting up your equipment before you go to bed. That always helps me.
Roan C.
I start my morning with emergizing breathing exercise, once I'm done, I just do my morning 5-min Japanese towel exercise and if I have the full energy, I go straight doing my jumping rope exercise.
Benjamin F.
Maybe you could figure out a way to get to work that involves doing some sort of excersize. For example, you could cycle to work, or walk to the train station. Or maybe if you're having trouble getting everything ready in the morning, you could try preparing it the night before. This could give you more time in the morning to do a mini excersize. You could pre-make your breakfast, then all you have to do is heat it up, or not,
or you can lay out your clothes the night before so that you save more time instead of seaching for somethibg to wear. Hope this helps! You're doing great, by the way.
Nancy M.
I have a kid in school still so I have to get up, It’s hard but I started a challenge with me, I set my alarm for 5 minutes before my regular time and get to it before he wakes up.
Giulia E.
I have a goal, I write my goal near my bed and in the morning it's the first thing that I see so I remember how much I need to work. Don't think, just do it. One small habit at time.
Tran G.
I just get up 10 minutes earlier, which means I also go to bed earlier. And I open YouTube video and do excercise that I like, either yoga or 7 minutes workout.
Sara N.
My boyfriend Is a big help he wakes up before me for his job and he helps get me up while I am still struggling to make this a habit!
Norival P.
Hey! I hope everything is going well for you at work (: I don’t have that commitment, but I am motivated by reminding myself that if I don’t do it today, it will be harder for me tomorrow. Plus, working out helps your physical and mental health!
Rose Z.
Getting up 3 hours than my usual automatically made it easier to have the time to build a morning routine, relax and exercise. Also, not letting myself eat breakfast before exercising.
Anna E.
I wake up an hour earlier and wake up at same time everyday even if I dont have to work just to make sure Im in routine.
Genesis T.
Just motivate your self to get up early in the morning and sleep early in the night fix your schedule and just tell your inner self that "just do it, cause you have to come on" that's what I did and as you work out you will feel lighter and happy and it will also lower your stress levels 😊😊😊😊
Janet Y.
What I try to do is go to sleep earlier and then get up earlier. But if u have problems motivating your self to actually workout then I think of how much better I feel when I am done working out. For instance I feel more motivated and healthier. I hope that helped and have a great day!!!
Drago N.
I have what is supposed to be a work-at-home job, but my office is at a friend’s house. So part of my exercise is actually getting up and down the stairs to get the car started and then I finish my exercise time by using my exercise ball instead of by desk chair to start off. And then I do that through the day. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be able to do it any work day. I’m always exhausted.
Pedro G.
This is probably not a good question for me since I don't have a day job, but over the weekend I am pressed to get everything done since we only have one car. If it is an especially busy day, I only do arms and take my weights with me where I go. I've done my workout while getting ready, in the car and in the store running through the isles. It sucks, but if I a going to make a change, I have to hold myself accountable to my actions. Hope that helps!
Nelita A.
I didn't really have a motivation but merely a goal to just improve myself for real this time. What I did that helps is that, I seriously started small. Like really small. I made sure that every morning right after I'm awake, I instantly walked outside, exposing myself to the sun. And then I instantly meditate after that.

Now, meditation didn't really help me to get fully energized so I did a very quick 5 minutes EASY yoga.

And this is the 9th day I'm on this journey 🙂

Lewis A.
I would set the alarm early but make the morning about an enjoyable but slow start to all the things you would normally do getting up. Make breakfast in a mindful way, eat it by the window. Sip your coffee. And I would start with meditation as soon as I wake up. Just sit up, legs crossed, close your eyes, and meditate to your own method or use an app such as headspace, or a 10 minute YouTube meditation video. When it comes to opening your eyes it will feel much fresher and calmer than just jerking yourself up out of bed. Do this every morning for a long while before you even contemplate exercise. Once you are used to enjoying your mornings like this adding (not all at once) some exercise to that morning will come very naturally and easily. You will discover a rhythm to follow as opposed to enforcing a premeditated one.
Mathilde N.
i have no clue. i literally just get up and put my shoes on a jumper and like leggings and do a run around the block i feel like because it easy it gets me ready for my day and once i start i can do more or less. i started on a good day and i really keep going for my streak as it’s my progress.
Clayton U.
I know how you feel because I was like that too but what i did to feel motivated was when you put an alarm make sure the Ringtone is a song that makes you feel motivated then drink a glass of water and do 10 star jumps that way you will feel way more energized and ready to start your day hope this helps lots of love
Clarence O.
I think about how I will be able to feel afterward. I get to feel like I have accomplished something even if it is small it’s a big step for me. That’s also totally ok. Not everyone’s paths are the same.
Gabrielle I.
I push myself to wake up early set alarms one at 7 another at 7:15 AM EST. Today was rough cause I didn’t have enough REM deep sleep and slept in until 8. But most days even including weekends I try waking up at 7. This week however I need to shift to waking up at 6:30 then 5:30 next week since I have a major Dental Exam. You have to tell yourself you gotta keep going I gotta do this for my health and investing in my future! I try to run 3.5 miles every morning then lift weights before 9 AM!
Samuel Q.
For me to have a fabulous start to my day a have to have a fabulous end to my day. I can only wake up early if I had a good night’s sleep. So I make sure that I have a digital detox 2 hours before I go to sleep ( like rather reading a book than scrolling through social media) and go to bed as early as possible. This helps me to get up and feel energetic in the mornings. I also just do what I can. If I only have 5 minutes I do 5 minutes of workout. In the beginning it does matter how much you do, as long as you just do it. This really helps me maintain the habits even when life gets busy.
Martyna T.
It's few days vacation left, so sometimes I'm working after 30min after waking up. But when I'm going to school I have "on time" complex and I know I have to do it
Axelle S.
I actually have the same problem, although with school. I get motivated by thinking how much I can improve, what I can change that I regret in the past. Having goals set up for the morning, or even getting motivated for improving is good enough. I also love getting rewards for doing stuff.
Luke Z.
I like to set out my clothes the night before, easy to grab. Or if im wearing yoga pants for that workout, I will sleep in them. Makes it one less thing to fight with when I'm sleepy.
Leroy Z.
what i started doing is going slow first like doing a couple pushups then i keep building up like doing more activities then eventually you’ll get used to it 🙂 try to make it fun to maybe have a friend do it with you or put on some music that u like 🙂 and to get yourself up in the morning try waking up 35-45 more min early then the time u usually wake up, stay in bed for 5 min, get up, drink water, then try and start working out then when ur done try and eat something then get ready for work :)<3 i hope this helped i’m not really good at explaining things i’m sorry
Violet E.
Make sure to get a good night sleep and always plan the night before so you know you will have time for both things i believe in you
Agathe O.
I actually don’t do my workouts in the morning, I do them in the afternoon. In the morning I do a few stretches and maybe jump up and down a bit. I have found that this works best for me because I don’t have the ability right now to go to bed early enough to workout in the morning. There’s no reason to force yourself to do it in the morning if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle. But, it is extremely important to exercise, so just make sure you prioritize it at another time during the day. Also, if you’re like me and get tired after work, make sure you exercise before you let yourself sit down by the TV or whatever you do to relax after a long day, because for me that makes it so much harder to get up again to do my workout. However, if the morning is the best time for you to exercise, I would recommend slowly going to bed earlier, and then getting up a bit earlier each day (most people recommend getting up 15 min earlier each day til you get to your ideal wake up time). It doesn’t matter if this means that in the beginning you won’t be able to exercise for more than maybe 10 min, because this is a journey, and that time will increase as you get up a little bit earlier each day. It sounds easy when said like this, but it may not feel like it, so self discipline her is key. After a while it will become a habit, and maybe your favorite time of the day! Hope this helps! And also, don’t feel down if you mess up one day. Set backs are expected, you’re only human. Just continue like nothing happened the next day, it won’t ruin your entire fitness journey.
Lauren T.
I give myself a minimum requirement for working out. For me, this is a 30second plank. When ever I don’t feel like working out I do my one thing and then move on with my day. When I am having a better day, I increase my workout time depending on my needs and schedule.
Whisper V.
Your question may not be one of "motivation," but one of "accomodation." Your morning I too full to accommodate both of these priorities. So, one or the other needs to move to a different time. Get as much of your work prep into the transition to bedtime as you can? Break your workout into multiple times, perhaps before or after meals? Get creative and craft a day that serves you and your circumstances.