How do you manage to fit exercise in to your day? I have 2 young children one of whicj has special needs and I’m exhausted pretty much all the time 😂

Jenn Z.
I changed my definition of exercise. Before I had to do a workout video, or break a sweat, or get into exercise clothes. Now walking around the block is considered exercise. It’s really just any additional movement I decided to take on, that I would t have done before.
Holl N.
well, I’m only a teenager so I don’t have to manage kids. if you are with a partner, I can suggest asking them to look after the kids while you do it, but if not then maybe you could try do some exercise with them! from going for a walk every day to just doing zumba on the tv, try all sorts! hope this helps <33
Ramsey Z.
Well, there’s nothing out there saying it has to be a certain span of time! I would recommend finding time anywhere you can in your schedule. Whether it be 2 minutes, or 20. Then, tell yourself you’re setting it as a “Me Time” (of course, that isn’t always so much “me” as “we” when there’s kids around haha), we all need and deserve time to appreciate ourselves in the day:) I find that yoga is best, especially with shorter time to do what you’d like to. It helps relax mind and body (spirit too, if that’s your belief), learn to keep control, and afterwards you feel refreshed and new!!! If you are down to get sweaty and dirty, then there are plenty of short workouts meant to push you to your limits in a short time! It’s quite addictive and leaves you feeling pumped and accomplished (the sparkles on your face will all show that’s the case!)
Rayan E.
Do it anyway, no matter the time. If not in morning, than in afternoon, if not in afternoon, than in evening, if not in evening, than at night.
Jon Q.
I manage to fit in exercise in to my day, because I don't have many responsibilities on my plate. My classes start a little bit late and end a little bit early and my little siblings go to school giving me more free time to myself.
Owen Z.
Oh once having a busy day I take a shower and do ,y exercise at the end you might want to do it once your children are sleeping and you are relaxed 😌
August U.
Join other people in their activities! If your kids need to play and have fun, join them. Take them on walks and runs and fun activities. When you don’t have the time or energy to do that, you could do some simple stretches or low impact exercises like squats and wall push ups while you do other things. When you wait for the microwave to be done, when you brush your teeth. Even when you do the dishes you could step in place. Some movement is always better than none. Good luck!!