How do you get motivated to declutter a room. I keep putting it on my list and can’t get anything done other then a to do list. 😳 Everything else i put on my to do lists gets done.

Anny G.
I usually put some music to play and clean first my bed. It makes quite a difference in the room. After that i clean my desk, putting everything to its place one thing at a time. Tidying my clothes is the one thing im the most bored of so o always leave it for the end. I out all the clothes that are on chairs etc on the bed and make piles (the clean trousers in one, the clean blouses in another and the dirty clothes in the last pile) and then i finish them one by one. Tidying your room only takes up to 10 minutes and when you do it daily it will take less and less time each day☺️💛