How do you commit to something you really donโ€™t want to do? Example: An essay ๐Ÿ˜‚

Mina C.
Haha! Well, most likely the essay has a deadline, which means that even if you keep postponing it, you will HAVE to do it! Why don't you think of a reward for yourself?? "An hour of essay means I get to …(go, see, eat this or that) .
Moreover, doing something you have to, will then give you a feeling of reward.
Cynthia N.
Set aside a certain amount of time to work on this. Example today at 9pm I will spend 15 minutes on this. Then try again the next day. You can keep it at 15 minutes each day till it's done or increase the time. Next time try 20, then 30. Really you just have to buckle down n do it, especially if it's something like an essay