How do you celebrate when you complete your tasks?

Sky O.
I used to watch this campy vult-classic show, Heroes. In it, a hero, named Hiro, an almost unerringly optimisitc Japanese man with the seemingly uncontrollable ability to flit through time, has a wholesome catchphrase he uses almost every time he completes a task. He literally jumps, fist to the air like he's posing for that classic beach stock photo, and says "Yataa!" which to my knowledge means something akin to "I did it!". It has always made me smile, and when I have the time and space to do it, I straight up do it. It's a little cringy, but it's the act of embracing a little social fear when it's irrational that makes it more exciting, I think. Sometimes, that alone makes me smile.

Other tricks involve dancing like an absolute buffoon to an upbeat or meaningful song, pep talking in the mirror, sipping on my fave beverage and loudly commenting "WOW THIS IS THE BEST HAVE YOU TRIED THIS WOAH YOU'RE MISSING OUT BUDDY" every single time. Just something a little silly to bring a smile to your heart if not your face before you get out into the world.

Anthony A.
Relaxing by sleeping or just having time for myself to read, pray, or watch videos. Anything that makes me laugh for the day would be enough of a celebration for me.
Nuki A.
I pretend that there are people clapping and cheering and I start being 'shy' saing 'oh thank you, thank yiu my dears' smailing and bowingmy head like princess. 😄😄
Alina N.
I don't celebrate – mental satisfaction from completing a task and keeping up with developing myself is celebration enough for me
Catrina P.
I like to take a few moments to really bask in the feeling of achievement and success. We often don't allow ourselves time enough to feel these positive emotions and therefore the critical feedback is lost. I also like small physical rewards at major milestones, such as new clothes, a haircut or something I've wanted to buy for a while!
Sulani Z.
Honestly, I take a deep breath, I smile and think or say out loud, "I did it." And I enjoy the feeling of an accomplishment
Linzi F.
It might sound silly, but I give myself an actual pat on the back! I tend to beat myself up over failures for far too long and let successes go by relatively unnoticed. So the pat on the back back is just a way for me to pause and really take a moment to congratulate myself 😊
Mimi M.
I do a little dance that is fast and easy and goofy and makes me smile. I wish I had more to write to make this longer as suggested but that’s really it. Best of success with your journey!
Aderico E.
I listen to my favorite music station. Once I complete a milestone I will sometimes treat myself to a new coloring book as I love to color in the evening to relax.
Chantal E.
I tell myself "well done", smile and take a few moments to enjoy the feelings of achievement and the great feeling after completing my exercise
C Me O.
I tell myself I’ve done a good job. I share the news with my husband and I remind myself. How easy it was and I can keep it up and learn to love it. Lately when I do something good for me I tell myself this is how I show self love and I deserve it
Raymond P.
At the moment, i forget to celebrate most of the time, but i sit down and relax and smile and think happy accompanied thoughts.
Ixander T.
It depends on the task honestly. It can be as small as taking myself out to eat at a restaurant or buying a motorcycle to celebrate a life changing promotion. Personal things like a meditation or a day to relax don't work for me because I see them as essential to respecting myself and force myself to make time for those things if I have to. So as a reward they don't really do it for me personally.
Alfredo P.
I feel validated, that I can achieve every goal I set because I know that I have to make small steps to reach my end goal…
Tristin P.
I mentally congratulate myself. I tell myself over and over how wonderful it is that I can make small changes now that will lead up to big changes later. I consistently remind myself that it’s okay if I can’t turn into the person I want to be overnight because these things take time. I am patient and loving to myself and cheer myself on for every small victory and trust that I can get to consistency as time goes on.
Milly N.
I guess it really depends on the task…for instance, I reward myself with a cup of coffee after drinking water. Yet something like performing yoga in the morning it will be more of a mental celebration.
Jadirene P.
I haven’t figured it out yet. I just simply reflect and smile at myself because I know how hard it’s been for me lately and even the smallest tasks where impossible to achieve
Suzanna F.
Actually I don't celebrate. O think completing these tasks are the real celebration of life. Never forget that you are doing this all for yourself. You will see results and realize the difference.
Becca M.
I let myself relax, and breath and not think about anything. Just an empty, stress free mind. Then after calming from usually stress because tasks can be stressful, I will usually celebrate or reward myself with a nap, some Ice cream or a treat, or by just simply relaxing
Athena N.
I don't know i'd be great to treat yourself with doing something you like and productive but what I usually do is just being motivated
Paula N.
Interesting question. I just had a realization that I don’t celebrate when I compete a task. I guess I would feel better if I do, because I will cherish the moment and feel like I accomplished something. I guess I look at it as “time has passed”. Perhaps I need to cherish the little things in life.
Taylor T.
I celebrate by taking a moment to notice how I feel after completing a task. The sense of accomplishment that comes with checking something off my to-do list motivates me to do even more. Taking time to bask in these positive feelings remind me how good it feels to be productive, which is a calm celebration on gratitude of showing up for myself.
Crystal W.
As a celebration I like to sing a song i love, pet my dog and dance with him, but sometimes when I'm short for time an out loud convincing "YES!" is enough to make me feel cool.
Andr A A.
I take a moment to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from checking a task off the list. Just a mental acknowledgement that I accomplished something 😌
Em P.
If I'm honest I probably don't, but maybe I should. My difficulty is that I always turned to food for celebrations, but that's part of the reason I'm now extremely overweight, and I'm on a weight loss diet.
Instead, I could do with finding other non-food ways to celebrate. So perhaps listening to music? Doing a little dance? Even just mentally ticking off a
box is good for me.
Mee W.
When I complete all my tasks I allow myself some screen time, which is something I restrict during the day as far as entertainment.
Caroline Z.
Well I just look at the mirror and say to myself you can do it today is gonna be the best day ever good work.But you can also give yourself a reward.😗😊
Bronwyn T.
I like to take a moment to be grateful for myself and my own effort. I thank myself and then relax by doing something I enjoy if I have the time, like playing a game for a bit or watching some tv. Often, the satisfaction of having done my tasks is celebration enough.
Katie O.
I will dance around and sing. I will be all smiles and having a great day. I can feel a change in my energy and my body. I feel lifted up and ready to take on the day!!