How Do u always write in Ur journal everything night?

Kris N.
Hey, if you're not feeling energised to write in a journal book then simply install an app for journaling. And find one that can include pictures on the journal. So what I do I add a picture everyday on my journal. Another thing that I do is I use Snapchat Bitmojis on my journal to track my mood. When I am feeling sad I take a screenshot of a sad bitmoji and write in my journal. The Bitmoji feels so real and really inspires me write my thoughts down. It just feels like I can put a picture how I feel right then.
Ana Q.
Most of the times at the end of the day, sometimes in the morning if I forgot the day before or if I wake up with a lot of ideas. But is always better to write on the same day. You will always have a better recollection of what happened.
How? Just do it everyday, keep your journal next to your bed, so you remember to write before going to sleep. Once you do it more, you will want to keep at it, it is a good feeling to keep track of things and letting go.