How can you avoid waking up in the middle of the night?

Annika C.
Going to the bathroom afterwards and relaxing beforehand helps you sleep the whole night . Keep your room cold dark and quiet it really helps with falling asleep
Karen V.
Waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep can feel awful. We have the expectation that we’ll sleep the night through, and when that doesn’t happen we can feel like a failure. There also seems to be a much higher sense of anxiety in the darkness, when everyone is asleep, than in the daytime. When I do wake up in the middle of the night, I try to be very gentle with myself. I breathe into my muscles to relax them, sometimes actively stop thinking about stressors (I have a trick where I put my own face on anyone else’s face I’m thinking about), and sometimes I listen to a it’s nidra meditation.

To prevent waking up at all, I try to follow really great sleep hygiene. I use low lights and hour before bed, try to give myself a nine hour sleep opportunity, and take a shower before bed. I usually do a pose called “constructive rest” for 10-15 min while listening to a meditation podcast.

Margot Y.
To avoid the above situation, one should not think about things which would cause them to feel nervous, anxious or sad,,
Amr O.
I must waking up inthe middle of the night to drink water 💧 and eat some thing for stomic like Ugart , i have Ramadan and will didnt eat nothing all the day until 20:25 in the evining ))
Marisa Y.
I haven’t slept through the night in quite some time as I have an infant, but after my first son I found a man who does self hypnosis videos and they worked very well for me. I put in headphones and never remembered falling asleep. When I did wake up I felt much more rested and if I woke up in the night for any reason I would fall right back to sleep. Michael Sealey is the name of the guy. He has tons of videos and I’m sure there are plenty of other people who make videos like these. I also like to listen to binaural beats with some kind of underlying white noise. (Rain, fan, etc)
Nimo O.
I think it's best to figure out what is waking you up. Is it light, noise, having to go to the bathroom, or just feeling awake? Once you find the cause of what is waking you up, try to come up with a solution to put it out. For example, using an earband (rather than earplugs, do not sleep with earplugs in), a noise machine or fan or white noise on your phone, a sleep mask, taking melatonin before bed, winding down before bed, drinking chamomile tea or warm milk before bed, or even speaking to your partner or family if they are interrupting your sleep. It can be hard to come up with a solution, but once you find one it will reward you tenfold.
Godofreda Z.
With fabulous, I've been starting to make my room as dark as possible to help me feel as though I'm already asleep. If I wake up, I just close my eyes and try not to think.
Mariam N.
I do not wake up in the middle of the night . But may be the thing the help mostly to go to bathroom before going to bed.
Adamantino E.
Make sure to be relaxed before going to bed and be sure to do all of your business beforehand. For example, take allergy medicine if you need it, go to the restroom, make sure your room is comfortable and there's no noise or distractions!
Bhaviksha L.
Here is a 10 minute ritual so that you can avoid waking up in the middle of the night. For the first 2 minutes exercise and tire your muscles for the next 6 minutes pop into a hot or warm shower so that it will get you into a very nice sleepy mood. The next 2 minutes spend it on the comfiness of your bed so technically it's kinda like making your bed. If you do this 10 minute ritual, I guarantee you that you will never wake up in the middle of the night.
Sienna E.
There is no certain way because that is just your body, but you can help. If you make sure to leave everything stressful behind before bed and plan so your calm that will help. Do some mediation and try using an eye mask and making your space cooler, you might be getting hot in the night!
Onyx D.
To avoid waking up during the night I usually do a sleep prep routine. I enure the area I sleep in is clean, fresh with lavender and Jasmine scents and the air is cool. Make sure its quiet and stretch. No electronics an hour before and I sleep through the night. Oh and no liquid after 8pm.
Kanthi F.
I usually put on rain or calm music or sounds and then grab a book.
Usually, a book that is not interesting and doesn't have any cliffhanger like academic books or self-help books.
I also make sure to freshen up before going to bed so that I do not have to wake up in the middle of the night for the washroom.
Sometimes I keep a glass of water beside my bed.
If I'm not in the mood to read then I fall asleep listening to a cosy / self-help podcast.
Ana Z.
Before you go to bed, you can use relaxing methods, such as: breathing, meditating or other methods. This could improove your sleep and make it better.
Jana L.
actually i think i always do that but avoiding it by going to drink a cup of water and avoiding looking at my phone to have a full time and complete time of sleeping to have a fresh start
Dominika N.
For me, keeping a good sleep environment is key. I try to keep my room cool, quiet and dark during the night. Most important for me is the cool. I love the slightly cold air and cold bedding to snuggle in! Another important thing is to try and calm down before sleep. Maybe try meditating. And also, if you sleep more than you are used to or more than 9 hours a day, it might be a reason you wake up. Try sleeping less haha 😄 Hope it helps!!
Miguel J.
You should prevent anything that normally wakes you up from happening. Keep your sleeping area nice, dark quiet and cool enough so you can sleel through the night. Also write down what specifically wakes you up so you can find solutions to your problem.
Jack N.
Well it depends what is waking you up but if it’s noise or the light cover all the cracks in your room with pillows clothes blankets ect!
Daniel N.
When I go to sleep, I roll in my comfortable position and put my blanket over my body. Before I fall asleep, I'm always thinking about my dream career or my future.
Rainforest N.
When I was young (5-14) I really struggled with staying asleep. I remember I used to stay up until 12am playing with dolls or reading books because I just couldn’t sleep!
Then I discovered audiobooks and a sleep spray I use everyday now, called “ “. It has worked miracles and I’m now able to sleep more imminently and much deeper than before. I hope this helps
Kreszenz Y.
Stretch and meditate right before bed, meditating laying down with feet up is the most beneficial to me because that position lowers your heart rate and the meditation slows down the mind, helping aid in deeper better sleep and therefore less wake ups in the night
Rebecca E.
I wish I knew! This is my problem as well, and I have nothing but solidarity for you. I can't avoid it, but when I do wake up in the middle of the night, I take a melatonin and put on a familiar audio book and I'm generally able to fall back to sleep.
Dustin P.
Don't drink too much water at night it may result in waking up to go the washroom. Don't try to think anything, when your brain is working you won't be able to sleep
Xavier I.
You could try doing anything you would do in the middle of the night before you go to bed(have a snack, go pee) or you could just work out so that you remain sleepy
Amber C.
I have not really figured this answer out yet. Besides doing the obvious like getting rid of noise and lights and things that could wake me. Maybe do a rough workout before going to bed. Just to exhaust yourself even more so maybe you won’t wake up through the night.
Terry C.
Just by relaxing and making sure you are lost in deep sleep. I often use relaxing videos or just videos in general as a relaxing method. Hearing other things instead of your busy brain really helps, especially if you have anxiety, this places your focus on something else so you get sleepy and doze ofd without worrying about things that might wake you up later <3
Darlene Q.
Thanks for asking my dear… You can sleep listening to calming music.
That how I mostly fall ALSEEP when I wake up in the middle of the night
Amira N.
Go to bed when you are sleepy and drink tea a hour before bed! I take a a nice shower or bath to help me relax. If your a religious you should pray before bed it’s helps me relax <3
Jason E.
Establish a quiet, relaxing bedtime routine. …
Relax your body. …
Make your bedroom conducive to sleep. …
Put clocks in your bedroom out of sight. …
Avoid caffeine after noon, and limit alcohol to 1 drink several hours before bedtime. …Keep a voiding diary: Monitor how much liquid you drink and your urine output. …
Limit your intake of fluids two hours before bedtime: Drinking too close to bedtime can lead to urinating at night. …
C Lia Y.
Avoid using electronic devices that emit blue light for 30 minutes before going to bed and eat a light meal a hour before sleeping, so that you fall asleep faster and are less likely to wake up because of hunger. You should also try to make your environment suitable for sleep by making your room as dark and as quiet as possible. You can also light a lavender or vanilla scented candle or use a bedsheet spray.
Kit X.
Stop drinking liquids just after dinner to avoid waking up to pee. Sleep with an eye mask, earplugs, and a cuddly toy for maximum comfort. Make sure your bedroom is an ideal temperature for sleeping (slightly cooler is better)
Chris S.
I feel that the best thing to do is not try and avoid waking up as this will cause unnecessary stress in the mind and make it more likely that you will struggle to sleep. In the event that you do wake up, acknowledge that you, accept it and relax knowing that you are still resting even if your mind tries to tell you otherwise.
Julia W.
I’ve found that being stressed about tomorrow is one of the key factors in me waking up in the middle of the night. What I’ve found to be helpful is evening stretches, calming breathing, along with ambient sounds/soundscapes. I also lay out my clothes for the next day and get everything I need gathered by the door so that I’m not worried about forgetting something. Getting to bed at a decent hour also helps. If you go to bed and you aren’t too exhausted you’re less likely to be worried about sleeping through your alarm, causing you to toss and turn/wake up throughout the night.
Adrian G.
Well, I only woke up in the middle of the night because of nightmares so I guess I'll write down the nightmares in hope of they won't come back
Barbora Q.
Do not drink water like 1 Hour before sleep. Try to make your sleep more deep by having a sleep routine, going sleep ať the samé time every day and sleeping enough
Brighton W.
By being able to satisfy all your needs before you go to sleep. It'll help by making sure you won't wake up needing to do anything. Also make sure you environment is best suited for you needs.
Mallika F.
Is it around 2am? Most likely it's an issue w poor digestion.
Learn more about ayurveda, food combining, and chew your food well! Address other issues that may be causing your digestive issues, do you over-eat? Emotional-eat? eat at irregular times due to a hectic schedule? All relevant here.
Jessie E.
First of all you need to check that No lights are comming into your room. And the First week you Can listen to calm musik untill you fall asleap, do not turn of the musik. :))
Jay G.
Waking up can have a million reasons, you should investigate on what prevents you from relaxing and try to eliminate that. For example, too many sugars for dinner increase my heartrate and makes it difficult to sleep, so I wake up once or twice. Anxiety also makes me wake up, so I should try to isolate what makes me anxious and set a specific moment to focus on it properly during the day
Nadya R.
By not drink caffeine, coffee, energy drink and else
I'm the type of person who likes coffee
I rarely waking up in the middle of the night, if I do, I sometimes just stay awake
Aleksandra E.
Put on the fan and open the windows so I can be cool an not hot while sleeping because that irritates me so bad. Another thing is that you can take a shower before bed,
wash your face, brush your teeth, etc..
Hajra T.
By passing your day working hard. When I get too much tired, I sleep sound and peacefully because that's the only time I can get rest
Kiara F.
I can take melatonin supplements before bed, use my night routine to make sure I fall asleep easily, and ensure all external noise and light are tuned out and turned off.
Michelle Z.
Relax your body before bed and make sure your day is busier than usual don't drink before bed and exercise before bed and have a hot bath
Amy N.
Try listening to some soft music while trying to fall asleep & putting on lotion with vanilla & camomile lotion. If you a wake in the middle of the night like I do with hot flashes, try keeping a bottle of cold water by your bed side to drink. This will help cool you down & allow you to go back to sleep.
Carolyn S.
I struggle to sleep myself, and I’ve found that it mostly comes down to the environment you set up. Try to use a sleep mask, blackout curtains, sound machines, weighted blankets, etc to prevent interruptions from happening. When they do, work to calm yourself and give yourself the space to take as long as you need to fall back asleep, even if that means getting up and doing something first. For me, it’s normally not the initial interruption that keeps me up but rather the anxiety about having been woken up that I have to manage before being able to sleep again
Meszes E.
Short answer: by not sleeping enough.
To find your ideal sleep hours it's recommended you sleep through 85-95% of the time you spend in bed. So if you don't even wake up, you're sleep deprived.
If you mean not wake up in a way it's hard to fall back asleep, I can only say do it fast and remove anything that might excite you.
I mean a clock for example, seeing the time makes you think too much. Or any light source you can.
DO NOT check your phone.
Every single time I just check the time on my phone I can't sleep back.
Zahra O.
I don’t know! I have the same problem. What a coincidence, I just bought Melatonin today… I am going to try that… maybe that works!
Frankie P.
That depends largely on why you are waking up. Try taking some time to think on what your first thought is when you wake. Are you in pain? Is there a sound annoying you? Do you need to use the restroom? Are you worried about a child?

My first suggestions would be to try to de-stress and relax before bed. Perhaps finish drinking your water further away from bed. Take a sleep journey on Fabulous. If you still have problems, you could talk to friends with similar issues, or even your doctor. I'm confident you'll be able to get a long night's sleep soon. 🙂

Amr O.
I don’t know yet , i will wait to finsh this month ( Ramadan ) and will know how to do this !!
It’s already after 2 or 3 days !
Elhamdo Lelah , this month feel very good ! I was not near from Allah and now more better )
Magia U.
i typically don’t wake up anymore, and that’s because of a few habits! after i drink some water before bed, i go to the bathroom so i don’t have to wake up to go pee. i also listen to ocean sounds for a calm environment
Avery U.
Tenho uma rotina de noite de autocuidado, tomo banho e passo meus cremes. Coloco uma roupa gostosa e adequada a temperatura. Em geral me cuido. Mas as vezes estou com a cabeça cheia por conta de problemas, então tento meditar para amenizar isso.
Marie J.
I personally struggled with this as well. This is what I've found to be helpful. I have many playlists (I use YouTube but you can use whatever platform you like) containing sleep meditations, affirmations, manifestations, and whatever else I find that I feel will be good to intentionally soak in overnight. They range from a half hour nap on up to 10 hours in half hour intervals (so 1hr, 1.5hrs, 2hrs, 2.5hrs, etc). So when I'm going to sleep, I determine how long I'll be able to sleep (I usually use the length of time from when I'm going to sleep until my alarm in the morning) and then I chose the appropriate playlist. I find that this helps me fall asleep and stay asleep, most nights anyway. Good luck!
Dan Y.
If you wake up at night because you wanna pee, maybe try to stop drinking water an hour before bed. It worked out well for me! Masturbation is also a great way to de-stress.
Georgia N.
Find the cause before you figure out the solution, for example, if it’s noise, try wearing earphones, if it’s going to the toilet, try drinking less before bed etc.
Sophie N.
get curtains, maybe a fan if your room isn’t cold enough or keep it completely silent. white noise and brown noise can also help if you want an extra push and can sleep to little staticky noise.
Bhaviksha L.
Here is a small 10 minute ritual you can do before you go to bed so that you can avoid waking up in the middle of the night. 10 minutes before your bedtime commit the first 2 minutes to exercise and work those muscles out so that you will become tired spend the next 6 minutes in a very nice warm or even high temperature water to even get you in a sleepy mood. The next 2 minutes use it to strain your parts like eyes, shoulders and ankles to tire yourself up. Then after the 10 minute ritual, I guarantee you that you will never wake up during the night.
Lucas T.
We should always sleep stress free in that way we can avoid having to wake up middle of the night but if you have sleep paralysis or get nightmares often I would recommend you to stop watching more horror or thriller things. I once had a experience , I used to watch a lot of cases and they used to show a lot of disturbing pictures and that night I had the same dream but it was happening infront of me when I opened my eyes I couldn't scream or move and that victim was holding a knife and was grinning widely which scared the living heck out of me so I hope you should stop watching the source.If it's not nightmares and you wake up I think you should take help from professionals and not me cause I am a idiot and I can't help you in that one. Try to make your mind clear before sleeping it would be very helpful. I hope this will help you have a good night sleep. 😴 👋♡
Concei O Z.
I don’t use y’all’s wake up in the middle of the night, my suggestion is don’t allow any annoying noises to interfere with your sleep.