how can i make sure the rest of my house other than my room stays clean when the rest of my family is really messy?

Carolina E.
Acknowledge that it everyone is living a completely different situation, it is hard to accept and cope with the fact that not everyone is interested in having healthy habits (unfortunately not everyone wants to exercise and ear healthy) but you have to face this task knowing that you will have your spaces clean and uncluttered, the common spaces are not your responsibility alone and this way you won't get frustrated with the rest of the family
Nina C.
Be the change you wanna see. But dont put too much pressure to yourself. You can clean up one area on thing (what you choose) everyday and it will get better each day. And hopefully others would see the change and join you. But you can pressure them either. I really hope you succeed! All love ❤ (I've been there and it is a marathon)
Carolina E.
I have the exact problem! I would say sit down and talk to them. Establish a schedule. For example on mondays, everyone does laundry and a certain person does the dishes, Tuesday- everyone cleans the bathrooms and dusts, etc. it may not always be perfect, but it’ll will help a lot.