How can I get up earlier in the morning? If I get up later, I do not have enough time for breakfast. I don’t want to have a brunch or lunch as my first meal of the day.

Angie E.
I set a coffee or healthy energizing beverage near my bed and a vitamin with some ginseng. Helps me get some energy in before I have to even leave my room. Hope this helps!
Alexandrino T.
Hi. Only way is have a few alarms set. So 6.30am, 6.45am and on 7.00am you get up with your gear is looking at you to put on and go. Only way. Good luck. James
Filipe Q.
The hardest part is always transitioning your state of mind. When I wake up in the morning (usually around 5am,) I'm sore, cranky, dehydrated & the only thing I wanna do it go back to sleep. But that's where you need to nip that habit in the but. Get up, pee if you need to, & then you should always hydrate first. Even if you have to force yourself & you can only stomach half a glass of water, do it. Once you have that habit on rotation, start with eating something small, but sustaining. Like, a glass of milk, a granola bar, or peanutbutter toast.
Pierre Y.
If you're not a morning person it can be hard to get up earlier. Something that helped me was a mix between going to sleep earlier (even if I didn't fall asleep earlier) and forcing myself to get up when my alarm went off, no matter how much I didn't want to. I made sure to always have a responsibility, chore or something scheduled for early the next day to trick my brain into actually waking up earlier. It's gotten hard as of late now that my job has me until later in the night but I'm still getting up early to draw or read or do whatever I want before work. It helps to have something to look forward to earlier in the morning and sooner or later getting up early becomes the norm.
Pablo C.
Well, the most important thing to wake up "when you want" is to sleep at least 8 hours. Nobody can complain that he can not wake up early if he goes to sleep late (It seems obvious but it took me a while). The second thing is, if you can't wake up 'naturally', set alarms. If you don't wake up, set stronger alarms and away from bed. Do whatever you need to make you stand up. After that, it's up to you to make everything from falling asleep again. Turn on the lights, turn the radio up, open the window, wash your face, etc. Following the fabulous steps also helped me (following a ritual and read the messages/articles that motivated me to follow that routine). Day after day try to think what is making you not waking up early and find ways to fight it.
Frida Z.
Exercise at the same time every day if you can. Otherwise, go to bed early, listening to calming music when i go to bed helps me
Jennifer Q.
You could use more than one alarm or you use an alarm that’s super annoying and super loud and place it in the other side of the room so you have to stand up to turn it off. Then I’d immediately drink some water because that awakens you too. (At least it awakens me)
Sandro E.
Go to be at the same time every night and get up at the same time every day allowing yourself at least 8 hours of sleep no tv or any social media before bed
Zulma F.
Choose a portable breakfast or make your smoothie the night before and look at getting up a few minutes earlier as an opportunity to enjoy it.
Ida C.
Set an alarm and make sure that I sleep on time. I think it's correlating with the bed time ritual. If that is good and not too late, I can get up early in the morning.
Teresa Y.
Go to sleep a little earlier. Put your alarm clock far enough away from your bed that you have to get up to switch it off. Beside your alarm clock put a note with a positive message for yourself on it to remind you why you should eat a delicious healthy breakfast.
Nikolaj P.
I would suggest that you get a very sharp and annoying alarm to wake you up I'm the morning and have plenty more sleep than Usual. I personally can't wake up to alarms, but you can try
Filippa Y.
How late are you going to bed? Try getting in the habit of going to sleep earlier, and in turn you’ll find it easier to get up in the morning. (Try getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night.) If you find that you still have trouble getting breakfast in, try making something the night before, such as overnight oats. You can simply pour milk onto some instant oatmeal, add some fruit or nuts, cover and soak overnight, then it’s ready to eat in the morning.
Lucas P.
This is an area where I struggle too. When I do them, the things that have helped me are making sure I get to bed at a decent hour the night before and have my morning routine streamlined to make waking up to face the day more enjoyable. A wake light that starts to slowly get brighter eases me to wake and doesn't feel like such a shock, like an alarm. Making a batch of crockpot steelcut oats means I don't have a lot to do to grab a healthy breakfast. Batching some of my tasks helps cut down having to do all the things in the morning. Meaning I don't neccesarily have to get up much earlier. Good luck!
Martha J.
It took me ages to learn this but an early wakeup is 100% about an early bedtime. Go to bed a half hour earlier every day until you're in bed at least 7 or 8 hours before the time you want to wake up. If you don't feel tired, lie down anyway and listen to a sleep aid like pzizz or headspace sleep or a free youtube video of relaxing rain/ocean/campfire sounds.
Leana P.
Visualize yourself getting up early n finishing everything you do before going to bed. It is best you keep your phone or your alarm at a place you can’t reach.
El Na S.
Can you go to bed earlier? Sometimes I find that the song I use as my alarm can have a big influence on my mood at the start of the day. Choose something happy and upbeat, and try putting your alarm on the other side of the room?! That way your feet have hit the floor and you’re up with good music playing… may as well stay up!
Rasmus F.
You need to go to sleep earlier, there is no way around this. Place an alarm that forces you to get up in the morning. Drink water when you first wake up. Dehydration is a big motivation killer. Have your breakfast prepped. Either meal prep it or just place a bowl and your cereal out on the counter. Whatever that'll reduce the number of steps you'll take in the morning.
Mike O.
Set an alarm to wake u up! U will feel tired and sleepy on the first few days but after a week it will get easier and u will even find yourself go to bed earlier!
Myrtle T.
Well to get up earlier I set 3 alams. One that's 30mins earlier than my original one. One 15 mins earlier, and then my original so I have time to fully wake-up.

For ur other question I would suggest having a later breakfast possibly after 10 am and then having lunch at about 12 30 then dinner before 6 pm so ur body isn't trying to digest food while ur sleeping

Dolores S.
I struggle with getting up earlier as well, but breakfast is so worth the struggle! Without it I feel hungry all day. What helps for me is to have everything layed out and ready by the previous evening so I don't have to think about where my stuff is or about what to wear. Also, having a really nice breakfast to look forward to helps too 🙂
Paul Q.
I already get up early in plenty of time to have breakfast. My problem is I often have 2 breakfasts, and brunch. And lunch.
Johann U.
Try going to bed 10 minutes earlier, then 15 minutes earlier and so on until you are going to bed at a time where you will still get enough sleep and be able to get up at the time that you want to. Going to bed earlier is a habit I had to build over a few months as I was a night owl. This method really worked for me
Kaylee J.
Slowly wake up earlier and earlier, by five or ten minutes each time. Don’t hit the snooze, but make yourself get up. No naps because that keeps you from going to bed earlier or you will wake in the middle of the night. Wake up early every day, not just on work days. Allow yourself a sleep-in day every now and then, but make it planned and not when you feel like it or you will feel like it most days. Make the getting up early meaningful, so you will keep getting up early. Do something special, that you gain from. Mine is my morning routine- everything I do as a part of that routine benefits me in a great way: meditation, breakfast, my medications, exercise, and journaling. They set me up for success. Each of those is a five to ten minutes item, so you can add one of those each time you add a five to ten minute increment to your earlier wake up. You can do this!!
Noah P.
Going to bed early enough to get at least seven hours of sleep is important. Getting up at the same hour every day will help you to achieve this goal as well! And you can always carry a fruit with you and have it for breakfast once you’ve reached your office desks and logged in.
Adrian J.
Hi stranger! So I now wake up (almost) daily at 5 AM. What helped me was easing into it. One day I went to sleep early, then got up at 7 AM. Then, after a week I was up at 6 AM. After a week to 2 weeks I changed to 5 am. Always checking with myself if going to sleep early and being up early for my lifestyle. If it’s too early and I do not feel it aligns with what I want, then I wake up later.
Ana Lle E.
I use the SleepCycle App in the playstore as a tracker of my sleep and what factors influence my sleep (paid version), and the alarm function which will wake you up between a time window of 15 or 30 min (can be changed when setting alarm). Which makes it easier to get up in the morning (free version)
G Lsen J.
Drink a protein shake for breakfast. It’s healthy and you can buy premade ones in bulk at Costco. The ones I buy are the chocolate Premier Protein and they taste great!
Malthe G.
What you wrote suggests to me that you have a belief that is stopping you from getting up early and keeping the benefits that you have from waking up at the hour you want.
Like "I can't wake up and have breakfast at the same time"
This is just an example.

You are the only one who can answer this question.

Beliefs are what is keeping you from achieving what you want.
Change your beliefs, change the way you act.

Nicole U.
A few things help; going to bed earlier, even if you're not tired go, maybe read in bed, no screens for a couple of hours before bed, very dark room to sleep in, and maybe if it's still hard take baby steps, i.e. get up 20 minutes earlier every day.
Liva W.
Have a clear goal set the day before . I find it helpful when I have a goal to motivate me to wake up every day . I usually try to wake up between 5.30 – 6 am .Also make a commitment to keep up with that habit so that your body get used to waking up early.
Caroline W.
If you want to have breakfast you MUST get up earlie. I get up at 6, then execise for 10 min and then i prepare breakfast. You can do it 😀
Ruby W.
First you have to go to bed early if you want to get up early. I set a motivational song to wake me up. I also set a second alarm in case the first doesn't wake me up.
Kathy Y.
You don’t need much time. Perhaps 30 minutes. Do some meal prep the night before. Get your clothes ready too. That will decrease the stress a bit. A good breakfast starts the day right. It’s worth a little effort.
Nathaniel E.
By setting your alarm earlier and also sleeping earlier in the evenings… I find it helps to set an alarm to remind me that it's time to go to sleep in the evenings… Meditation before sleep and a set routine or ritual before sleep helps me to fall asleep sooner. Also avoiding screen time before sleep makes it easier to fall asleep or use a blue light filter on your device, blue light keeps the mind alert and active. By sleeping earlier you'll have much less trouble getting up in the morning. Also if you feel like you have to snooze, switch on your light first, the light will help you to get awake, if your light is on, try and keep your eyes open while your alarm is snoozed… You'll be ready to get up by the time your alarm goes off again…
Silas E.
I really struggled with this too. The trick is to get your routines in order, all three of them, and then when your body recognises the signs that it’s bedtime you can start shifting you sleep/wake schedule by ten minutes at a time. Make sure your sleep hygiene is good (cool, dark room, no screens, meals or strenuous exercise a couple of hours before sleep etc) so that the sleep you do get leaves you refreshed. Above all – stick at it. It only gets easier with routine and practice.
Rigoberto Q.
When I am going to wake up earlier I use to take on a alarm or ask someone to wake me up. After waking up early some days you will get more used to it. Some people does even wake up normally at that time after doing it sometimes.
Emeline E.
You must wake up earlier. How? When you try to sleep, a hormon named melatonine is launched in your body. When you have enough, you fall asleep. This is the best way to fall asleep, and for making this you must try go to bed early several times.
Emily U.
The short answer is ; go to bed earlier. This might seem a facile reply, but it's probably part of the answer. Getting up earlier is easier if you can time your alarm to coincide with a light sleep phase. If your alarm goes off when you're in deep sleep then you'll find it difficult to wake and get up. A good quality fitness / sleep tracker might be of help. The cheap ones claim to track sleep but aren't very good at it. Some of the better ones come with a smart alarm that will wake you when you're in light sleep. Of course, you could just set your alarm earlier 🙂
Marcus Y.
I worked at. Started setting my alarm 15 min earlier every day until I started getting up at the time I wanted. I also do it every day. Even weekends I found variable wake up times made me groggy. Now it’s a habit I’ve formed everyday at 4:45am
Oscar N.
Honestly bedtime is everything. Figure out how much sleep you need to function properly (I need 8 hours) then figure out what time you want to be up, and what time you'd need to go to bed to accomplish that. From there work your way from where you are to where you need to be in 15 min to 1/2 hour intervals. Ie go to bed 15 minutes earlier and set your alarm 15 min earlier. Once you successfully do it for about a week, make the next increment. When you accidentally go to bed too late, don't let yourself sleep in too late to compensate (but don't force yourself to function on like 4 hours of sleep either, I try to keep a 6-6 1/2 hour minimum) that way the next night you're extra tired and won't get into the staying up/sleeping in loop.
Dennis Z.
Start winding down your day earlier, so that you know you’ll get enough sleep. Cut out any naps in the afternoon, at least until after you’ve been waking up at the earlier time consistently.
Set your alarm 15 mins earlier than you actually want/need to get up, for 2 weeks past the point that you are actually able to wake up on time.
You also need to have a motivation, and to remind yourself of what it is. E.g. I’m going to wake up at 7am, so that I can have a delicious breakfast and get to work on time.
As a part of your bed time routine, repeat your motivation a few times and make sure to use different words and in a different order. E.g. (see prev. example) I like to take my time having breakfast and in order to get to work on time, I’ll need to wake up at 7am. [and] I’m waking up at 7 so that I don’t have to rush my breakfast and feel calm as I get to work.
1. Cut out naps
2. Go to bed earlier the night before
3. Remind self of motivation/reasons why
4. Set the alarm 15 mins earlier than you need
Emma C.
The only way to get up early in the morning is doind it straight away. Create the mindset on the evening before, then set up an alarm, and as soon as it goes off, jump from the bed. No excuses, no snooze time. For me it is easier to set the phone on a table far from the bed, and once I am already up to turn the alarm off, I go somewhere to have my body moving, like goint to the toilet or to the kitchen to have a glass of water.
Eli C.
You have to put your alarm in the bathroom near your sink or shower. That way when you go turn it off, you're right in front of the very thing that can easily jar you awake, cold water.
Vinko T.
Although waking up earlier can be difficult, placing your alarm away from your bed can help you stay awake by having to get up to turn off the alarm- set yourself up for success. The night before her as many pieces of your morning ready to go as you can- including grab n go breakfast items to help eliminate the time you might think you need to eat on a rushed morning.
Erin T.
I wake up every morning at 6am for praying the fajer .every day ,I make an alaram to wake up at the same time every day
Vita P.
I do two things, when I set my alarm for the next day I give myself some time to snooze a few times, so if I wanted to get up 6 I set my alarm for 5:45 and then hit snooze until 6. What also helps me wake up is before I fall asleep I tell my self to wake up at 6 about two to three times. The more consistent you are the easier it gets.
Cedrico P.
I had tried to wake up 5 minutes earlier than last morning. I always go to bed early around 930 or 10 because I’m not tried if I go to bed early even I wake up early
Argemiro N.
Change the sound of your alarm clock. Don’t set your alarm for snoozing, set it for when you absolutely have to get up. Don’t set an alarm for mornings you plan to snooze through – you are just teaching your body and brain to ignore it.

See if you can figure out a way of pre-making your breakfast. Overnight oats. Frozen breakfast burritos. Toast with nut butter. Prepped chopped fruit for smoothies. Granola bars. Leftovers. Each of these should be a 5min option of food for the morning.

Ella P.
I can get up earlier by going to bed earlier. Setting a hard limit in bed time would greatly benefit me. Possibly even a hard limit evening routine start time…..
Marjan F.
The best way to get up earlier is to go to bed earlier. Try having something to look forward to every morning too to make mornings more enjoyable.
Cl Mence T.
For me it’s been very important to set a bedtime. I’m naturally a night owl, but I found out that planning in some quiet time at the end of my day to relax and unwind helps me sleep better, which means I’m refreshed by the time my alarm goes off. If I have a Job or somewhere to be early, I prep meals to go the night or day before (dinner leftovers work nicely if you put them away in containers ready to go). I usually set my alarm for an hour or two before I have to leave in the morning so I have plenty of prep time.
Risiele N.
I go to bed early taking time to relax and assuring as possibile I Will have a full night of sleep, and I drink water as soon as I open my eyes