Do you have a go-to breakfast that takes under 5 minutes to cook or prepare? 🤗

Maria Z.
My quick go-to breakfast is instant oats with water, it only takes a minute in the microwave and about 30 seconds to settle. I’ll sweeten it with a banana or honey, and I love putting shaved almonds and cinnamon into it! Or for a sweet spin, some cut strawberries and blueberries. Super easy and delicious.
Susanne S.
Microwave porridge sachets and they come in all different flavours for variety. Make them with milk or water depending on your needs 🙂
Naja Z.
My go-to breakfast is friend egg with a slice of bread (you can toast it a bit if you want) and a sliced Apple or banana or both (depends on my hunger level in the morning). You should try it. I takes only five minutes. The only thing you gotta cook is the egg and that's it 🙂
Lilia O.
I love a quick microwave porridge sachet that takes 2 minutes and you can add any quick toppings that you like I hope this helped
Saturn E.
Oatmeal only takes a few minutes and there’s only one pot to clean! I make mine with old fashioned oats, unsweetened plant based milk, peanut butter, and a tiny pinch of brown sugar to take away the blandness. The peanut butter and brown sugar makes the oatmeal taste really good! If I have fruit I usually add strawberries or bananas.
Jordyn N.
Yes! Here are some of my favorites:
1. Yogurt with granola , nuts, or a fruit
2. Oatmeal! I like to add almond butter, honey, bananas, chia seeds, and flax seeds to mine!
3. Chia seed pudding. It’s super easy to make, and is easy and quick to eat! Also chia seeds are amazing because they are packed with omega-3s and so many other amazing things for your body!! They also keep you full for a long time!! The only issue is you have to prepare the pudding the night before. You can find a ton of recipes online (also I suggest using a nut milk as opposed to dairy)
4. Overnight oats (delicious and amazing for you!)
5. Almond butter and toast (this is for those mornings when you don’t have any time! Just grab some multigrain bread, and smear some almond butter on!)
6. A smoothie! My sister and I usually make a healthy smoothie before we go to bed, so it’s ready to grab in the morning!

I hope these helped! And I’m so proud of you 💞

C Lia C.
Yeah, some avocado on toast takes roughly five minutes. Pop two bread slices in the toaster, wait a minute or two, grab the butter and a ripe avocado and put it all together!
Silje Z.
Yes i like to cook a variety of dishes for breakfast but my go to breakfast is overnight oats. I prepare the oats the evening before and eat it the morning after. It’s a good start of the day!
Alessandra C.
Not really actually, I just eat the usual breakfast (a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits) but faster 😂 The reason is also that is not my favorite meal, so if I’m in a hurry I just skip it. Not the healthiest solution, I know, but it’s something I’m working on
Rainer T.
I make a banana, peanut butter smoothie with a scoop of oatmeal, plus some vanilla for extra flavour. Lots of protein, super filling and really yummy.
Beverly J.
I usually just go for some yogurt with strawberries and granola, however if you're looking for something warmer than that, I'd suggest whipping up a quick bowl of oatmeal and put blueberries in it or maybe some quick scrambled eggs the way you like them.
Avery J.
Plain Almond Yogurt -great fats, some protein-, Multi-grain and bran low GI sweetened cereal -great complex carbohydrates and fiber (great for satiety and digestive health)- and 5 nut wholes on top -great brain health (also good for satiety). For more protein, small cup protein shake on the side.
Gustav P.
Nowadays we live in a continued rush and eventhough breakfast is the most important meal of the day we’ll rather sleep five more minutes than spend more time cooking our first of meal of the day. That it is why I usually make some toast with oil which are delicious and it takes less than 2 mins to make them. Furthermore also like to make a colacao
Ernestine X.
Oh yes of course, simple and fast since I'm bad at the kitchen and I'm hungry. Usually I just see what I have in the fridge and yeah I just see what I can do with it so there isn't exactly a specific meal, but of course nothing starts a day better than cheese
Jamila X.
Porridge, I like to add banana and cinnamon, apple and cinnamon or other fruits and I use the plain oats instant packets and add my personal toppings and cook it on the hob
Isa N.
Yes. 3 rice cakes with 3 slices of cheese or cream cheese and a fruit. But most of the time I prepare my breakfast the night before so that I'm not tempted to make something unhealthy the next morning.
Ramon Z.
I use the Just Crack An Egg cups I find at my store. They usually take 2 minutes to cook and prepare, and while its cooking I will cut up an apple for the side, or have some other sort of fruit.
Timothe T.
Usually I’ll make something light like bread and butter or with jam, sometimes I would cook a fried egg. I like to keep it light as in the morning I wouldn’t feel so hungry and eating a big portion of food would make my stomach hurt.
Thea C.
Toasted whole wheat English muffin with cheese or cream cheese and your choice of topping (hard boiled egg, smoked salmon, tomato) + a bowl of fruit on the side.

The hard boiled eggs take longer but if you make them in advance they are easy to grab and add to a meal for some extra protein! I make a bunch at once in the pressure cooker, really easy 🙂

Frankie F.
Sure do! I usually toast some English muffins and put some cream cheese on top and done! A healthy and delicious breakfast all under 5 minutes
Vivian N.
I do have a go-to breakfast that takes under five minutes to cook or prepare. Most mornings I make a smoothie and that keeps me full until lunch time.
Suzanne J.
Toasts are my favourite breakfast. Topped with avocado and some sliced tomatoes. If not, I’ve recently gotten into overnight oats, those are easy and quick. Toast might not be the healthiest for everyday breakfast… it would be nice to find new easy and quick recipes for breakfast
Bee S.
Yes. I always eat cereal. Thats pretty easy to make. Otherwise i make a sandwich or some crackers with cheese. Thats pretty easy too. In weekdays i always eat a fast breakfast because i have to rush for school.
Silje F.
Yogurt parfait all you need is some Greek yogurt with some fruits, whatever fruits you have at home and some granola and your all done. I also like to have a bacglr and cream cheese or a fruit smoothie. All of these are great simple choices
Leyla N.
Yes, every morning i make tea and boil one egg, while waiting for the tea and egg I slice cheese, take some honey and enjoy my breakfast 🙂 .
Luc Lio Z.
When I don’t want to spend much time, I usually pour some natural yogurt into a bowl, a piece of fruit and some mixture of almonds, chia, oat, caju… that I have already prepared.
Silvia N.
Yes I have, the first day of mu challenge routine I’ve eaten 1 banana with pb! Then I’ve tried some milk with muesli… it’s only take less than 5 min to prepare
Eibhlin I.
A yogurt parfait!! They are so delicious and you can mix and match flavors. My personal favorite is vanilla greek yogurt with one banana, a handful of frozen blueberries (or fresh), and some crunchy granola. So delicious, filling, easy, and quick!
Aaksha Z.
I prefer cereals …..if you are too late,just take one slice of bread with butter or jam and eat it on your way to work .don't skip breakfast!
Derek F.
here's a recipe
All you will need is
1. 1-2 wraps
2.zaatar- you can find it in most supermarkets in the herbs and spices section😊
3. A small bit of olive oil!

Start by placing your wraps on a plate and sprinkle as much zaatar as you like.
Drizzle a small bit of olive oil on the wrap.
Place the wrap in the oven or grill for 2-3 minutes or until crispy at the edges. * if using an oven preheat the oven for 1-2minutes.
When finished, fold the wrap and your done! Enjoy a healthy breakfast in under 5 minutes.

*always check the ingredients in zaatar to make sure you are not allergic to any of it*


Raphaela F.
It's omelette prepared with healthy vegetables and greens. It takes just 5 minutes to prepare. You cook tomatoes and peppers for 3 minutes and then you add eggs. Extremely tasty.
Caroline U.
My favorite one is overnight oats with some fruits and chia seeds. Another preference is granola. If in case I am very busy to cook something, I will settle for cornflakes.
Hope this helps.
Clayton Q.
I usually just slice an apple and a banana and eat them fast, but when I eat at home I put them in yogurt and eat them together. Hope I helped!
Dorian T.
1. You can cut up salad leaves when you are free and put them in a box. cut a few tomatoes in the morning, drop in a couple olives and put in the pre cut salad leaves.

2. You can buy buckwheat at the store, boil it and put it in the fridge the night before. Add some milk and warm it up in the microwave. It will last for at least a week

3. Oatmeal with hot water.

I hope this helps!

Maureen W.
I put yoghurt and oat milk in a bowl. I stirring them until to see a homogeneous liquid. Then I add bear yeast, multigrain flock and cinnamon powder.
Jakki N.
2 tbsp Instant oats. 2 tbsp Protein powder (Gnarly’s Vegan Vanilla) 1 tsp Herb powders, (you are super moon balance), 1 tbsp peanut butter. Add boiling water before adding peanut butter. Stir together.
Hazel Y.
Not really, because it depends on what I have and sometimes it can take longer to prepare. But if I had to pick something as a go-to breakfast, it would probably be buttered toast and a cup of tea
Eddie P.
Yes. Some days boiled egg is my choice which takes about 15-20 minutes to prepare, but, some other days, I'll just go with milk and fruits which takes maximum 5 minutes to prepare and eat
Also some other days I prefer to order breakfast from a nearby cafe. It's delicious and keeps me energazied for the entire morning
M Lina E.
It depends if I have enough time to prepare for example omelet that takes around 20-25 mins or if I need to hurry. Then I usually make smoothie which is pretty easy to prepare.
Aisha N.
Simple recipes that include eggs usually take around 5 minutes to prepare.

Usually my go-to are breakfasts on-the-go such as smoothies with plenty of ingredients or a handful of nuts with a couple slices of cheese.

Paul O.
Morning routine starts with a glass of lemon water chilled overnight followed by cereal and fruit accompanied by a cup of freshly ground coffee
Caylee N.
I love having fruit and a bowl of special k cereal. It is not as healthy as oatmeal but it’s fast and healthier than waffles 🙂
Sebastiano W.
It’s either a cup of milk with your favourite cereal inside or a small bowl of yogurt with honey, almonds, bananas and strawberries for toppings; this is my usual go to breakfast. If you like peanut butter cut some apple slices and use the peanut butter as a dip. All of these take around under 5 minutes to prepare. 🥰