Do you exercise every day of the week, or do you have a day off on weekends?

Enzo Q.
I try to exercise every day.
On days where I don’t really feel well or when time is not allowing it I will just do a portion of my workout – like a single exercise. Just to keep the habit and not stop completely.
Rachel U.
Right now I'm just doing the short workouts they have included in the app so I've been doing at least one a day. I think if you were doing something more intense then of course you need breaks, but low impact no weight workouts that are under 10min I feel fine doing every day
Louna Z.
I exercise everyday even on weekends. Exercise provides us the energy and strength to face the whole day and also it's the easy way to look after our body and mind. It boost our brains to pay more attention in everything we do. Exercising in the morning only take twenty to thirty minutes. So exercise regularly even on weekends to face your day with strength.
Seleni Q.
It depends on my schedule and on the type of exercise you want to do. I was pretty rigid during the first two months and try to do between 10 and 30 minutes of bodyweight/hiit exercise each day, usually in the morning and if that doesn't work I try to catch up in the afternoon or evening. Now when my schedule is really demanding I allow myself to quit exercising for a day or two without beating myself up, knowing the habit is relatively well established and I can pick up the next day or so.
If you do more demanding types of exercise (weight lifting or marathon preparation) you should probably read up or ask some expert on rest days. As far as I know some types of exercise if include test days if you want to prevent to hurt or over exhaust yourself.
Carl Q.
I exercise early week mornings and sometimes in the evenings of the weekends. I find this works for me because it fits into my schedule. So I recommend working it into your routine
Carolina Q.
I try and exercise at least 3 times a week. It's hard because I have a 5-year-old daughter that takes up most of my energy, but I'm trying to make a goal to exercise 5 times a week, plus go skating with my daughter on the weekend.
Peggy J.
I exercise every day of the week because I understand that exercise is not a chore or a job which requires a break. It's a lifestyle that the body requires like eating or blinking. You don't decide not to eat or blink your eyes because it's a weekend….
Lily Z.
I am active every day 🌞 I walk everyday min 10.000 steps and try to do some other activity on top.

One day badminton or roller skating for 20 min.

Keep the change so it doesn't get boring 💪

Estelle Z.
I exercise everyday but take some break on weekends but sometime if I have time I tried to make up on weekends those time I miss on weekdays.
Oxana C.
I exercise everyday of the week. I rest every two weeks. I do different exercises so the energy needed is different and fun. Yoga, swim, ballet, run.
Eric C.
Since starting the app I began the routine and now I do a daily workout. Run 3 lift 4 other days. Even if for only 15 minutes
Sander W.
I don’t exercise as often as I should. This is why I joined this program actually. To get to the top of the stair case you take one step at a time.
Lila C.
I play by the “listen to your body” mantra. I can definitely workout 7 days a week if I’m feeling good, but that isn’t a hard rule. If I’m tired or parts of my body are feeling overly worked. Nothing better than rewarding yourself with a break. If on average, I’m in the gym more than 4 days, I feel really proud of myself.
Melvin I.
My workouts are inconsistent right now. Group yoga practice Wed,Sat and Sun. Would like to add weights and cardio as part of my weekly routine. When I work out, typically Sat is my day off.
Silvano G.
I try to make a stretching and exercise routine every morning, but if not, there is always the weekends when I go to the gym for about an hour, unless it’s midterm and finals week.
Ralfe G.
I try to exercise as many times a week as I can, but it usually always ends up to once, twice a week. As I work during the weekend, it’s usually on weekdays.
Julien O.
I try to do a brief, maybe 5 minute, exercise routine every morning, but for high impact 30 to 60 minute routines I try to take two consecutive days off, usually on the weekends, to let my body recover.
Henri E.
I try to do 10 minutes exersize every morning. Sunday is only day I’m struggiling at the moment. This mean 10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 crunches, 10 deadlift or kettlebell swings and 20 on my abs ‘machine’ and I do it 3 times. Other than this I try to reach the gym 4-6 times a week. I’m a stay at home mum so I can fit in my daytime gym. Don’t be hard with yourself if your schedule is tighter. Good luck 👍💪
Dennis F.
I like to have weekends off from exercise. Unless it's a family walk. But it's nice to enjoy the weekends. Can still eat well and make your other habits work in
Marjorie F.
My normal exercise is running (often pretty intense) but my off days are walking like a mile or so.

Its really inportant to have off days otherwise you might (will) get injured

Plus if you're doing intense athletics, your athletic capacity grows on off days else you dont improve

The walking I do promotes blood flow and its really relaxing

Debbie Z.
Well it depends what your excercise is! If you’re working out everyday and targeting certain muscles I would recommend a day off! But try taking a small walk everyday or doing some light yoga! You will still be active but also, not pushing it 🙂
Lily T.
I exercise at least a little bit every day. It's not always a lot, sometimes it's jist 5 push-ups, but I make it my goal to do a little bit every day, including weekends.
Heinz G Nter F.
I keep track of what days I work out, so if I’m feeling tired or have a headache one day, I can look back and allow myself to take breaks. I don’t like skipping more than 2 days a week.
Vanessa J.
Weekends are definitely a toss-up. I coach the Speech and Debate and we frequently have to be up and rolling on a bus no later than 6:15 am. I use Sunday to decompress and do all the things I didn’t do on Saturday when I was traveling with my team. I know I need to do better!
Julia Q.
I do rigorous exercise 5 days of the week. I like to workout on weekdays, especially after a stressful day at work, and then rest on the weekends. It’s good to give your muscles a rest and allow them to recover. For the daily exercise habit, I like to start my day with a 10-15 minute yoga flow. My body does not respond well to vigorous work in the morning, personally, so I listen to my body and take a more slow but meaningful pace in the morning. This way, I still achieve my habits and am treating my body better.
Xander O.
I exercise everyday of the week, except for Sunday when im with my friends and family. It’s good to have one day each week where you can just calm down and enjoy some time with others.
Rafael Z.
I take Saturday off and I alternate between running and interval training so I don’t have to purchase anything but sneakers as necessary.
Lucineri S.
I try to get a rest day during the week and then over the weekend I do different kinds of exercise, such as hiking or trekking. But I usually end up having Sunday off from any exercise
Todd P.
As far as my morning exercises in my routine, I try not to view that as my “work out” for the day. It certainly can be if I choose it to be but to fit in a minimum of 8 minutes in the morning, or even just 8 push-ups or 10 jumping jacks, I try to view that as another step that helps wake me up and boosts my energy. So yes I try to do that everyday. Do I workout to fatigue every day? No. But that may be a different session all together.
Meral P.
I don’t exercise everyday. I skip a day in between. Mainly because I’m not used to doing exercises. It’s a journey I just started and wish to perfect.
Nikolaj E.
I try to exercise as often as possible, but it’s not like crazy exercise. On the weekdays I do small stuff like running five laps around the house or just dance with my whole body to songs for a couple of minutes. In the weekends I do more of the hard work, I run as fast as possible on long laps and stuff like that.

Of course if I’m feeling lazy, I’ll take a day or two off. But mostly try to stay on a routine, so my body isn’t overwhelmed suddenly by something.

Olivia B.
I would like to do 20 to 30 minute walks every day, however I often forget on weekends because I don't hae a set schedule.
Gordon O.
I exercise every day but my plan B for a relax session or for the days when I feel too tired is the 11 min stretching or a Pilates session. I find it much easier now that I have the habit of putting a short and sport t-shirt when I wake up and directly train after my glass of water.
Reinald O.
I exercise every day. Even in the weekends. Exercising gives me energy to get through the rest of the day. Before I did this my Sundays would be dull and boring and I ended up just sitting in front of my computer all day.
Magnus G.
I think it’s best to exercise every day, but by that I don’t mean spending hours working up a sweat and burn every day. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good intense workout, but your body needs rest and recovery. On the other hand, our bodies are not made to go a whole day without a little movement, and without it you might have a bit of an endorphin crash. So I “exercise” every day but some days that’s lifting, others running, and some it’s yoga or a walk. Rest days are important, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to move your body.
Carl Z.
I try to exersise everyday but sometimes its difficult. Because of this app, ive done at least a littke exsersie everyday except days that i drink or the day after i drink. When i dont drink i do so great and im ontop of everything and happy and when i do drink i can get depressed and not modivated. But a little modivation on a bad day makes me 100 times happier. Id like to make it to the gym everyday but its hard, im still working on my scheduling time for it.
Anni X.
I don’t take a certain day of the week off. I have a flexible schedule at work and so I try to rest on the days I have off from work. When I’m off work, I focus on resting. So during the time that I would normally work out, I sit quietly and meditate. Right now, I work out 6 days a week and rest for one!