Do you clean better in these small time slots or when you do it all at once?

Madison Y.
For me personally I do best with one task like take all the trash out, orb30 minutes in a room. I have small boxes for items that need to go to other rooms so I just stay in that room and focus on it for 30 minutes. Usually I go over and then put those small boxes of things away in their respective rooms but I think small manageable chunks are easier sometimes. There are times when I feel motivated to more but then I just pick one task and do it before I pick another.

Rick F.
It keeps some maintenance on the jobs however I will do a long clean too. Perhaps that will be shorter if I keep on top of it all

Sofia X.
With the short time, I clean only my surrounding. For example, I clean my desk at work. This gave me a sense of accomplishment and it clears my mind.