Are you finding that you’re inspired to learn and study things for professional reasons or for personal reasons?

Duane Y.
Definitely personal reasons! I am only 13, however I felt my life has gotten a little out of control with how I was taking care of myself such as slacking off at home or not doing the things I should. This app has helped me soooo much I have felt so much better. Thank you FABOULOUS!!!
Alison N.
Personal reasons mainly, but some professional reasons too. I love learning, no matter what it is, but mainly for fun. I am inspired to be the best I can be in work and school too, but lots of times I am not inspired to learn and study for professional reasons because I feel like I have to do it, not want to.
Lance Z.
Both , because when you learn in business , your personal life will flourish with the knowledge you gain from learning about business
Jesse E.
I’m definitely inspired to learn and study for personal reasons. With ADHD, I can’t focus much on things I don’t personally care about. If I really care about them, I can spend hours upon hours learning.
Sevim U.
I consciously started to learn and study things for professional reasons in personal fields. Some years ago I started to feel that my thinking slowed down. This recognition encouraged me to study music and get excercise. Studying to keep freshly my brain and exercising to my body. Now 3 years later I feel myself better, more conscious and more social. Learning and studying something different from your daily routine gives you another aspect to your life and helps your professional job and thinking with fun. Helps to keep your mind freshly because it uses different nervous connections. I advice don't regret the time for a hobby. It's also fun and helps your professional and social life.
Joe F.
For both. Actually I'm a kind to learn person. I usually pay attention on everything around me. When I see or hear about something I dont know, I will search for it immediately. That's how I learn things. I also have some subjects that I love to know and I will search for it whenever I have time.
Ludmila Z.
Mostly for personal reasons. But I believe that if your personal life is in harmony your professional life will also succeed, they are connected.
Leo P.
Both. I am currently finishing my Master's in Counseling so have a lot of professional reading, but also read the Bible daily, spiritual books & personal development books, and health magazines.
Laura C.
Personal reasons. I tend to learn things, including obtaining certificates, for studies which have no relation to my line of work.
Rebecca Z.
I study for personal reasons. I'm retired, a young 62. Still rocking, just a little slower.😃
I love to learn. Keep the brain active. You owe to yourself. If you have seen some of the things that I have, you realise that the best you can do for your self, is learn till you drop dead.
Grace F.
i am extremely more motivated to learn, read, and such when it’s a personal ambition. when ever i have to do something for work or school that i would normally, it honestly takes the fun and ‘pride of a job well done’ out of it.