Anyone got any tips about how a lazy person (me) could get more motivated to do housework

Emanuel F.
Rember how much better you feel when everythings is clean and tidy. Own only what you need. Clean for Maayan. Smell fresh. Put on music, do in before shower,
Susan O.
Put some of your favourite songs on but not TV as it will distract you and make you productive with doing all of your work. Also, get up at a reasonable time. if on the day that you want to do housework you lying you're going to be very sleepy and not be bothered to do any jobs. One more thing, keep reminding yourself that you can do it and this is not as hard as you think.
H L Na Z.
Don’t tell yourself you’ll clean the whole house because that sounds too overwhelming. Instead say I’ll sweep the living room and slowly add more small tasks so you aren’t feeling tired by the sense of too much work.
Wallace C.
Take one day, like a Sunday, put on your favourite music and clean your home spotless. Then go to bed pleased with yourself. Add the „tidy up“ habit to your evening routine and everyday before bed put in minimal effort to just tidy up the mess of the day, instead of the whole last week. You’ll get used to it and after a while it will bother you when dirty laundry is on the floor or the dishes are stacking up. You’ll just deal with it in passing by.
Also: I will always hate doing dishes. When I do dishes, I listen to my favourite podcasts so I link the chore with a reward. It works for me.
Carson A.
My suggestion is to create a reward system or contract. Creating a contract can help you because you font want to lose something. A reward system is good too because you want to gain something.
Hannah N.
soo I was exactly like you…very lazy oops. but every time my room looks so gross because i havent tidied up in a long while, i feel extremely uncomfortable living there. So I was feeling very bad like the whole time and at some point on my life’s i just said that I needed to change something and started to tidy up and decorate my room so that i feel more comfortable in there. and now, even though i am not motivated or just lazy, I remember how bad I felt and immediately start to put my clothes into my wardrobe or something like that and it really helps me!!
Tina N.
Hmmm, if you think it “takes a lot of time” as I do either A) make a game out of it and see how much you can clean in 15 minutes (with music playing the background of course) or B) get a sand timer and when you arrive from work each day start it and see how much you can get done in 15 minutes. Sand timers are awesome because you can totally see time pass as your working. You’ll be surprised what you can get done in 15 minutes each day.
Rasmus P.
I find house work very therapeutic and it helps me clear my mind and focus. Start small, I focus on a room at a time. Also try to do small things each day, washing up, putting clothes away, cleaning the shower etc so it’s not as big a task each week! I hope this helps
Rico N.
While deep breathing, visualize your inhale as your favorite colors and receive it as energy and motivation. As you exhale, visualize a white light with a compassionate power removing any underlying blocks keeping you from motivation and energy. Continue deep breathing as you visualize yourself cleaning your home with ease and efficiency. State affirmations out loud such as “I am sacred and the space with which I have been entrusted is sacred. I treat it and myself with honor.” You may not believe that right now but keep visualizing and affirming and will become part of your reality.
Kira F.
Make a playlist of energetic songs to get you motivated. Or find some interesting podcasts. Also, start small. Like 5 min every evening to just tidy one area of your house. And change where you clean everyday.
Teri I.
Perhaps one could try keeping the 📺 off. And keep the electronics off for a set time of two hours or more. Then really take a look 👀 around at what needs to be done. Then put on maybe some music and begin!
Halil O.
So this is going to sound really weird… but what helps me so much is putting a timer on! Like it might take me hours to finally get up and decide to wash up or whatever, but as soon as I decide to put a timer on and give myself 10 minutes, it suddenly becomes really easy. You can't just use a watch or something though, for some reason that doesn't make any difference but if I can actually see the timer running out or there's an alarm, it makes all the difference! I actually find I often just keep going as well after the timer has stopped because the motivation is suddenly there, but just start small with 5 minutes 🙂 obviously phones have timers on them but I'd really recommend Forest App because you can grow different trees for different times and it makes it so much easier 🙂 good luck – you got this!!
Richard P.
How I always got myself to clean was if I wanted to do one thing like drawing for example I can’t do it until whatever chore is done
Debra Z.
I get motivation by imagining how nice it will be once everything is clean. I can afterwards be able to finally relax knowing I got it done.
Filippa P.
Set a small goal such as adding the 10 minute clean up reminder to your daily morning, afternoon or evening routine and pick a task you usually put off. Do it for just then ten minutes. As you feel better about your home and yourself for accomplishing this you'll be motivated to do more. Failing our goals makes us lose confidence in ourselves and is a hit to the self-esteem so pick small things and work your way up to bigger or more time consuming tasks. You can even decide that once a day when you'll just complete 1 task (such as 1 load of laundry). If cleaning a room you're overwhelmed with start by telling yourself that you're just going to clean 1 corner of the room at a time.
Julia E.
I have a task organizer that I use when I want to stay focused. I write down what I need to accomplish. I commit myself to at least one item a day. Usually if I can get one thing done, then my motivation has kicked in and I can get two done. I check them off and at the end of the week, then I reward myself. A night out, a twenty in my vacation jar or a new book. What I like about this is, once I have logged it. I don't think about it until it is next on my list of things that needs down. Great for spring cleaning, planning a trip or Holiday plans. It's my brain without muddling my brain.
Balin P.
Play some good music to get hyped and just start with 1 thing, or say I’m gonna just do it for 5 mins; you’ll find for instance you can knock out most of your dishes in that time or will just keep going, because soy got into it and just want to keep going. I also like to keep a chore calendar for daileys, weekly, monthly’s and yearly.
Chan U.
you can listen to broadcast or something new you would like to learn while doing housework. Make the work more meaningful and less boring. It has a feeling like you are using every seconds of your life which will make you feel satisfaction.
Rachel L.
Start small. Use the app and add clean up time to one of your routines. It has a 10 minute timer and its easy to get in 10 minutes of cleaning.
Alisa N.
I like to schedule cleaning in my calendar. That way I know there’s a designated time with a start and end time to tidy up. I put on a good show and clean until it’s time to do the next thing on my schedule/to do list.
Kiera Z.
Set yourself a reward system, and put in place a time limit by inviting your pickier or judgier friends or family over or (Covid19 friendly) schedule FaceTimes etc to keep you on track to get the house clean and done by a certain time
Lucky N.
Make a contract with yourself. For example I tell myself that if I do not do this chore I would give some money to charity. And because I am student, I am trying really hard but when I forget I am at least happy that I helped someone who needs it 🙂
Gigi E.
Add the 10 mins tidy up alarm to all your routines. It's more doable 10 minutes, 3 times a day then 30mins once. You can increase the time as need be
Hajo E.
Start small. When I really feel lazy I set the timer for 2 minutes. We all have two minutes. Sometimes putting on some upbeat music and dance while I pick up items helps. I also listen to a podcast so my mind is occupied while doing mundane tasks.
Veronica P.
Sounds silly but you could set yourself up a kind of sticker chart like children use. Bare with me…

Break down your housework into categories (rooms/areas in your house) and then break them down again into the smaller, physical chores. Make a schedule/to do list of the different areas, with each chore underneath.

When you tick off each chore, give yourself a small reward! This could be a treat, or maybe 5 minutes to put your feet up and check your phone. When you’ve completed a whole area or rooms chores, give yourself a bigger reward! Like painting your nails or watching a programme on television – something that makes you relax and feel good.

You could even print your chart out and laminate it, and then use a whiteboard pen to mark it. This way you can use it each week to get all of your housework done!

Incentive based work often helps you to be more productive because you can see end goals, and rewards are never too far away if you use small treats to celebrate small accomplishments. You hopefully won’t get too bored and unmotivated this way!

Hope that helps😊

Catalina V.
I’m not gonna lie – I get a little blazed, blast some fun music and get cleaning. I like to open all the windows and get a nice breeze going. Lots of sunlight coming in. Stuff to make me feel energized and awake and fresh, you know? I hope this helps!