Any tips on tackling clutter? I’d really like to reclaim some horizontal surfaces. I craft and diy a lot though and much of the nonsense is hard to find a place for.

Kathy U.
What I do generally for things like markers/thread spools/smaller items, is put them in compact and space efficient containers. Shelves are your friend. So are milk crates!
Margaret Y.
Categorize your items and designate areas for different categories. You can leave the craftsman or tool area as messy as they get, but limit to that one corner. Your whole place doesn’t have to be perfect, but some other areas can be.
Maria U.
I'm doing 10 min pickups 2 x day. Helps keep the clutter to a minimum. I want to get to the deep or hidden clutter but have trouble with that.
Elsbeth S.
to help with clutter i like to make sure i have a surface for diy and a surface for books/laptop. setting those boundaries in my mind has helped me to at least keep one surface clear
Hattie I.
Some nice baskets and/ or boxes to put things in means you know where everything is and,you can stack them. Also shelves lifts things off your horizontal surfaces
De N.
This isn't really a great answer lol…I also craft and what I did was make an area in my family room that's mine and I have all my craft stuff there it's in some order , and I have those rubber pull drawers .. I love it cause it's all in one place and keeps at least that clutter down …
Maela F.
I feel your pain, I also do a lot of craft and DIY. I tend to try and find a home for everything, even if it means buying or making more storage solutions. Organise things by frequency used/type of craft, however works for you, and have a dedicated desk/worktop space for those things you use daily/ weekly- I find it far easier to put everything else away if some things are already in their 'home'. Make your craft area feel really exciting to use when it is tidy, maybe put up pictures/sentimental items that will only be seen if the clutter is clear? I would just tackle 1 thing at a time- today is the paints, tomorrow is notebooks etc. Make your storage solution 'pretty'- if it is organised and pleasant to look at, and you feel a sense of achievement when you see it tidy, hopefully it will help you keep it that way 🙂 Sorry for the ramble, hopefully something here will be useful to you, good luck!! 🙂
Amanda U.
I am a big fan of using bins or containers for things I use at the same time. For example, I love to bake, and I hate to look for baking powder. I keep all of the bakong essentials in a large tuperware container with a lid. When I want to bake, I pull it out. Inside the container is a little bit of chaos, but I don't mind because it still makes getting ready for baking and cleaning up super easy.
Dawn P.
Be very critical and let go off stuff that you haven’t used in the last 90 days before or not going to use in the next 90 days. Follow 1 touch rule and everything goes back to its final home each time u clear up.
Aj P.
Yes! I love crafting, and realize how messy it can get in such a short time. 1. Take note of what you use the most and keep that in an easy to get to place 2. Don't collect too much random stuff; if you use buttons or small object, keep small containers and buy them as needed. Don’t hoard craft supplies. Buy new things when you run out. 3. Make sure your supplies are usable( throw out dead pens/ markers, throw out dry glue, get rid of scraps and things you can’t use, etc.). 4. Clean out and tidy up your work space reach time you use it, so things don’t pile up and get lost. Good luck!! -AJ
Elias F.
i find it is much easier to focus in a clean space so i will keep many labeled drawers and containers and make a habit of tidying up after i create a mess:)
Susannah U.
Just start a bit at a time. If you think "I'm gonna clear that table" it could feel overwhelming. I'd do anything but clear the table. So I just do a bit here and there. I put away or throw away what I can from the table, in between decluttering something else. Break it down into little bits 🙂
Ludovico Q.
Get storage items with lids from the dollar store family dollar and put all your similar items in one storafe bin label it move on to the next atack
Filippa N.
First of all don't buy any more stuff. Make an hour or more date in your daytimer to start using it up. Then give some away to cheer people. Buy some pretty tote bags and craft cases at the dollar store and divide crafts in to separate categories using the tote bags and caddies.
Lilly Z.
Get bins to put things in! Even if the bins are full of lots of different stuff, just arranging them somewhat neatly will most likely make you feel much better. I have lots of folders and binders for paper products; and I have two pencil cups and at least three pencil bags for pencils, pens, etc. I even use Ziploc bags for certain things (like colored pens that I don’t use often), and then put those bags into a bin. I’ve also been doing a quick, ten-minute cleanup every day at 4:00 pm, and it’s been helping keep everything more consistently clean!
Paige O.
Get Boxes or drawers with labels for your crafting supplies and stack them up nicely. Get rid of anything you don’t want or need.
Sarah M.
I craft every day and I always find my workspace becoming cluttered. What helped me the most was finding a space for every tool I use and to also ensure they go back to their places as soon as I'm done with them. The tools that I use the most are within reach and the larger tools that I use sparingly are placed furthest on my workstation or on my corkboard beside my workststion. I like to have every tool visible and once I got used to every tool being in a specific spot I was able to finish projects quicker and the cleanup went smoother.
Ily S E.
An easy tip is having little organizers on your bathroom counter, dresser, bookshelf or even desk. In these organizers you can put makeup, jewelry, extra cords or anything else. They have large, small and anywhere in between sizes.
Gilian I.
I really love banker boxes from staples. They're cheap and a great size for papers of a variety of sizes but they fit a lot of other stuff too… I made labels for them and it makes finding/storing things a lot easier. Plus the boxes fit in Ikea kallax shelves which just looks awesome to me.
Brent P.
Having modular similarly shaped boxes to categorize materials are great to keep around. Simply take all your crafting materials for one type of project and put them in a box to sort now or later. The point is to reclaim the surface without spending tons of time micro organizing. Give yourself a time limit of a few minutes to reclaim a surface so you are not wasting time. Do this frequently and identify places things belong so you can easily put them back rather than spend time figuring out where the same things go every day. As you clear surfaces and organize ask yourself, have I used this in the past six weeks? And also does this bring me joy? And will I use this in the future. If the answer is no, sort into bags or boxes labeled SORT, GIFT, STORR and TRASH. Throw out the trash every day and schedule times to either sort, gift, or store. Do this every day and the process will become easier and you life will be less cluttered leaving you more time to focus on your goals and quality living.
Dorothe T.
Oh my am so sorry, I don't have a proper answer for that but, you can check out 5minutes craft in YouTube, they are quite helpful
Ryan E.
Not sure if this will help but I've found bags, like reusable shopping bags handy, especially any nice fabric ones. Choose one for each task (depending on the size of the projects) or maybe some nice crates or old boxes, and then pop things away at the end of each session. Especially if the projects are temporary like some DIY – you'll get some space back but the things are still near for when you need them the next day – cheaper than building shelves… or a bigger house 🙂 best of luck with it.
Mrs Marylynn F.
If you have a free extand space or any other room s you can put it up in or in your dresser or hang it up in kitchen wall s or put it in a box or create your own artwork store or sell it online or give it away for Holliday gifts for birthday s that's what I do for every holiday of every month s.
Ramon S.
The first step of reducing clutter is by asking “do I really need this?” “What is the purpose of this?” “Will I miss this?” To every object causing the clutter. Once you have reduced the amount of clutter, understanding the space is essential. By understanding the size and depth of the space, you can then begin to plan the organisation and even buying storage/organisation boxes etc. Put the most important in easy reach and the needed but not not needed often items further back!
Roberto U.
I'm a crafter too, and I struggle with the same issue. I had to let go of the idea of finding the perfect place for each individual item. I have bins for fabric, notions, yarns, etc, and if I don't need something for the particular craft I'm focusing on, then it's in a bin. I find this gives me a tidier work space.
Stefan C.
I usually put it on my to do list. Taking care of the problem instead of putting it off always help in the long run of your daily routine. You want to take care of the bigger problem first off since they are the hardest and usually you do have the energy to take care of the hard parts first. Doing your dailies are always rewarding. Like in video games. Complete your dailys and earn fabulous rewards. Complete your dailies in real life and your reward will be feeling accomplished for the day
Savannah U.
I would try tackling your clutter for 20 minutes every day. If you get in the habit of doing this, you should be able to stay on top of the clutter.
Gracy Z.
Every week and sometimes day, I get into the habit of cleaning drawers and surfaces. Be ruthless- is this something you really need? Could others benefit more from it than you? After throwing stuff away or giving it to charity, you’ll find there is so much more space. Just don’t get downhearted if you make a mess to clean a mess, it may be a long process but so worth it!
April W.
I have not found the magic bullet! It is so hard. I find when I have baskets or containers for different items (art supplies, mail, loose ends), that helps.
Mary Z.
I’ve just ordered pretty bins online. I’m going to put some of my clutter in these beautiful baskets. I may throw away a lot of it first. Baskets and bins give order to clutter.
Edward O.
I frequently use magazine holders or small storage drawers on my horizontal surfaces. Drawers are better in my opinion since you can collect more into each one and they can stack. If you need to separate your stuff in the drawer, try cutting up pieces of leftover cardboard to create barriers between the items. You can then glue them together so they remain intact. This way the little sections you create can be whatever size you need for the array of items. For small drawers, try your local dollar store or the storage aisles at major retailers.
Katrine B.
Clean your room for about 10 minutes before bed see if that helps, if you don't have places to put things get rid of stuff. Go to the dollar store and get some containers to organize your things. Hope this helps! Have a great day:)
Nem Sio A.
For me trying to group things together helps! Put things in groups then tackle each group one at a time, and there’s no need to rush! Just take your time, because it can be really relaxing and fun to slowly watch the clutter disappear! 🙂
Carolina Q.
I clear a space and put all the things I used often in that spot and don't anything that don't belong there. This is how I de- clutter and de-stress and relax.
Marv O C.
I really love those short plastic organizers from Walmart. The ones with the three or four drawers. They have wheels and can be placed neatly next to your
desk or even under. We used to use them in hairdressing all the time. Excellent storage and you can use the top as an extra work space! 💕 Currently I have 2 under my vanity in my bathroom to keep my hair and makeup essentials.
Alisa E.
Two main rules I have

1. If I haven’t used it for more than a year and look at throwing it away or donating it.

2. Every time I leave a space I want to tackle, I pick up on item and put it where it needs to go. You’ll be surprised how many times you walk in and out of a room.

Sami E.
Donate things u dont need. Just keep packing them in boxes and be relentless with yourself. Dont say "i might need it" say instead "ill probably never use it".
Lily P.
Just organize everything and be productive!! If you make crafts than you can make an diy orgnaiser! That will be a good way to organise your stuff!!
Rico N.
I live in a very small house. The easiest way I have found to handle this is an attractive tall filing cabinet for files that must be kept, a tall, clear, acrylic cabinet with many drawers for bathroom items (including a designated Covid-19 drawer with masks, gloves, EPA recommended cleaners and wipes, and disinfectants, and hand sanitizer) as well as one for my arts and craft supplies. I’m still trying to figure what to do with all of my music though.
Siena E.
We have a craft table too! And recently we just had to clean the whole surface of it off because we decided it was about time. It was fairly difficult because it didn’t seem we had much room for things. So we reorganized our entire cabinet and put things away accordingly. Another fun tip is to make it a fun game! What I mean by this is say pick up everything purple and put it away. Then say throw away any trash and then organize anything sticky. And so on!
Gabrielle T.
I am a huge crafter as well my favorite way of decluttering is I take pictures of the crafts that I’ve made and send them to friends and family asking if anyone wants them suddenly most are gone then I organize the supplies if I don’t use it often I put it in a bin neatly under my bed with what’s left I realize I’ve got tons of space now and try to maintain it
Kenneth O.
i would try reorganising where i keep my things so that everything you need is still there but more tidy. like on shelves or something
Axel C.
I live in a very small space where clutter can quickly take up a lot of space if I don’t use a system. Stick to an easy motto where “everything has a home”. It helps to if you have small storage organizers to mark as their “home” as well.
Eliot Q.
I started by buying bins and baskets. They have made a huge difference. I can consolidate the clutter and when it feels clean I can gradually go through the bin or basket. I've also put a wastebasket in every room so I can very easily throw things away.
Kata E.
Set up a timer for one hour by which it needs to be completed. Promise yourself your next meal, only after the declutter process. Bring 2 empty Boxes , Start sorting the clutter one by one. Put the useful things in one box and the useless things in another. Throw away the useless things. Now, start sorting out the useful things into different boxes based on paper, plastic, glass, Clothes. Keep them back in the places where they belong .
Use hand gloves and some good music during the process .
Olga N.
Evaluate. Determine whether or not you use the item. If not donate it. If it is no good get rid of it. If you have not used it regularly donate. I am slowly learning to put things back where they belong. This is how my clutter is no more .
Nathan X.
Yes! I designate bins/containers for types of things, so everything has a 'place' where it lives. This way no object is left without a home (drawer/box/etc.)
Alma A.
First make sure u have a lot of time. Then buy some pretty boxes for u to put your diy things in and place them somewhere. Put some music and comfy clothes and just go for it! All it takes is beginning! <3
Abbie C.
I typically start somewhere in the room and work counterclockwise with a wet rag clearing surfaces and skipping nothing. Each item has to find a home as you go along and there’s a clear sense of accomplishment when you look back and see the ever increasing creeping line of clean.
Manuela Z.
Collect the things you use all the time, take a small quantity of them, organize them for easy access. This will make your hobby more pleasant. Then grab other things you use rarely and put them away. For example I keep a few needles and pins handy and store all the others in boxes. My mom used to have so many forks, spoons an knives in the drawer that it was a nightmare every time she needed one, it was so difficult to close and things stayed in the dishwasher. After removing some, it was a breeze.
Gianna G.
I have the exact same problem, I recommend having some bins to put stuff in and labeling stuff. You can also find a lot of tips and tricks on YouTube and Pinterest
Jeff O.
For me, the key was getting some cheap plastic bins (or small laundry baskets) and dumping everything on my bed. (On top of the spread, of course). My bed is sacred, so there was no way I wasn’t going to finish the project then: I knew I needed to go bed that night. Then I grouped like with like: since I don’t craft, I used this process with my closet, but same concept. Jeans with jeans; black pants with black pants; etc. That way, I could see exactly what I had. If I wasn’t going to keep something, I immediately put it in a donate basket and took it to my charity of choice when I was all done: that. Day. This literally took me weeks to do my house because I only had 4 hours/week to do it. But eventually I was done and now I do this every 3-4 months to stay on top of it. (I have a big house with 5 bedrooms and a lot of family moved in/out over the years and left their stuff). You can do it! Set a timer, turn on some good music or a podcast and make it as enjoyable as possible. One more thing: take before & after pics every time. Seeing the progress, even small, is rewarding. Good luck!
Deborah W.
For me, plastic boxes work great for storing diy stuff. They come in all sizes. And they can be stacked. Then I can have out only whatever I need for the project I’m currently working on. It even makes it easier to find the things you need when you need less. Less frustration searching for stuff you know is somewhere. If the boxes are clear plastic, you don’t even need to label them. You can just see what is inside.
Victor N.
Well, I think you need to actually declutter the things you don’t really use, ignoring how difficult it could be, and then work more on curating things in a more collective way.