With what do you associate the time you take to drink tea?

Alana J.
Tea time is rather ritualistic for me. Perhaps because of my culture, perhaps because it’s intrinsic to what tea is. It is a time that is quiet and must be spent away from work. It’s so small yet I consider it a treat every time.
Kendra Z.
Relaxation and unwinding. The time to sit down and take a few minutes to do nothing. Maybe even meditate while drinking the tea.
Paola Z.
I think it is my time to pamper myself while also being productive. Unlike meditating, I continue working while I drink tea and it still feels like a treat. But I could also stop working and still enjoy my tea. The tea I choose to have on any given day depends on how I'm feeling that day. Sometimes I want sweet so I drink a fruit tea, sometimes green for cleansing, black to wake me up, herbal to relax, etc.