What’s the best way to stay focused on a workout routine?

Slk T.
Get up early between 5:30-6:00am
Getting brisk
Healthy breakfast
Learning new thing
Drink water
Be cheerfull
Then good night
Elouan Y.
Do it the same time every day and in a time that suits you. If you can't do the whole workout in the morning, do the rest and hardest part in the evening after some midday rest.
Austrelino S.
Keep it simple so it’s easier to challenge yourself
Base off 10 mins and then push for more
Stretching makes everything so much better and easier at the start of the day – make time for it more than anything else
Skipping is easier than running & helps balance & ankle strength
Stay active and do your 10000 steps – it only takes an hour
Get up earlier bc you won’t run out of time to do exercise or feel pushed for time
Regular Day shifts
Amanda X.
I like to stay focused by not listening to any music during my workouts. I have found that this is different than most people but I have found it to be helpful. It is nice for when you are running, for example, to not hear anything but the breeze in your ear and the other noises of the nature around you. I think it is refreshing to reconnect with the earth on runs. If you don't go on runs for your workouts, and instead go to the gym, do at-home excersizes, or anything else, the same would apply, even if you are inside. Really focus on the noises and enviornment around you and you might find yourself more focused than you are if you listen to music. This can also help because you aren't focusing on the burn of your workout, just your surroundings! Next time you do your workout, try taking your earplugs out and tuning in to the natural sounds of the world around you!