What’s the best autobiographical book you’ve read?

Pia O.
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg. This book changed the the way I look into life. I was always thinking that I'm the miserable one but actually I was the alone one because of being (or mostly looking) too perfect. That's why people doesn't want to be close with me or trying to hurt me. I wasn't showing them I am also a human. So I hope you like it. It's a good autobiographic novel 🙂
Edmundo O.
I don't thi j that I have read one yet. I love fiction novels the best. I do however want to read Michelle Obama's book.
Theodora F.
Girl, Interrupted. It came out at a time in my life where I was really struggling with my mental health and believing that things could ever get better… Looking back, the story means more to me now than it possibly could have them. The author realizes that she is essentially driving herself insane…a concept that I am all too familiar with. I didn’t realize that I could change my crazy until I was 32 years old… and now my main focus is keeping myself out of trouble and/or the psych ward. I have too many scars already that I will hang to explain to my children… I don’t need anymore.