What types of things do you do or say to motivate yourself to get started on a workout? That’s my biggest struggle!

Lya Q.
An accountability partner. It’s good to have another person that works out with you or someone who always checks on you daily.And “Consistency beats intensity.”
If you have someone to encourage you daily to do it even just for 10 mins daily, then you have progress than nothing at all. And take notice of the things that you like while doing your exercise. Listening to upbeat music, podcast, gym set up or in nature. Take notice of those things
Nat N.
to know that if i do it, i'll get a good nights rest. to know if i do it, im one step closer to my goal. to know if i do it, im making myself proud. to know if i do it, im pushing myself to be better. to know if i do it, im doing it to improve myself not for anyone else.
Clara E.
I have put an exercise mat on the floor in front of my TV. So I can see it telling me to work out. I tell myself it is only 10 or 15 minutes, and then I can do whatever I want after 🙂
Ad Lia E.
No one else can do it for me. No one else can achieve the desired body I want. There’s no magic pill I can swallow and wake up with my dream body. It’s hard, it difficult when I don’t see results, at times I want to quit but then I remember that no one else can give me what I want but ME!
Mia E.
Find something fun for you to do when you exercise. Do something you really enjoy to get started, and once you get going it will be easier. For more motivation, try rewarding yourself with something you love for getting your exercise done.
Lulu Y.
I used to attempt 45-60minute work outs each day, it never worked. What I try to do now is choose an online workout that I love(!), but it has to be 20 minutes or less, with minimal equipment. I am on a 13 day streak, with a break at the weekend. I am very happy and do not feel guilt about only exercising for 8-20 minutes each day. It is better than 0% exercise and I know I can maintain that. So, start small and do what you love- something that sparks ⚡️ joy and makes you sweat 2-3 times a week.
Edwin F.
I say to myself that my body needs it. Like to move more and be more active. So I try to listen to my body to be able to stay consistent
Zuzana C.
Working out makes me feel good so my motivation is this feeling and my friend – it's better to workout in pair, with someone you trust etc. Plus I paid some money for the gym so that's motivating me too haha. I'm not that motivated by words, for me it's more about feelings and people…
Brayden Z.
I think back to when I was a younger kid with all the energy in the world and excited to start each and every single day. I lost that feeling going into high school and haven’t been happy since. I found that I was in a loop of laying in bed, playing games, and then repeat until bed time. This wasn’t my life and I didn’t want it to be. I tell myself every morning that 10 year old me would’ve burst out of bed and already be running around. I aspire to have the energy and excitement again.
Lawrence I.
Things like: you can do it, and then I follow it with something that rhymes. Like: you can do it when you barbeque it! It seems weird, but it works!
Kristina O.
Hahaha! I know right? Somedays for me are easy: I enjoy doing it and other days I really push myself.

So, now you know this. Try something that's fun for you! If you don't like this workout, then try another! Or try something different

Cl Mentine S.
To be honest I wouldn't really say that it's me motivating myself, but the people that I surrounded myself with. . . . I have a great group of supporters. I'm still working on telling myself that I can do this, and that this is what I need to get done. You know what I mean??? There is alot you can do, and say to get yourself motivated, so if you want we can motivate ourselves together.
Katherine C.
I put on some good music and just start to dance and then I say why not to do some zumba or something similar! Just set up a good mood and work out just happens.
Uriel A.
I say, let's do this, you have more and more dreams, you should achieve them.
Or I make a list for works and i can do this more easily.
B Rbara Z.
I found that counting down from 5 then once I hit one I get up. The best thing to do is just do it. Yes the worst part about a work out is getting up to start but the feeling after you finish it is complete satisfaction. You never regret the work out unless it's the sore feeling the next day😅. The motivation is a struggle but I promise it's completely worth that first step of getting up.
Esin F.
Nothing motivates me, ı jıst say I have to do it. It doesnt always work, but rarely do. Today is one of them. But saying I have to do it didnt motivate me, my feelings of anger did.
Agathe Y.
To keep me motivated I put on my favourite music and stay in an environment that I know is easy and comfortable to work in. Also wearing something comfy but easy to workout in like shorts and a t-shirt or leggings and a sports top.
Jelena W.
Ur almost 30, have been trainig for most of ur life, half of ur family is in sports and people who u love also work out. Dont be a fatso in a world so aggressive and vile that will try to degrade u for something as irrelevant as the outside appearance, when u have the means and the power needed, all you need is a little bit of time and will.
Azib M.
The things that I did to motivate myself to get started on a workout is by wearing my headphone and play my favourite song while doing the workout! That is how I stay motivated and determined to do workouts on a daily basis.
Florence J.
This is gonna sound sooooo cliché, but I remind myself that I always feel much better after exercising. I feel satisfied with myself and accomplished too. I also use incentive. A donkey and carrot and stick kinda thing, you know? The stick is not exercising and not feeling good about that and the carrot is moving and maybe watching an episode of my favorite show or having a cookie, or calling my friends. Or doing a couple minutes of art, really anything you enjoy doing so your brain starts to associate exercising with those good things. Is this helpful?
Carl Z.
I made it necessary to work out in my daily routine, so instead of taking the bust school, I take my bike instead of walking to the shop, i run there.
Lou O.
Just take it one second at a time and the next thing you’ll know, you will be enjoying the exercise. Then you’ll feel proud of yourself for reaching your goal.
Rose Z.
That's my biggest struggle too. Before, I often say bad things to myself thinking that by saying those mean stuff will make me realize who I am and realize that i have to push harder. But instead I ended up feeling less motivated and none of my work is done. Now, i changed it up a little bit.. I now just talk slightly softer but also pushy to myself. More things are getting done now. I don't know if this helps, but i hope you'll find your way<3
Beverly P.
Honestly I just get up, shake my body a bit and walk towards the gym. Trying to do things to motivate me has just turned into another procrastination method, so just doing it is much easier since I can't exactly stop once I've started
Carmetta J.
I joined a small group of likeminded friends who are willing to do their exercise first thing in the morning (5 am) and we don’t allow each other to fail. Once it’s out of the way you don’t have to think about it until tomorrow
Paisley G.
I do it early in the morning. I have swim team at 6 am weekdays so that motivates me to workout more later in the day too!
Sarah Y.
It really helps to visualise the ideal you when exercising. Not as a goal, but as a character. By which I mean, Imagine that you are in fact that version. And that can be not only a version of you, but someone you look up to, real or fictional.
It's like playing pretend with your friends as a kid or those moments when you really get into a game or book. You imagine yourself doing those impossible actions so much that you feel like you can actually do them! And workouts are part of the way towards that.
So… that is my advice. When you workout, imagine you're Spiderman or Wonder Woman or whoever you want and everytime you flex you send earthquakes throughout the world or some other fantasy. These fantasies can be fun and get you used to a personal feeling of power. Eventually, you will get used to the connection between workout and that good feeling and won't even need the fantasy. Good luck!
Virginia A.
Sometimes I need to use DBT skills. I have to use Opposite to Emotion. I don’t just sit in bed, I get out of it, and make it. That starts my momentum. Then I drag myself into the shower. I turn it so that it feels like a swimming pool. I think of my family, I turn on some upbeat music, and after that, I’m good.
Dominika X.
Mnie motywuje docenienie mojej pracy, np w aplikacji oraz świadomość dobrego samopoczucia po wykonaniu zadania. Zauważyłam, że jak dbam o dobre nawyki zamiast skupiać się na tym, czego nie robić, złe nawyki przestają mieć na moje zycie tak ogromny wpływ. Poza tym widzę jak się czuję np po ćwiczeniu czy dobrym posiłku. I to pomaga, bo przestaję być obowiązkiem. Robię coś dla mojej przyjemności.
Elsa O.
I know that to get motivated is really hard. I think like this: my biggest motivation is that people hate me when I succee, people don't belive that I can do it. People see me as weak and useless. So when they see me succee at the end they will se my strongness and they will get so jealous!
Oscar Q.
I still cannot make it but I started to work with personal trainer. Now I have certain days and hours for work-out and it is much more easier than beforw
Mercan N.
Hi! I was struggling about this too. Just think, when the motivation comes back you will say You should have started today
Alexej X.
I have a training plan to follow…that way there is no decision to make: I just get another tick in another box by getting in done
At N.
What I do is that I give myself a goal or say an end goal to look forward too at the end of the workout like say imma watch my favorite show after the workout or I’m going to enjoy a relaxing nap after wards lol. And I would lay out my shoes or my clothes to get ready for the workout as well. Even listening to those YouTube videos called Motiversity is super helpful and encouraging me to workout😁. I hope this is helpful🖤🔆
Kaylee N.
What I do is I think about what the outcome will be once I have finished my long journey. I think about all the good that will come out of my hard work. I start small, so that I don’t spend more than 10 minutes on my exercise. Slowly build your way up. You’ll get it!
Matthieu A.
I keep a positive mindset.i talk to myself saying who telling u can't do it.You have to belive first because its all in the brain
Becky S.
If I feel like not doing work out I ask myself what is good for your future self. Sometimes due to the stress felt on the previous day or binge eating or disturbed sleep gets us to feel like not working out today. So the goal should be to get the body moving and I start with the stretching exercises provided in the fabulous itself. That gradually gets the body in the groove and it becomes easy to do other exercises.
Lana N.
if you can’t make it now, when will you be able to do it? You have plenty of time to be happy, but don’t waste time trying to avoid what could make you happier. Start now, happiness is today.
Hildegunde Q.
To motivate myself to work out I try to think about how this is helping me. It’s good to take time for myself and focus on what I need to do to keep me healthy and calm
Nature N.
I just try to keep my mind off of how hard it is to start and how happy I’ll be after I’ve done it. And try to remember why you’re doing it. once you start exercising regularly it’s so easy to keep going but it’s just hard in the beginning.
Shelby N.
It’s more about perspective. Working out is seen as a chore, as something you HAVE to do. It needs to be something you begin to look forward to instead. First, do you prefer working out alone or with a friend? It could be you time where you listen to your favorite tunes and have fun. Maybe dance between reps or coordinate your workout to the beat. It could be time with your bestie where you gossip about people at work or challenge each other. Try rewarding yourself afterwards.
Cl Lia O.
I just have a all in mindset. Once i start i dont quit. Best way to implement this to working out is just gettint out of your house. Once you are outside it will feel like a waste of time if you just go back inside.
Susan O.
I don't work out currently, but when i go out to walk i find a podcast i want to listen to and i go explore nature. i keep my eyes open and find new creatures or exciting natural objects that fills me with intrigue and a sense of purpose. Pumping, fun music thats rock-y and upbeat really aids a workout.
Esther X.
To prepare and motivate myself to get started on a workout, I would:
*Mentally prepare by setting dates and time to workout
*Creating an environment to work out by laying out yoga mat and changing into workout clothes
*Drinking a glass of water
Meghan T.
Usually things like come on Rosie! You can do this. Also on a lazy day I just dress myself in my work-out clothes and wear them until I go for a run. Sometimes I even ask a friend to contact me to go. It really helps on those day when it’s really hard to motivate myself.
Carolyn S.
I say things like I would to my son. I say “I know you can do this”. “You can get through this because you have gotten through worse before”. “I love you and I am proud of what you have done” It is weird but pep talk yourself just like you were talking to someone else you care about 😊
Nestor S.
at the beginning of everything you do you wonder if it's worth it, in my case no one spurs me, no one applauds my successes, no one cares what you do or what you don't do, I have started my workout for a simple reason: to show that everyone was wrong about me and if you start training alone without help and without motivation from a family member or friend it makes you think that you are stronger than all.
Farkas S.
Thinking about the fact its goon for your health should be enough to do any kind of sport you enjoy. Dragging some friends along could also make a workout more enjoyable!
Ma Wenn O.
When I wake up in the morning, my yoga mat is already open in the living room, the computer is in front of it in sleep mode and the window of the yoga workout instructions is already open. All I have to do is wake up early enough to enjoy the practice!
Diane N.
Must see your workout as a Need (personal reasons) and not a Choice.

Early in the Morning is great for me before my responsibilities and start by joining a fitness center.

Your Bod is the Temple of the Holy Spirit 😊

Ashante W.
I do what I enjoy, I enjoy Disney and because of that I’ve found so many workouts that pertain to that to keep going. As well as setting a goal not a weight goal but something I’d like to be able to do, right now my goal is to keep up with my two children being able to play with them for long periods. I hope this help. 😁
Cathy N.
Well, this is a bad one, but i’m very scared of failure, so missing a day for me would put me into panic! However, when I do have a little lazy time and miss a workout, I try to calm myself remembering, that its okay because I’m committed to it and just because I gave myself a little rest, doesn’t mean i gave my goal up completely. So always remember and reassure yourself, if you’re confident you can do something-go forward and on the little trips, don’t stop, because who doesn’t have them. It is important to know though, that little trips could be forgivable, but coming back on track is very important to achieve a goal. So like I do, if you didn’t exercise in the morning, do it in the evening! Most importantly, try YOUR best, don't beat yourself up for failure because everyone needs a little rest! 😉
Krithika F.
I say that in the end it’s all worth it and I can do this. You have to remember that only you can be a game changer. You can change your life and make it a dream. With simple steps comes great responsibility and you are the most respected once done.
Deanna O.
A small action each day is better than a BIG action occasionally! I just remember that I want to be healthy. Even if you can only start (ex. put on workout clothes) it will start building the habit! Do something SO easy that it's easy to build the habit first, and then after you have that down, you can add more!
Shraddha N.
I first started with just standing up from my desk. Then I told myself 2 minutes that's all. Slowly increases ir to 8-10 minutes. This is where am at. Some days I feel.lik walking dir an hour, some days not at all. On those days I tell my seld just 10 mins.
Philip G.
The sooner I get this done, the sooner I don’t need to think about getting it down. Plus, it feels good to make the body work.
Herbert U.
If you find an exercise you enjoy doing it comes more naturally. For instance, I find it easier to motivate myself to do long walks as it's the only time I get alone in a day so I get to drift off into my own head and the time goes really quickly.
Zulaikha Z.
I just count from 1 until 3 everytime I have the thought to do something or you can just start small. Start by doing 1 push up and then the next day 2 push up and the list go on.
Mikkel Z.
I want to come closer and closer to my ideal body, become stronger and more flexible, for a healthy me that withstands every days struggle and age.
Salvador O.
I usually just set small goals for myself instead of big ones and it helps me to say that it is easier to get it done within 1-2 minutes than to live with the guilt all day long. But often, once I have started, the 1-2 minutes becomes 10-15. It is important to remember that it anchors you mentally and makes you feel nice.
Taylor G.
Sometimes it can be a huge struggle for everyone. It’s okay to be unmotivated but what is important is to make sure you get back into routine. For me to stay motivated I make a schedule
Emma F.
I tell myself "well you can go ahead and stay in bed all day, but won't it just feel good, to get up, put on some music, and go wild?" I hope it will help you!
Jordyn N.
Honestly; I usually don’t feel motivated. However some tips that help me are working out immediately after drinking water in the morning so you feel energized, and starting your workout with something chill like yoga or a walk, and then doing a more intense workout IF AND ONLY IF you WANT to do an intense workout. Also, I try to imagine myself a week or two weeks after working out every day and imagine how good I feel! Best of luck 💞💞
Roberta E.
All i do is remind myself of the things i want and follow inspiration type things on social media. Also who you surround yourself with matters.
Klaus Ulrich R.
For one using the Fabulous app has kept me consistent and on track when it comes to working out. But before I would make a commitment to workout I would make a commitment to stretching every morning. There’s a book by James Clear called Atomic Habits where he talks about focusing on anchoring the habit in a small way like planning to workout for 2 mins rather than make a goal to run 3 miles because it’s overwhelming to start that way plus you’ll be disappointed if you only run 2.5 miles. If you commit to stretching for 2 mins the goal is to start the habit and the more you do it the easier it will get to build up to stretching for 10 mins everyday and ultimately build up to a workout everyday. When it comes to what you say to yourself to stay motivated talk to yourself like you’d talk to a friend. Oftentimes we down ourselves for doing something wrong but we wouldn’t talk to a friend like that. Be kind to yourself, give yourself grace as your growing and learning this habit. Consider saying affirmations, and words of encouragement that align with the version of you that’s already got the goal down pack even when it feels like a lie at first. For ex, I workout everyday and I do a great job, I take good care of my body, I killed that workout, my body is transforming a little everyday, I’m so strong and toned, I’m consistent and I go hard in my workout.

Not from me to you: Take it a day at a time and know you got this! 😉

Good Luck 🍀👍🏾

Megan S.
First I remember the long term health benefits of working out, and then I follow workouts from YouTube. You can workout at the gym or even at home. It’s better to start small and work up to more advanced and longer workouts over time to not burn yourself out. Don’t forget to stretch before you workout!! Over all the feeling you’ll have after working out is so nice and you won’t regret doing it. Don’t be to hard on yourself either 🙂
Sonny O.
I struggle with this myself. But I think the biggest thing is working out soon after I wake up, because if I get it over with early It's done and I'm less likely to flake out later. I also look at myself in the mirror and imagine where I want my body to be, or imagine what it could be if I kept working out for 6 months or even a year! My biggest motivator is thinking of my ideal self and telling myself that I deserve to look and feel that good.
Melissa Q.
That I'll get a healthy body by doing it. That it will switch my mood for the better. That ill get stronger. And I try to work out before sleeping. That helps me fall asleep better and be more energized in the mornings.
Andrerick N.
I struggle with the same!!! i personally think that my biggest motivation is the feeling of accomplishment and the energy that surges through my body after finishing it!! but in terms of what i say to myself, is that i’m doing it for me, im doing it to improve me, to give myself the time and effort i deserve!!! wish you soo much luck, you can do it!! <3
Sudharsana C.
Start with a small dance, then your body will be ready for a workout. Dancing gives you happiness and so it will also motivate your brain yo start everyday
Alexander G.
I remind myself that a little exercise is better than none. Then I repeat to myself that I’m becoming the best version of me.
Alex N.
I get everything set up way before, usually the night before, even if im going to the gym in the afternoon next day. I go to bed with the sense of accomplishment and when the time come to actually go exercise, I don’t have to ‘think’ and decide all over again: just pick up the bag and go.
Im also retrying the mindset shift from ‘I have to…’ to ‘I get to…’ . It’s helping in more than one field in my life.
Go for it. It’s for you.
Molly J.
I always think of what I want to achieve, focus on it and start working. Think of how you would feel when you’ve achieved your goal, that feeling will boost your energy and motivate you to start and continue!! Always stay positive and never give up!
Sara B.
don't give yourself a chance to think about workout and exercise, just pick up your running shoes and start running or doing some exercises and don't choose hard exercises, choose the simplest and the fastest , we just want to make workout a constant and persistent habit ,so don't care that much about the actual time or hardness of exercises.
Annabelle T.
Well honestly i don’t say or do anything, i just get on with it. i suppose i know i will feel guilty if i don’t do it so that spurs me on. if i try to do one in the morning, this app really helps me actually start it, then i have no problem continuing. in the afternoon i actually have no problem starting by myself though. try starting very small and plan to only do like 2 push-ups and a few squats, then once you’ve started i’m sure it will be very easy to continue!
Pavle C.
My motivation for workout is desire to improve my self image, I've been working out last 4 months and my confidence has gone up very much. I enjoy working-out, I enjoy pain, but I also enjoy that feeling of acomplisment when done.
Lucas W.
General physical preparedness demands respect an admiration from your peers. It takes discipline and self control. I like to focus on the things I can control and to workout is a choice, thát is control. Do not give up the little control you have in life. If you choose not to work out, it should ne controled and calculated. Remember the workout only
Daniela X.
I think about why I’m doing it and imagine the results I’ll get from training. If I start to put the bricks one by one I’ll build an awesome house! Also I think about my future self who will surely be grateful to me!
Landon Z.
That is something I’ve always struggled with. I go for runs with my dog, so I know that she relies on me to get her workout in as well. I also tell myself “might as well” since I suffer from ADHD, that is something to get my brain motivated.
Mary P.
I would say “You got this” “It’s only a short workout” “It’s better to do this now then later” “It will help you a lot” etc to get started on a workout.
Erik S.
I’ve been struggling with my body for so long that it really helps that i reminde myself everyday how far i’ve come. I try to think where i will be in year from know and how happy i will be if i keep fighting.
Randy Y.
The way I motivate myself to do a work out is to just do it I know it sounds hard but honestly after you do it you feel so much better. It was a big struggle for me but I downloaded this app and it definitely motivated me. Why don’t you give it a try it’s fun!
Geane Z.
I really don’t have one but I do try to think of how better life will get if I have a routine, it’s kinda comforting imagining it so it’d be better to make it real!
Crystal N.
First i tell my self that no matter what I believe in my self and i work to achive my goal when ever i plan to quit i try to tell my self “ you can do it and you are confident / brave and never give up and always cheer on you self. And always remember the benefits of never giving up. :)😊
Silas P.
I need video guides to help me, I choose short ones 2-7 minutes long, but still often I won’t donit. So think to myself, I’m just going to choose one for later today, and watch the first 2 minutes. I’m going to visualize myself doing this work-out, get my brain ready for it later. I try to really believe that, just this small participation , and the bigger one later – but I have to stand up to do it – that’s the rule. I leave my regular clothes on, stand up and put the phone on a shelf and get ready to visualize myself doing it. It’s possible that once I hit play, I might feel like I can move a little, so I try to give into that feeling. Sometimes that is enough to get me going, sometimes It’s not, but I feel better after, like I fave it a good try.
Mariam A.
I Say To Myself "You Can Do It." Or "You'll Realize That What You Have To Do Is Worth It After You Finish It " And Other Positive Self Talks.
Jorge Z.
Things like: you can do it, and then I follow that with something that rhymes with it. It can be anything, you can do it when you barbeque it! It seems weird, but it works!
Trinity X.
I say, you go girl! You can do anything! I believe in you. You are loved and you are strong, so let’s go! And if it helps, I like listening to my favorite playlist that is energizing and motivates me to get active and moving, and it is encouraging. It helps me enjoy it a lot, actually. Try these things! They will help!
Elizabeth N.
I usually think of how working out can change my mood from a sad or un inspired one into a fully energized and motivated one. It’s best to not procrastinate so that your mind can’t get a chance to talk you out of it.
Jerry O.
i think that doing something you enjoy will help you workout, if you don’t like running, don’t run! walk instead. doing something you enjoy gets you exited for when you can complete the activity
Marius Y.
Eu não sei muito bem… Tipo, eu penso em coisas como… "Se você terminar agora vai poder se divertir muito depois" mas grande parte das vezes não faço nada e isso me deixa super estressado e me faz sentir um lixo! Não sei se é normal… Só queria conseguir fazer as coisas de primeira.
Ola X.
I usually plan out what and when exactly I want to do it. Sometimes I'll even put on a timer for it, I usually work out and stretch to music, or watching tv . Just something to make it more interesting!!
Lison Z.
I never set specific expectations for myself during my workout. I have a routine I like to use but if I am feeling sluggish or unmotivated I just tell myself to move my body any way I feel like for 8 minutes. Swaying, stretching, dancing, whatever feels right.
Liuli Q.
I put my workout clothes ready to put on in the morning, I get everything ready the day before so I don’t have many decisions to made or potential delays in next day. I tell myself that it’s what I do when no one is watching that counts, I tell myself that self-discipline is the greatest form of self-love. If my self talk starts making excuses I try to have a conversation about it and remind myself of why I am doing this – for my overall health and well-being. I tell myself how good I feel after I’ve worked out!
Vincent T.
You'll so proud of yourself once you achieve your goal, you'll see your body change and your cardio improve! You'll feel more toned and fresh and you'll want to say thank you to your past self for doing it 🙂
Hannah B.
The best think you can do is to avoid treating yourself in a poor way, what do I mean by that, I’m saying for example I say today I don’t want to exercise because I’m tired or I feel unmotivated, it’s completely fine to feel that way and you are self conscious of what makes you not want to exercise, now, once you have understood the true reason of why you are not doing it, try to switch it into what this will do for you once you finish it, you will be feeling great , happy and proud of yourself for example. Once you have done that start slow, go to a comfortable place, start stretching, if you like to do strong workout routines then look for them in YouTube or go to the gym. But if you prefer more relaxed or calm maybe cardio will be better, or even yoga. Find an exercise you like to do and stick with it, don’t push yourself and find what makes you feel more comfortable. Hope this helps 🙂
Hannah C.
I get you and I'm with you there. I struggle with this a lot as well. A tip I have been given is to remind yourself of why you are doing this. Keeping your goal in mind can be motivating. Maybe this works for you.
Barnabe S.
What works for me when implementing a new routine/habit, is to first do a checklist of all my daily habits, then i give them positive, negative or equal scores. Then i implement my new habit on top of a negative habit. I starr really small. For example if i wanna work out, I will start with a 5/10 minute routine and then build on that. Its really about maintaning a small habit daily untill it becomes natural. 1% a day over the course of a year is more than not doing nothing. Hope it helps
Tejal F.
I just say to myself that “you will regret it if you don’t. But if u do, you will feel great”. I put on my favourite music too so that makes me wanna exercise in order to listen to it….
Madara N.
I don’t talk to myself to motivate myself to work out but I think that the workout will help my health and make me stronger. You can make the workout fun for you and will wake up or be ready for your workout
Fani A.
For me it all lies in the preparation of my mindset before the day or the time comes. I don’t want to go back in making false promises to myself as I used to. I know myself a little bit more now so that I can recognize when I’m ready to commit to something and when I’m not. So my success in training every morning (when I do that) depends on the honesty to myself. I also work on it way before hand. Let say make sure that I wake up early which will mean that I have to sleep early for a whole week prior. Or i plan the exercises or my yoga flows from before. That’s how I cope. Hope it helps
Fateme R.
Hello there! I’m still struggling with it! But what I’m trying to do these days is just minimize it in order not to ignore it! Like dancing with my favorite song while I’m getting ready! How ever perfectionism talks too much don’t listen to it😁 I hope it helps
Rosemary T.
I just think to myself 'come on yoy need to move around, you'll feel a lot better afterwards, you don't have to do much you just need to move' and then I think of the people who inspire me and the goals I'm working towards and that seems to do the trick.
Norisete Z.
Getting a motivation from others is good thing but trust me that motivation only lasts for about 3 or 4 days. Inner motivation is the key to get done every difficult task. Whenever you feel giving up just remind yourself why you started it. Don't focus on the obstacles of your path to get done the tasl just think about the after results and keep reminding yourself about a healthy body you always wanted.
Emiliano S.
I always just push my self to start and then it is easy. If that doesn't work then I just think about the fuiture and how this workout will change it.
Andr A O.
That’s a hard question. I kind of just do it when the urge happens. I need to set up a game plan for working out because it needs to be a staple in my day. I like doing morning work outs. They make me feel good for the rest of the day. If I set enough time to workout and shower then I think my days will be a bit more enjoyable.
Justine S.
This is a tough one to answer, but I will do my best to make it clear. I'll admit that motivating yourself can take alot of willpower. Something that has helped me is by creating a consistent and simple morning routine. By doing my routine, I build momentum that encourages me to workout or even do simple stretches. I also highly recommend charging up your willpower by eating foods that takes longer to digest and getting a goodnight sleep. If you are still struggling, try taking on this challenge step by step. Example: achieve a small goal in putting your workout clothes on or shoes / walking out the door / taking weights out, etc. Hopefully this helps! Good luck on your journey!
Patty O.
I pick a workout that is easy enough that when I look at it I think I can do that, but challenging enough that it is a true work out.
Rachel N.
I tell myself firstly that I will never be motivated, and I have to rely on discipline.
Then I make sure my systems are in place- getting my gym clothes ready the night before or putting my running shoes on. If I’m prepared then it’s easier to get going.
If I’m really struggling, I will tell myself that I can just do 5 minutes, and then set a timer for that. If I still don’t feel like it after 5 minutes I’ll allow myself to rest, but usually I’m into it after 5 minutes so I keep going.
Carolena N.
first of all, don’t rely on motivation alone to get you to do a workout. you won’t always be motivated, and that’s okay, but you still have to find a way to workout even when you don’t feel motivated. try making it easy to workout, whether that’s putting all your workout equipment in one place, or removing distractions, or getting all your work done before you workout so you have no excuses. to be more motivated, find workouts you like doing; there are tons on youtube! you could make a delicious smoothie beforehand to give you loads of energy. or make a playlist with your favorite upbeat songs. dua lipa and taylor swift are my go-to workout singers! give yourself a small reward after you workout, and don’t forget to start small. it’s okay to remove some reps from your workout if you feel overwhelmed.
Wirihana A.
I try to give myself as few excuses as possible. Too tired? Have some caffeine. Too sore? Stretch and have a lighter workout or do some yoga. Feel anxious about all the gym buffs? Find a time where there’s fewer people.

At the end of the day the only person you are competing against is yourself. The only thing you need to achieve is improving your health one step at a time. Your mind will find many reasons to skip a workout, but there are even more to go and smash it

Judith Y.
Well for me I have always liked working out I just never have had the time to so when I wake up I have to tell myself alright here’s what I am going to do for myself to ache I’ve the goal that I am working for, like in this case working out for eight minutes.
Artem O.
I love working out the more I do it, but when i don't feel like if, i remind myself that I'll reach my goals only this way and that I'm doing this just for myself and my girlfriend, not some strangers, this is personal to me!
Lily Z.
for me it’s not about motivation, it’s more about momentum. Start really small, commit and momentum will keep you motivated.
Rizka N.
I will say "Remember, you have to exercise everyday so that you can get higher than before. Skipping, you should swimming too. Swimming is easy! Skipping isn't hard as you think. You can do it. So don't make any excuses! Just do it"
Noa T.
I usually listen to 3 music playlists:
1. Mindset playlist, before starting physical activity;
2. Energy playlist, during the workout;
3. Relaxation or self-love playlist, some time after the session.
Karen E.
I still not have a pep talk but I always put my clothes in my sight and prepare them in advance so they will be the first thing I see in the morning. It’s like a cue or signal
Jw C.
My motivation can come from listening to motivational speeches but after a few days, my motivation comes from being able to check off the list that I worked out. It's kind of like a game; how many days can you work out in a row. The more days you get under your belt the easier it gets to work out daily. Soon you won't want to lose that long streak.
Anna N.
It is very hard to get motivated to work out. What I enjoy is listening to music. It’s one of my favorite things to do. So I will just say, “hey if you work out you can go on a music marathon!” So that helps me just get motivated. Also I think “this is keeping you healthy and you want to be healthy.” Good luck on this journey!!!
Deborah Z.
I usually get motivated when I have a big goal in mind. Like I have to be the best on our class. Or when I want to impress people around me.
Margarita F.
I don’t tell myself anything. I have a group of people that workout with me and they motivate me, when I don’t feel like working out. Having support and someone always by your side, makes you want to workout.
Anton Z.
I convince myself that it's gon a help calm down my anxiety. It's gonna make me feel better about myself. I'm telling myself that it's gonna be just 10 minutes and it's not a lot.
Lisa N.
“Just do it”. In front of the tv and you’ll barely notice.
The time will go by anyway, might as well move my body a bit during the time(?).
Murali W.
Exercise in a way that you love. Start very small and build them day by day. Trust me this really works. Make exercising a joyful habit rather than a habit that needs much effort to start. And make sure that u love urself the way u are❤️
Mabel E.
i usually find someone who i want to look like in terms of body size, muscle mass, etc. then i find workouts online and find what all i need to do to achieve that end product. after that i find some great workout playlists that are a mix of fun and hardcore focus music to push me to go towards my end goal. one more push-up, one more sit up, or one more mile could get me there
Sidne J.
I write a to-do list and do something easy, like make my bed or clean my desk. It then gets me motivated to do other tasks!
Ss X.
i dont know what you want to motivate yourself for, but for example when you want to overeat, just start walking around and do not walk to the food, then think of why your doing all of this and just think, if i do this now i will be down there again and start all over with feeling a bit better, maybe this message is a bit unclear but i hope it helped:) good luck with your journey hope you make the best out of it
Virgil C.
I think to my self if I did this workout for a month the future me wouldn’t have to do as much work as I do now if I do it
Maelya O.
I tell myself I can do it. I need to be healthier, it makes me feel I have done something good for my body, it gets me ready for the day. Most of the time I want to fit into a beautiful dress, that is always a motivation cos it works. I just feel fabulous after workouts. I noticed that it helps me not have saggy skin, it keeps me tight and fit. I have a senior friend who is always looking young and fresh, she never plays with her workouts and healthy lifestyle, I keep telling myself that I can be like that too and people love the way I have maintained my body. Workouts helped me achieve a lot, glowing skin, healthy hair and my gut health has been on point.
Maria X.
Don't consider working out as a binding,boring thing. Consider this as a health care routine. If you think it to be boring, you can't continue it. So, whenever it's time to workout, think that it's a me time, if I'm not doing it then I'm not taking care of myself. Moreover, make your working out sessions fun by not doing one exercise regular, have some variations.
Marian J.
if you, try so you can.
if you try it hard so you can dream big and remember you have a lot of dreams and plans so continue and exercise to reach
Vit Rio N.
Just get your clothes on. Get your shoes on. Go to the gym and just get a good warmup in. Tell yourself only a warmup. And once your there you might as well finish the workout.
Vinay X.
Longevity lol and physical and mental peace , if i keep my body healthy now I can feel better later in years. I also like to do meditation so I am ready to take in everything my day throws at me.
Victoria O.
I have two kids and motivation wears out. I believe of all qualities in a person grit is the most important. You do not need motivation. Just find that grit we all have in us.
Victoria Z.
You will never find time to workout, you have to make it. Set a goal and love it. Once you clear your mind and find your goal start with it. Stick with it for 2 or 3 weeks then you won’t be able to live without it.
D N.
Definitely either a reward after (and no I don’t mean ice cream) or the “two minute tactic” which is where you tell yourself it’s only going to be for two minutes and set a timer for it, but ignore it and keep working out. Those are the main things that help
Naz Rio F.
I don’t have quotes because I believe the work at all so every time I work out I remember that I want to look beautiful physically cause I believe the way I think towards my personality I’m already stunning but I just don’t want to be insecure towards myself and compare myself to other social media girl who has a titles in their head of “the girl” o want to be “the girl as well”.
Arianna S.
Exercise in the morning is a healty habit and you know it when it does energise your mornings. I don’t do enormous workouts: sometimes I just put some music and dance, others I do some minutes of legs or abs; it dipends. Exercise must make you feel good and happy to start the day, so put on some music and start!
Carm N.
I try to tell myself that working out is good for myself and even if it seems hard I know I will end feeling good about myself and have if a good attitude for the remainder of my day! Luv u! ❤️
Nicolette I.
I wear leggings when I work out, so I either sleep in my leggings or put them next to the bed. I workout in our spare bedroom which is always cold, so I put a space heater in there while I go the the bathroom, brush my teeth and change. Then it’s nice and warm when I come in which makes me sweat more! I also created a specific playlist for working out so I don’t run into any songs that make me sleepy.
Martin F.
«I just need to hit The gym» as long as i have gone to The gym, regardless of how little or how much i have worked out, i consider that as a win.
Adrien E.
This might sound funny but I just say to myself "The amount of fat you won't lose today will become twice tomorrow which means more workout so get up and do it or become a giant elephant and risk your life."
Blanka R.
i always say "hey, I know you don't want to do this, I would love to sit here and watch movies but just get up for a second and get it over with because it's just a short workout and I will be super happy after I'm done!" or just whenever I am thinking about going to shower, when I get up to do it I quickly do a shorter workout (around 10mins) cause I'm already standing so might as well and its nice to shower afterwards
Michelle Y.
The moment I wake up I say thank you and then I just get up. It helps to have a morning routine and get up at the same time every day. Apple watch or Fitbit apps help for accountability. ❤️
Logan Y.
It’s not about what I tell myself in the morning it’s about how much time I give myself before I wanna start working out to come up with my Y as it why is it important because with my why being strong enough things like family is happier my life is easier I’m more confident I think of those things and then pitch it to myself such as, being more confident, being happier. as the image that I have for myself starts growing I realize I do as well. also tell yourself that it’s just going to do a work out for one minute or doing a single rep bc that will like you grow
Mina N.
Don’t think so much, just start. Imagine how accomplished and great you will feel after the workout. A good method to get started also is to lay your yoga mat and workout set on the floor because then you don’t have to make everything ready. Now, each time you go there, you see your workout stuff lying on the floor and always get reminded to workout! Also, don’t start with too difficult workouts, start easy and then slowly make them harder. That way you won’t get frustrated and lose Motivation
Darvin C.
It’s really more about looking at it as a way to improve your day. Just doing some simple jumping jacks for a few minutes or dancing to music is a good way to start. From there you move on and next thing you know you’ll be in the gym 2 times a day (time allowing) and feel the dopamine levels rise. I see it as a way to make me happier. That’s a great motivator especially when feeling down or low about yourself.