What online resources do you recommend studying?

Gana X.
I usually use apps like duolingo or flashcards in learning a new language or something and there's a lot of good videos on YouTube to help you studying i learnt English by myself just from YouTube!!

Kieren F.
You mean "what online resources you I recommend for studying?" Right? Because otherwise your asking what website I recommend you to study, in which case.. Myspace.com

Subhankar Z.
In the era of internet and social media, everything is free and available just one click away. Personally i feel YouTube is the best online resource you can study. It just need a search on what you wish to learn, just type and boom everything is available just right there with video, picture and with a mentor who is constantly reminding the better you.

Ev Ncio B.
How do you convince yourself to cut that work short instead of extending into your day more than planned for, like all weekend or during the night?

Stacy E.
I like to use workflowy.com to organise my thoughts and work. I like to use a chart to log my time spent working with stickers as a reward. I am not sure if your question really refers to resources that help studying though. If you mean content I study to try to better myself, well sometimes the gospels.

Livia Q.
Vk is an app i would recommend if you r looking for a varsity of online resource to download, from novels to educational content

Maisie G.
If you have Microsoft Teams I would advise you use it cause you get all files you'll need and emails so you can sort out you folders for emails to go in.

Ingelore F.
I believe Youtube is the best platform for learning anything. It's also free of cost,and we have so many channels from which we can decide what is best for us.

Idaira Z.
I use one-note to take notes down. You can add presentation slides and write on it/type (depending if you have a tablet or not). Really good for organising notes in general. I also use apps like quizlet where u can make/use digital flashcards.