What kind of tea do you like to drink before bed?

Tecresa F.
Chamomile and tumeric with ginger. It relaxes the body, rejuvenates the muscles while lubricating the intestines and reducing the swelling .
Ines N.
I prefer natural herbal tea e. g. lavender, lemon grass, St. John's wort. These herbs are recommended to help relaxing the internal organs, calming blood pressure and reliving from stress and anxiety.
Esmeralda X.
Personally I'm a big fan of fruit teas, white and black. Not so much green and rooibos. I do drink green tea in the evenings tho! With lemon, honey and a dash of cinnamon!! Lovely
Erin P.
I often drink earl grey tea before bed because it is my favorite, but sometimes a nice oolong, green, or chamomile is perfect.