What is your favorite tea to help you go to sleep

Maia C.
I love drinking a herbal, sweet tea made from valerian, as it really relaxes me before going to bed. It’s great against insomnia too, I found out I slept more when I was struggling to have a good sleep three years ago!

Marinei P.
Extra sleepy time tea and honestly anything with chamomile. I’ll even just drink a warm
Cinnamon oat milk that does the trick!

Jasmine O.
Rosehip tea is wonderful in the evening. Also chamomile or lavender tea, but after drinking them for many days in a row I feel they are too perfumy.

Francesca N.
Camomilla, tiglio e melissa per rilassarmi e cadere in un sonno senza sogni. Il caldo della tisana mi aiuta a scaldarmi e non avere freddo quando mi corico, le erbe fanno il resto.

Nilia E.
I don't drink tea before going to sleep as the liquid will wake me up to go to the bathroom a few hours later defeating the purpose 8f the tea.

I drink an Emotional Detox Tea every morning and again mid afternoon that helps with removing the tension and stress during the day.

Before bed I take 1 capsule if Nervous Fatigue Formula TCM OR Stress Relief TCM from the first company to ever encapsulate herbs and have in house testing like no other and 3rd party testing and have way too many certifications to list. They truly are the best!

Here is a link with more info and many other options depending on the individual person's needs. I have tried all of them and am happy to share my experiences about each.
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Mariam F.
Camomile! It's very calming and helps my body calm down to get ready for sleep. A banana before bed is great for sleep too!