What is your favorite book?

Marion U.
The Graveyard Book or the Culture Code. I love the graveyard book because it makes me feel like I’m actually there, I have read hundreds of books, and to do that an author has to be amazing. I’ve read it three times. Once when I was living in France and having a terrible day I walked into a bookstore and there was a crisp, hardcover copy of the grave yard book for only five euros. I would love to write as well as Noel Gaiman. My other favorite is the culture code, it’s non fiction, written by a French guy who lives in the us an he breaks down what makes cultures around the world think and act the same way by breaking down group thought, memory, opinions to a single word. It helped me learn so much about our own American culture and why we are so different than the rest of the world.
Vittorio X.
Too many ! They do different things. More and more I think backchats to the books which had an impact as a child and young adult. It seems that the best
books really did change my life. Nowadays I can enjoy a book but I don’t feel that they are life changing. Maybe I avoid books that could have an impact because i don’t want my life disturbed…
There are stories behing my favourite books and i cant tell you them because it would take too long. Doc I shall give some recommendations for good reads that should appeal to a wide range of people.

The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde
I Claudius by Robert Graves
Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel