How to make it habit to sit and write everyday?

Julian Z.
I have ended up having 2 spiral notebooks- a “regular size” one I keep at home and then a small hand held spiral nb I keep in my car and I have pens easily available in both places. I keep everything as easily available as possible to be able to write, even just a few lines each day, sometimes even twice a day.
Sol Ne P.
Keep a journal next to your bed and right before going to sleep write a journal entry with today's date. Write anything, how your day was or how you are feeling out what's on your mind. This is the place to empty your mind onto paper. Remember that the journal is only for you so you can write exactly what's on your mind without censoring it. Just write even just a few sentences are enough. At the end of the entry write to do and as a list of things you plan to do tomorrow. Personal things not work although it could be work. Examples are workout, learn, draw something, food laundry. Small easily doable tasks, but it could be anything Even kiss somebody. Be sure to have the absolute intent to do what you write down. Writing it down is committing to it. You hold yourself responsible by making a check or x next to each item before writing the next journal entry. You don't have to write each day although the days you don't feel like it you likely need it the most. Sometimes they will be short and sometimes really long. Everything is fine. You are only doing this for yourself. 🥰