What’s your favourite subject to study?

Lena I.
Science. This is because it brings me knowledge of what our world is made of. It helps think more widely sating that Sciencists could have done this instead. It makes what to think what type of chemicals to stop global warming, help nature to grow and to find cures for the most dangerous diseases
Auguste T.
English. I love reading and writing and compared to other high school classes, English is definitely the most tolerable one.
Tr N N.
I love stuyding Chemistry. I found it extremely interesting. Actually, Chemistry is the only subject that I feel relaxing and I can learn it for a long time. Hope that I could know more and find myself more subject that I like.
Zulma Q.
My fauvorite subject is animation, investment and business. I like to open up animation company. I want to share my imagination to other people. I also want to make sure that animation industry in malaysia become the most successful international. I hope i can be rich so i can help people that needed. I hope that i can become the rich person in my family, make them happy and fight with my stress and depress, also not forget, become the successful investor
Dhoni X.
Rei N.
The hard subjects! such as English, Math, and Science. Why? because I feel proud when I master them or when I get one of the highest marks.
Marius Z.
My favorites subjects to study are maths, chemistry and biology. It I nice to know how chemical work in our body and the environment around us. And solving problems is also good.
Julia C.
Personally my favorite subject to study is social studies. I can learn so much about my past and I can learn from the mistakes that have already happened.
Monika L.
Umm A little perplexed
But I guess I love physics ( I love studying physics not solving numericals haha) but can't deny history ..The tales of King and kingdoms has
always fantasized me since an early age ummm I love studying politics too it never bores me .I can go on studying political science for like hours To be exact I love political science the most
Iara F.
I am interested in studying psychology and self-knowledge or the purposes of human creation
I am also very interested in reading old legends
Myths about ancient gods and goddesses
And study historical stories
Ishika G.
For now, I'm loving biology because it's fun to learn about living organisms and the human body. The fact that we are learning about whatever surrounds us make it more interesting
Kathy B.
I love any subject related to art for example literature, art history, music theory and so on. I also like languages (but not latin hahah)
Shany P.
Languages as it requires practice, maintain the brain active, help you to feel able to connect with others and does not require a lot of exhausting effort
Iman N.
It would probably have to be English since I spend more time on the particular subject and know more on this subject the any other
Esha T.
I love english. unlike maths, there isn't one set answer. english is all about diving into all kinds of interpretations and making something so creative out of one word or small quote. it really makes you stretch and see the same factor from opposing angles. it's a good life tip, too. sometimes it is better to see arguments from other perspectives and conclude to the same thing
Cj2010 Cf N.
I have several. One of them is Chemistry which is my favorite to study. it’s the subject that i wanted to major in, but unfortunately couldn’t. I dont want to dwell on the what ifs cause i cant change the past, i can try and change my major but it would give a lot more time in studying in collage with no jobs available if i graduated from a chemistry related major. The other subjects are languages, not linguistics but each language individually. I was learning Spanish and japanese but I put spanish on hold for now to devote myself to learning japanese. Once i can say that i can speak common japanese fluently i will tackle spanish once again.
Anastasia F.
Language arts. I speak five languages well, one – not so well, and am trying to study yet another one. I am also taking courses in creative writing, positive psychology and methodology of research. I am passionate about history, too, but not professionally. You might think I am all over the map, but I guess I just love to learn. I believe all knowledge is worth having.
Samantha C.
My favorite subject to study is ELA. I like ELA because it helps me write better and clearer sentences to help others easily understand me.
R Mi Y.
I love Science and to be more specific, I like Physics the most. It's difficult, yes, but it keeps your mind in motion and doesn't bore you like some other subjects. The calculations, the shortest trick to calculate those calculations, concepts and literally everything keeps up your adrenaline i guess. And mechanics and quantun physics are my favourite fields to read or study in physics. They both have a good combination of calculations and good theories and is very intriguing. But after all of it, I'd still say(as I'm still a student) physics sometimes get difficult but with practice, a lot of thinking and a really amazing teacher you get the hang of it and then you start understanding it and then it's easy.
Sara E.
Liking is a very big word… I don't think I like studying any subject. But if I were to choose a favorite where it would be easier, I would say English
Diovanda Z.
What I like most to study is topics around the body (curiosities), but more specifically about the mind, thoughts, way of acting with certain situations, feelings and reactions. I like to learn about how fantastic is like two humans react to the same thing in different ways. Witch even with that makes them unique and different from each other but at the same time equal.
Silke Q.
I’m still in secondary school, my favorite subject is history or Econ! I do also play the guitar which I love ‘studying’! Besides that I also like English class and French Class xx
Fabio G.
Physics and Biology are my favorite subjects not to forget Philosophy honestly is the best out there so entertaining and mindfull I love it it doesnt make me feel bored or sleepy only entertained and happy kind of my relief hour!!!
Estelle Z.
I love english and biology but I need to learn at romanian and math too. I like math but not romanian. I want to finish all things for school an after,I wanna learn at biology and english.
Gustav P.
There are many subjects that interest me, but at times even those subjects feel like a chore to study and they bore me. In general however, I really liked rheumatology, hematology and neurology. I also like studying music
Aisha F.
My favorite subject is physics. Or at least i think it is. It all makes sense in my head and it is real life facts not like mathematics.
Setayesh W.
I'm a psychology Student and tommorow my final exams begins. So I'm studying for them nowadays. I have statistics exam tommorow.
Gabriel E.
I like learning about new ways to improve health. I love watching documentaries about health related topics and learning about the little things that can help improve my mind and body
Toni W.
Ooo.. ok this is hard. For me it depends on the topic. Right now I am taking Biology. There are parts I love and others not so much. I think my favorite thing to learn is a skill. I do Floral design and I love it! Learning techniques like that makes me happy. I feel creative! I actually just joined skillshare and plain on taking productive courses, mindset courses, and even learn a new language. It just depends on what speaks to you! Keep trying different things and you will find what you love. And you will do amazing things!
Noga X.
My favorite school subject to study is English. It’s kinda easy for me. I don’t know how should I explain more why so that’s it 😀
Julia C.
Cream of wheat and berries or avocado toast and EBTB seasoning. Both can be made as vegan options and take only 5-10min to prepare.
Sylvia U.
Since I'm not in high school anymore,I don't really have permanent subjects,my subjects change from semestar to semestar (I'm a college student btw).But,one thing I really love to study and learn are languages (that's probably the reason why I choose the college that I did lol).I just love learning new language and the culture of the people speaking that language or language groups.
Ulla B.
Um it’s economics actually might sound a little boring but before high school I used to hate math and never got more than 35 but I started understanding it and it was kinda cool now I love solving math questions but not every one so I like economics since there’s both math and notes
Ac Cio O.
Obstetrics and gynecology from a Chinese medicine perspective. I love learning about how acupuncture and herbal medicine can be used in women’s health.
Aisha F.
My favorite subject to study is anything artistic. I find that I get more interested in a topic when I is based off of a hobby of mine such as music. Band and choir were great subjects of study because they involved something I was already interested in.
Mille G.
Actually I'm more interested into literature, linguistics, and civilisation, these are my favourite subjects to study, I find joy and entertainment in studying them.
Storm B.
I live studying lounges, like korean, English, Chinese and other. I can easily learn new languages.
In school my favorites are art, history, biology, literature.
Brett Z.
I like to learn about maths but there are some topics in math that I really don’t understand but in other words I like to also study art because I think about who I sit next to !
Andr A Y.
I think my favorite Subjekt to study is english and art. English is easy for my even though I'm german. And I think art is interesting because there are so many different styles and j love to draw.
Caroline P.
Music! I think it's so fun to look at the different types of music and find out about the type of music u r passionate about
Brittany U.
Meditation – it allows one to tap into the human nature and virtues and helps one to connect with them and control ourselves positively in a way that brings both peace and balance in the world.
Sofia N.
Science because I get to learn all about life and all sorts of ways that it affects us as people and what reacts with what and how we apply science to the medical world and cooking and other things
Ionescu Z.
Kh favorite subject to study is biology because i can learn so many things about the things around me. I want to know more things about the world.
Jesse Q.
I have so many honestly, but I think I naturally like to study life hacks and ways to solve my problems or the problems of people around me. Right now, I've been really invested in financial improvements, while also keeping my mental health and happiness in mind.
Pheebie N.
Well it depends on my mood really recently I've mainly been studying my science work but while I'm atchalky at school I like to study English music and drama as they make me happy what about u whats your favorite to study
M Lissa Q.
mmmh probably the universe. I'd like to knew more about it, about why we all are here, if there are others like us, if they feel lonely too
Iman Z.
Languages in general,my first language is Italian and I used to be really bad at English at the point that I didn’t even know how to build a proper sentence but as soon as I start watching films and series in English with Italian subtitles I realized that by watching I was even learning and since that I feel in love with English and with time I started learning even more languages and now I know around 6 languages
Marie P.
My favorite subject to study is English because you can be so creative when it comes to writing a story or describing something to the class or your teacher and you can learn a lot of knew facts from reading books and recipes if you like to cook from recipe books and finding important text features in articles and of course all the fun projects!!!
Yashasvi F.
My favourite subject is probably math. I love it because you just have to use your brain other than rot learn something. I also like physics because it's interesting.

Talking about biology, I like the easier topics and not the Classification topics. Because there we have to like literally*learn* and remember.
Chemistry is kinda nice.

Sacha T.
I am studying German, I live in Germany and I struggle to hold a conversation, so I am really trying to study hard. It feels great when I can use a few new words and understand more in my daily life!
Margot E.
right now I study psychology for another entrance exam,but I have MA in visual arts so both art and psychology is my favorites but I love reading for pleasure and I would go for any intresting book…
Fabio Y.
drama because i love acting and i want to be an actress. i love acting because most of the time the roles i’m given i can find a bit of myself in and i can express myself through them.
Ethan Z.
I think probably Maths, Physics or Biology. I can sometimes really enjoy lterature as well but it all depends on what type of chapter or book we are studying in each class
Marjorie C.
English amd science i tgink ost intresting how different life can be and the fact i can have such a wild but fun imagination which makes me good at making stories of different genre
Eliyah E.
Chinese and Science are really interesting to me. I love learning languages and Science has been interesting to me since I was four years old.
Naksha E.
Hey there!
My favourite subject is Physics because it's just soo fun and soo live and practical… In the same way it's just too weird and confusing sometimes… But every question has a solution so I personally enjoy physics
Gisenna N.
Math because it's easy but it's kinda hard to so i think I also like maybe……..um……….maybe like the sosial studies-Information Communication Technology 😁 cause it about computer and we not study but just do PowerPoint 😄
Viry E.
My favorite subject to study is art. I particularly enjoy when I get to study an object or setting of my choice and sketch, preferably in an open or relaxed setting. I can focus on the image and on my drawing peacefully and learn through the process.
Ellie Y.
History, it’s all online and it’s so much easier then a lot of subjects. I don’t particularly like history but homework for it is the easiest.
Nicolas Y.
I prefer math because it’s clear and easy to study the formulas, compared to english or humanities where you have to memorise words, sentences and events.
Esha T.
I like to learn new things, in general. If I have to pick a topic I'd pick food, recipes, or we could say, learn why the recepie does not work.
Ilse Y.
Ik vind alle vakken leuk soms vind ik wiskunde leuk als we een leuk hoofdstuk hebben soms vind ik bio leuk als we een interssant paragraaf hebben, dat is bij (bijna) alle vakken zo
Siti X.
i love learning different languages ​​and business. And I wanted to be a businessman at a young age. I hope I can do this.
Julia C.
I enjoy historical, religious and cultural studies. Learning new things in general gives me great joy. I was very ignorant of many things in my younger years and not having knowledge often left me making a fool of myself. Misunderstandings occured frequently and people were offended more often. Learning about other cultures helped me to become more understanding and respectable towards others. It also helped me improve my characters for story writing and bios.
Randy G.
Art would be my favorite because it encompasses many sub topics. Art is present in so many places even we don't realize.
Christiana N.
My favourite subject to study is math because you have to use your mind and think really hard so you can have the right answer
A Z.
I like studying chemistry because it’s my hardest subject, so i enjoy defeating this subject to get a good grade at it. But my favorite to study is Aerospace 221.
Guarani P.
Maths. It makes me feel more like myself and I enjoy the subject. It's something that can calm me down and relax me. Doing maths is like meditation to me. With maths, it's either you get it or you don't, and if you do get it, you enjoy it, and when you enjoy it, it becomes easier to understand things. It allows me to challenge myself and use my brain more. Math is one of my passions.
Julia C.
When I was in high school it was biology! That's why I decided to study a biochemistry degree. As of now, I'd say that I enjoy cell biology the most
Erica J.
This might sound weird to some people, but I love both maths and biology. I love her maths engage my mind to think beyond my capacity and I love how biology makes me curious about how our body works. Though I have to admit that there are few topics that I hate in both subjects. For example, in biology I hate the plant physiology part as it tends to confuse me a lot.
Regina R.
My favorite subject to study is science because you will never know everything about science there is always new methods, investigations, etc. That unlimited possibilities is what makes it excited and interesting.
Qasya N.
Psychology. I'm not a psychologist, I work as a junior doctor. But I like to study psychology a part of my hobby because it enlighten my knowledge on human's behavior
Julia C.
You can perform few warmups after that you can do some home workout which you can find on the YouTube or even you can use some apps for home workout like " home workout" or join some challenges that you can perform at home without any equipment like pushups challenge etc. But you have to be performed it daily for better results. Hope I answered you question and you understand what I mean.
Thank you and all the best
Corentin T.
I don’t really have a favourite subject but last year it was Latin (I don’t know if you learn that language where you live but I live in the Netherlands and then its sometimes a subject) right now idk. So I don’t really have a favourite subject to study but I think a language then
Ishani X.
My favourite subjects to study are History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Astronomy, English, French and Art 😀
Julia C.
I love english and writing. They come naturally to me. I also really like science, space science and forensics is my favorite.
Emily N.
Math. it’s like a fun puzzle i solve and i’m good at math so i find it soothing and satisfying to solve the puzzle and get the answer. Math is actually the study of patterns. And to complete a puzzle you need to notice patterns around you and fit them together. Like when you separate different colored peace’s why solving a puzzle or when you separate praises with a straight side for the border of the puzzle.