What’s your favourite subject to study?

Rei N.
The hard subjects! such as English, Math, and Science. Why? because I feel proud when I master them or when I get one of the highest marks.

Iara F.
I am interested in studying psychology and self-knowledge or the purposes of human creation
I am also very interested in reading old legends
Myths about ancient gods and goddesses
And study historical stories

Ishika G.
For now, I'm loving biology because it's fun to learn about living organisms and the human body. The fact that we are learning about whatever surrounds us make it more interesting

Sylvia U.
Since I'm not in high school anymore,I don't really have permanent subjects,my subjects change from semestar to semestar (I'm a college student btw).But,one thing I really love to study and learn are languages (that's probably the reason why I choose the college that I did lol).I just love learning new language and the culture of the people speaking that language or language groups.

Mille G.
Actually I'm more interested into literature, linguistics, and civilisation, these are my favourite subjects to study, I find joy and entertainment in studying them.

Brett Z.
I like to learn about maths but there are some topics in math that I really don’t understand but in other words I like to also study art because I think about who I sit next to !

Marie P.
My favorite subject to study is English because you can be so creative when it comes to writing a story or describing something to the class or your teacher and you can learn a lot of knew facts from reading books and recipes if you like to cook from recipe books and finding important text features in articles and of course all the fun projects!!!

Sacha T.
I am studying German, I live in Germany and I struggle to hold a conversation, so I am really trying to study hard. It feels great when I can use a few new words and understand more in my daily life!

Margot E.
right now I study psychology for another entrance exam,but I have MA in visual arts so both art and psychology is my favorites but I love reading for pleasure and I would go for any intresting book…

Marjorie C.
English amd science i tgink ost intresting how different life can be and the fact i can have such a wild but fun imagination which makes me good at making stories of different genre

Siti X.
i love learning different languages ​​and business. And I wanted to be a businessman at a young age. I hope I can do this.

Christiana N.
My favourite subject to study is math because you have to use your mind and think really hard so you can have the right answer

Cj2010 Cf N.
I have several. One of them is Chemistry which is my favorite to study. it’s the subject that i wanted to major in, but unfortunately couldn’t. I dont want to dwell on the what ifs cause i cant change the past, i can try and change my major but it would give a lot more time in studying in collage with no jobs available if i graduated from a chemistry related major. The other subjects are languages, not linguistics but each language individually. I was learning Spanish and japanese but I put spanish on hold for now to devote myself to learning japanese. Once i can say that i can speak common japanese fluently i will tackle spanish once again.

Qasya N.
Psychology. I'm not a psychologist, I work as a junior doctor. But I like to study psychology a part of my hobby because it enlighten my knowledge on human's behavior